Bandit Keith is the former U.S. Duel Monsters Champion. This is his Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour incarnation.


Bandit Keith first appears after he steals the prize for winning the Beginner's Cup. An eyewitness saw that the thief has blond hair, leading Joey to mistakenly accuse Mai of the theft at first. The player and Yugi split up to find Keith, and find that Joey had fought him and lost. Keith then duels the player in a deadly Shadow Game; losing means your soul is taken. If the player wins, Keith claims ignorance of the theft and escapes.

The next day, Seto Kaiba upgrades the player's Duel Disk to assist in locating Keith. Upon finding him, he makes to challenge the player again but is stopped by Maximillion Pegasus, who fights instead. Upon defeating Pegasus, Keith runs off and the prize is returned. Bandit Keith makes no storyline appearances after the event, but will randomly challenge the player to more Shadow Games at night.


Keith uses a Machine-themed deck called "Machine Mayhem." His deck does not change.

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