Battle City
Battle City

Battle City

  • バトル・シティ
  • Batoru Shiti




First chapter

146: "The Ancient Stone"

Last chapter

201: "Warriors Assemble"


Dungeon Dice Monsters


Tournament Finals

Section 6: Battle City arc ( (だい) (しょう) バトル・シティ (へん) Dairokushō Batoru Shiti-hen) is a story arc in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

Seto Kaiba hosts the Battle City tournament, in the hopes of acquiring the three God cards. Dark Yugi participates in order to learn more about his past life.










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Winners are in bold.

Game Players
Duel Yugi Mutou Katsuya Jonouchi
Super Dancer Step Johnny Anzu Mazaki
Duel Seto Kaiba Duel Machine
Duel Rare Hunter Katsuya Jonouchi
Duel Dark Yugi Rare Hunter
Duel Esper Roba Dinosaur Ryuzaki
Duel Katsuya Jonouchi Esper Roba
Duel Koji Nagumo Generic Duelist
Duel Seto Kaiba Koji Nagumo
Duel Pandora Dark Yugi
Duel Katsuya Jonouchi Insector Haga
Duel Marik Ishtar (via the Doll) Dark Yugi
Duel Rare Hunter Tag
  • Dark Yugi
  • Seto Kaiba
Duel Katsuya Jonouchi Ryota Kajiki
  • Mask of Light
  • Mask of Darkness
  • Dark Yugi
  • Seto Kaiba
Duel Katsuya Jonouchi Yugi Mutou
Duel Mai Kujaku Generic Duelist
Duel Dark Bakura Ghost Kozuka


