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====Monster cards====
====Monster cards====
* [[Fire Trooper]]
* [[Fire Trooper]]
* [[Infernal Flame Emperor]]
* [[Infernal Flame Emperor]] (''Hell Flame Emperor'')
* [[Volcanic Scattershot]] (''Volcanic Buckshot'')
* [[Volcanic Scattershot]] (''Volcanic Buckshot'')
* [[Volcanic Shell]] (''Volcanic Bullet'')
* [[Volcanic Shell]] (''Volcanic Bullet'')

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Axel Brodie, Austin O'Brien (オースチン・オブライエン Ōsuchin Oburaien) in the Japanese anime, is a fictional character in the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX in Japan).

Fictional character biography

Axel Brodie is a new student hailing from West Academy (West School) who enters Duel Academy (Duel Academia) in the third year. Unlike the other overseas champions, he and Professor Viper do not leave their cabins for the duration of the journey to Duel Academy. The two of them do, however, meet to discuss matters in private. In the Japanese version, he occasionally speaks in Engrish, and uses the word "sōten" (送達) when sending monsters to the graveyard to activate the effects of his Blaze Accelerator cards, thereby "dispatching" them.

Brodie wields a retractable Duel Disk resembling a gun which can be stored in a holster at his waist. In the past, he trained extensively with his father (a mercenary) on jungle terrain, learning the art of survival. During his time at West Academy, he adapted these skills to the performance of life-threatening wire stunts to master his drawing technique.

Shortly after the beginning of the third year, Professor Viper orders Axel to engage in a Survival Duel (Dis-Duel in the original) with Jaden Yuki (Judai Yuki). While Viper regards him as his "long-cherished hope," he does not care whether Brodie claims victory or is defeated; his true interests lie in the realization of Jaden's full potential as a duelist, so that his Bio Belts (Dis-Belts) may absorb all his duel energy. Before Axel has the opportunity to confront him, he is approached by Syrus Truesdale (Sho Marufuji), who he takes hostage in order to gain Jaden's cooperation. During the duel, he is reminded of one of his father's teachings by Jaden's determination and spirit: although he is a "dog of battle," he must also protect his own life and be a passionate and burning warrior. He resolves to facing Jaden on his own terms, which Viper considers traitorous, but ultimately allows himself to be defeated in order to complete his mission.

Unsettled by the differences between the Survival Duels of West Academy and those taking place on the island, Brodie searches Viper's office, discovering that he is operating out of the abandoned lab where Wheeler (SAL) was trained. Arriving there moments after the duel between Chazz Princeton (Jun Manjoume) and Adrian Gecko (Amon Garam), he demands that Viper reveal his true intentions for coming to Duel Academy. When the man refuses and insults his father, Brodie attacks him, but is locked in a pit for his insolence. He eventually escapes and assists Jaden and co. in reaching Viper. He is later found alive after having seemingly been crushed under a facility door.

In the English anime, Axel speaks in a voice imitative of Eddie Murphy; the character he is named for, Axel Foley, was played by Murphy in the Beverly Hills Cop films.

Card list

Axel plays a Volcanic Burn Deck, the concept of which is derived from the similarity between the words "Volcanic" and "Vulcan". With his Blaze Accelerator card, Brodie is able to repetitively launch his Volcanic monsters at his opponent's field to destroy his/her monsters, though the often-used Volcanic Bullet and Volcanic Buckshot also possess built-in abilities that simulate the action of reloading a weapon, bringing more copies of the same cards to his hand when certain conditions are met. His signature card, Volcanic Doomfire, brings together a devastating combination of field destruction and direct damage capacities.

Monster cards

Spell cards

Trap cards

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