BRAVING! is the second Japanese opening theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL series. It debuted on episode 26 and is still ongoing. It is performed by KANAN. Interestingly, the final images changed from episode 26 to episode 30:



Duel Monsters

Monster Appearance

Card Appearance



近づいて手を伸ばした 明日へと続く光



近づいて遠のいていく 真実を掴む為に
見つける為に かけがえのない仲間と



Chikazuite te o nobashita ashita e to tsuzuku hikari
Ashimoto ni hirogaru kono sekai no yume o mita

Yume to kibou wa doko ni aru nante shiranai yo
Hashiri mawatte sagashite mo mitsukaranai
Shinjitsu to uso no hazama ni ochiteiru no kana
Bokura no monogatari nara hajimatte mo inai

Ashita e tsuzuku kuzure ochisouna michi mo
Yowaki ni naru mae ni tobidashite ikou

Chikazuite tounoite iku shinjitsu o tsukamu tame ni
Mienai mirai kara kibou o sagashidasu
Dare yori mo katai kokoro
Mi ni tsukete kakeagaru yo
Yowasa to tatakatte kachiagaru tsuyosa o
Mitsukeru tame ni kakegae no nai nakama to

Ashimoto ni hirogaru kono sekai no asu o mita


Your approaching hand reached out towards tomorrow with a following light
My pace quickened, and I saw this world's dream

How can anyone say for sure where dreams and hopes can be found
Running around in circles, searching for the undiscovered?
How can the valley between lies and truth be crumbling away
When our story hasn't even begun?

The path that leads towards tomorrow is collapsing
So let's take off before it becomes too unstable

Take that approaching escape so that we can seize the truth
We'll find the hope from that unseen future
Our hearts are steadier than anyone's
We fight with our weaknesses
struggling through the fight and winning with our strengths
I will find it with my irreplaceable comrades

My pace quickened, and I saw this world's tomorrow


File:Yuma and Kaito dueling TOGETHER!.jpg
  • The faces of III and V are unrevealed, except for IV because of his early debut, is similar to the shadow silhouettes of "Meklord Emperors", in FREEDOM, as only the shadowy figure of "Meklord Emperor Wisel" is unveiled, and they're both the middle person of their groups. However, from Episode 33 onwards, none of the Tron Familiy are revealed, due to the fact that they all appeared in episode 33.
  • There appears to be a scene of Yuma and Kaito working together in a Duel.
  • There also appears to be a scene of Yuma and Astral facing off against V
  • IV's symbol is on his right hand, III's symbol is on his left hand, V's symbol is on his forehead similar to the "Meklord Emperors".
  • Anna Kozuki is featured with Tori Meadows and the other female members of the show, indicating that she may return and become friends with Tori and/or Yuma.

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