The Battle City Tournament Kit is a prize kit exclusively available to Konami Official Tournament Stores. The kit is intended to be used as a prize for Battle City tournaments hosted by these stores.

Each kit contains a Battle City Game Mat, 3 Tokens that correspond to actual Token Monsters (from a pool of 6), and 1 Battle City Token.


Each pack contains:



Set number English name Rarity Category
TKN4-EN008 Token (Ojama Yellow) Super Rare Token Monster
TKN4-EN009 Token (Ojama Black) Super Rare Token Monster
TKN4-EN010 Token (Ojama Green) Super Rare Token Monster
TKN4-EN011 Token (Ojama Blue) Super Rare Token Monster
TKN4-EN012 Token (Ojama Red) Super Rare Token Monster
TKN4-EN013 Token (Mecha Phantom Beast) Super Rare Token Monster
TKN4-EN014 Token (Battle City) Super Rare Token Monster

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