Image Number Japanese title English title
Duel 146 The Ancient Stone 古の石版
Inishie no Sekiban
YGODDuel089.jpg Duel 148 The God of the Obelisk 鬼神のごときカード
Kijin no Gotoki Kādo
The Card as Fierce as God
Seto Kaiba tests his new model Duel Disk and Egyptian God Card, "The God of the Obelisk", against a Duel Computer.
Duel 149 Where I Belong 自分の場所
Jibun no Basho
Where I Belong
Duel 150 The Gathering 集いし者共
Tsudoishi Monodomo
Duel 151 Rare Hunters! レアハンター!!
Rea Hantā!!
Rare Hunters!!
Duel 152 Battle City Begins! BCを駆けろ!!
Batoru Shiti o Kakero!!
YGODDuel094.jpg Duel 153 Duel of Vengeance! 奴を許すな!!
Yatsu o Yurusu na!!
Unforgivable Person!!
Dark Yugi Duels the Rare Hunter to win back "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and return it to Jonouchi.
Duel 154 To Destroy a Deck 崩れゆくデッキ!?
Kuzure Yuku Dekki! ?
Crumbling Deck!?
Duel 155 Millennium Battle 千年の闘い
Mireniamu Batoru
Duel 156 Esper Roba 超能力 (ちょうのうりょく) () て!!
Chōnōryoku o Ute!!
Attack the Psychic Powers!!
Duel 157 Psycho Deck! サイコデッキ猛攻!!
Saiko Dekki Mōkō! !
Psycho Deck Onslaught!!
Duel 158 A Brave Gamble! 勇気ある賭け!!
Yūkiaru Kake!!
A Brave Gamble!!
Duel 159 Behold the God! 神を見よ!!
Kami wo Miyo!!
Behold the God!!
Duel 160 Marik Strikes! マリク動く!!
Mariku Ugoku!!
Marik Moves!!
YGODDuel102.jpg Duel 161 The Fatal Duel! 極限決闘 (デュエル) !!
Kyokugen Dyueru!!
Very Confined Duel!!
Duel 162 Magician Battle! 魔術戦!!
Majutsu Sen!!
Magic Battle!!
Duel 163 Crucifix Trap! 十字の罠!!
Jūji no Wana!!
Cross Trap!!
Duel 164 The Calling Soul! よみがえる魂!!
Yomigaeru Tamashī!!
Revived Soul!!
Duel 165 Imprints of a Memory 石版の記憶
Sekiban no Kioku
Stone of Memory
Duel 166 Eyes that See the Future 未来を見る眼
Mirai wo Miru Me
Eyes that See the Future
Duel 167 Smoothly! とりつかれる!!
Duel 168 Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! 虫!!虫!!虫!!
Mushi!! Mushi!! Mushi!!
Bug!! Bug!! Bug!!
Duel 169 Breaking the Net! 包囲網!!
Hōi Mō!!
Encircling Net!!
YGODDuel111.png Duel 170 Nearer to God 迫りくる神!!
Shirikuru Kami!!
Nearer to God!!
YGODDuel112.png Duel 171 Fight of the Millennium! 千年の対決!!
Sennen no Taiketsu!!
Showdown of the Millennium!!
YGODDuel113.png Duel 172 Summon the Nightmare 悪夢召喚
Akumu Shoukan
Summon the Nightmare
YGODDuel114.png Duel 173 Combo of Despair!! 絶望のコンボ!!
Zetsubou no Konbo!!
Combo of Despair!!
Duel 174 The Combo of God!! 絶望のコンボ!!
Zetsubō no Konbo!!
Duel 175 A Duelist's Power 決闘者の可能性
Kettomono no Kanōsei
Duelist Potential
Duel 176 God Falls!? 神堕つ!?
Kami Tatsu?!
God is Being Deprived?!
Duel 177 Attack that Opponent! その敵を撃て!!
Sono Teki wo Ute!!
Attack That Opponent!!
Duel 178 Each Other's Duel! それぞれの決闘!!
Sorezore no Kettō!!
Each Other's Duel!!
Duel 179 Full Strength!! 全力で行け!!
Zenryoku de Ike!!
Go All-out!!
Duel 180 Return of the Sea Scourge 海の恐怖再び!!
Umi no Kyōfu Futatabi!!
Fear of the New Sea!!
Duel 181 Conquer the Sea!! 海攻略!!
Umi Kōryaku!!
Sea Strategy!!
Duel 182 A Warrior's Gamble!! 戦士に賭けよ!
Senshi ni Kakeyo!
Betting on the Warrior!
Duel 183 The Reason for Dueling 決闘の理由
Kettō no Riyū
Reason of the Duel
Duel 185 Awaken the Gods!! 神よ よみがえれ!!
Kami yo Yomigaere!!
Revive God!!
Duel 186 Monsters Unite!! 結束の怪物!!
Kessoku no Kaibutsu!!
Monsters of Teamwork!!
Duel 187 Teamwork 本当の結束!!
Hontō no Kessoku!!
True Teamwork!!
Duel 188 Combine Your Power! 力 結合!!
Chikara Ketsugō!!
Power Combined!!
Duel 189 Ultimate Summon!! 最強召喚!!
Saikyō Shōkan!!
Strongest Summon!!
Duel 190 Where Jonouchi Waits 約束の場所!!
Yakusoku no Basho!!
Promised Place!!
Duel 191 The Place of Destiny 運命の場所
Unmei no basho
The Place of Destiny
Duel 192 The Unwanted Duel!! 望まざる対決!!
Nozomazaru Taiketsu!!
Duel 193 Heart Attack!! 心への砲撃!!
Kokoro e no Hōgeki!!
Bombardment to the Heart!!
Duel 194 The Card of Pride 誇りのカード
Hokori no Kādo
Duel 195 Yugi Fights Alone もう1人の決意
Mō Ichi-ri no Ketsui
The Other One's Determination
Duel 196 The Last Piece of the Puzzle 一片の重み
Ippen no Omomi
The Important Item
YGODDuel138.jpg Duel 197 One Card of Life and Death! 生死の一枚!
Seishi no Ichimai!
One Card of Life or Death!
YGODDuel139.jpg Duel 198 Friends till the End 友情に向けて撃て!!
Yūjou ni Mukete Ute!!
Attack Our Friendship!!
YGODDuel140.jpg Duel 199 The Treasure ボク達の宝
Boku-tachi no Takara
Our Treasure
YGODDuel141.jpg Duel 200 The Courage to See 見ることの勇気
Mirukoto no Yūki
The Courage to See
x100px Duel 201 Warriors Assemble -
The Final Challengers
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