BAM Legend is a rarity exclusive to Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM cards and are identified by BAM Legend (Series 1), BAM Legend 2 (Series 2) or Arena BAM Legend (Side Series). These cards have a cost of over Duel Points 30 (before August 8, 2013) or are Series 1 Boss Cards.

"Millennium Shield", "Beastking of the Swamps" and "Harpie Lady Sisters" are also BAM Legend rares, but are not sold in the shop.

After the new shop update on August 8, 2013, these cards have a cost of Duel Points 23 or more, except Koumori Dragon, whose price is Duel Points 11. Eradicator Epidemic Virus is currently the only card that has different forms as people get infected in the Contagion Event ending November 3, 2013.



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