Daisuke Katagiri's Barian Emblem

The Barian Emblem on Daisuke Katagiri.

A Barian Emblem is an emblem that symbolizing the Barian World and its residents in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. Those who are brainwashed by them have a Barian Emblem on their foreheads and no longer require the need of their own Duel Gazers to see the augmented reality. One of their eyes just becomes red instead.[1] When Vector possessed Dr. Faker, the Barian Emblem appeared on his forehead.[2]

The Seven Barian Emperors also wear the Barian Emblem in some way in their true forms. Additionally, Reginald Kastle, in his past life as a prince, was shown to wear the Barian Emblem as a necklace[3].

Also, all those who are brainwashed by the Barians have a tendency to say "Barian sekai no tame ni", meaning "for (the sake of) the Barian World".

Brainwashed Duelists

# Identity Summary
1 Fuma He is the leader in a gang of thieves who Gilag gives Barian power to in order to defeat Yuma Tsukumo and Astral.[1]
2 Daisuke Katagiri He is a Pro-Duelist who is under the control of the heralds of the Barian World.[4]
3 Mamoru Jinguji He is the head of the Student Council at Heartland Middle School, and he was brainwashed by Gilag in order to attack Yuma.[5]
4 Chitaro Ariga A member of Heartland Academy's Manga club, he was brainwashed by Gilag after Jinguji's defeat. He was also given a supernatural power he used to kidnap and trap Rio Kastle inside the Comic Book World.[5]
5 Aika Hanazoe She is the leader of the Ikebana Club, and was used by Gilag in an attempt to capture Rio. She was given a supernatural power to put those around her to sleep and incapacitate them.[6]
6 Tori Meadows & Cathy Katherine They were used by Gilag in order to defeat Shark and Yuma and recover their "Numbers". Ironically, Gilag was forced to help Yuma defeat the pair to prevent his own demise. [7]
7 Various students They were brainwashed by Gilag to attack Yuma en-masse to obtain his "Numbers". Alit defeated them all to enable himself and Yuma to have a final 1-on-1 Duel.[8]
8 Rei Shingetsu He was briefly brainwashed by Gilag and used to restrain Yuma while the other brainwashed students attacked him.[8] He may have been faking, as he himself is a Barian.
9 Umimi Habara Another Pro-Duelist, this time brainwashed by Vector in order to capture Yuma's Numbers. Unlike the Duelists Gilag brainwashes – whose personalities change to make them subservient – she acts more like a sleeper agent, retaining her normal personality until she draws Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force during her Duel with Yuma.[9]
10 Number 96 Vector gives "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" to Dark Mist as a token of loyalty. His attempt to use the card, however, results in a physical transformation.[10]
11 Nistro After arriving at the Number ruins, he is brainwashed by Alit so he could be the holder for "Number 54: Lion Heart" and take its risk while also using him to defeat Yuma.[11]

Don Thousand Emblem

Don Thousand's Emblem

Don Thousand's Emblem.

Don Thousand also seems to have his own variation of the Barian Emblem which seems to have the same abilities although it has thus far only been seen when he has used his powers in other ways such as healing Alit and Gilag; resulting in them having a malicious disposition.[12][11]


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