Bandit King Bakura's men are minions of Bandit King Bakura, who appeared in the Pharaoh's Memories arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.


They slightly resemble grim reapers; black hooded men with their faces unseen, and have glowing red eyes. Ironically, they also have metallic arms. When in their original self, their appearance change very sightly with a ghoul and skeleton wielding with sword and axe. Wearing with brown armor with no legs.


When Bandit King Bakura was being carried in chains to the palace, they arrived and freed him from his chains. They later raided Aknamkanon's tomb. They then arrived near the Royal Palace, burned down all the houses near it, and fought off the guards. They waited outside the palace, and left when Bakura fled.

After they fled, they followed Mahad outside the tomb. They were going to fight with Bakura, but then Mahad's men blocked off the entrance of the cave, leaving Mahad and Bakura to fight alone. Mahad's men then battled them, but were defeated when Mana and Atem arrived.

When Yugi Muto, his friends, and Mana were looking for the Pharaoh, they arrived and charged at them, but Mana cast a spell on the river, creating a wave and sweeping them away.

Bakura's men were still chasing Yugi and his friends, but they eventually lost them.

After Yugi defeated Yami Bakura in a Duel, the riders appeared, and they swung their swords at Yugi and his friends; however, Duel Disks spawned on the arms of Yugi and his friends, protecting them from their swords. Yugi and his friends eventually Summoned Duel Monsters through their Duel Disk, defeating several of the riders. After concentrating hard enough, Yugi and his friends flew away, escaping them. However, they able to catch it up and transform back into their original self to fly, attack the Yugi and his friends. Again, when they tried to destroy them. They will keep on coming back. Mahad's and Mana with Dark Magician Girl Ka hold them off.

Ultimately, they were all destroyed along with Zorc Necrophades, when Atem summon the Holactie the Creator of Light with the Egyptian Gods' fusion.