The Attribute Spirits are a group of monsters with "Spirit" 「精霊」 in their name; however, they are not Spirit monsters. They each belong to one of the elemental Attributes of the game: DARK, EARTH, FIRE, LIGHT, WATER, and WIND. Being Special Summon-only monsters, their conditions for being Special Summoned are that you must banish one of your monsters in your Graveyard with the same Attribute. There is another set of monsters with similar effects and conditions, but these do not include "Spirit" in their name, and some require you to remove two monsters of the proper Attribute instead of one. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, these cards were part of Lyman Banner/Amnael's Alchemy Deck, used as part of the cost for "Elemental Absorber".


Their Japanese names share a naming pattern (Element "Spirit", Name) as follows:

Card Japanese Translation Origin
Aqua Spirit 水の精霊 アクエリア Water Spirit, Aquaria Aquarius
Diana the Light Spirit 光の精霊 ディアーナ Light Spirit, Diana Diana
Garuda the Wind Spirit 風の精霊 ガルーダ Wind Spirit, Garuda Garuda
Luna the Dark Spirit 闇の精霊 ルーナ Dark Spirit, Luna Luna
The Rock Spirit 岩の精霊 タイタン Rock Spirit, Titan Titan
Spirit of Flames 炎の精霊 イフリート Flame Spirit, Ifrit Ifrit

Effects and stats

"The Rock Spirit" and "Spirit of Flames" have the same ATK and DEF and they have similar effects:

  • The ATK of "The Rock Spirit" increases by 300 during its opponent's Battle Phase.
  • The ATK of "Spirit of Flames" increases by 300 during its controller's Battle Phase.

"Garuda the Wind Spirit" and "Aqua Spirit" have the same ATK and DEF and have similar effects too:

  • "Garuda the Wind Spirit" can change the battle position of 1 face-up opponent's Monster Card monster during the opponent's End Phase.
  • "Aqua Spirit" can change the battle position of 1 face-up opponent's monster during the opponent's Standby Phase.

Monsters with opposite Attributes have effects with opposite purposes too:

  • "Garuda the Wind Spirit" has a defensive effect, while "The Rock Spirit" has an offensive effect.
  • "Aqua Spirit" has a defensive purpose while "Spirit of Flames" has an offensive effect.

"Diana the Light Spirit" has her own unique effect, where you gain 1,000 life points but during your opponent’s end phase, similar to the aforementioned monsters "Garuda" and "Aqua". She also has the same ATK and DEF stats as "Rock" and "Flames".

While "Luna the Dark Spirit" has her own unique effect, where it inflicts 500 damage to the opponent during your standby phase. She also has the same ATK and DEF stats as "Aqua" and "Garuda".


These monsters are good for swarming, Synchro and Xyz Material because they can be easily Special Summoned from your hand.

They have different Attributes, so you can use them in an Element Deck or a Charmer Deck. These monsters make the activation of "Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan" easier.

Four Elements
Armor Ninjas Earth Flame Aqua Air
Attribute Spirit counterparts Gigantes / Gigastone Omega Inferno Fenrir Silpheed
(Main Deck)
Leonis Reclusia Arboria Draco
D/D/D Darius Genghis Caesar Alexander
Dracoslayers and Dracoverlords Amorphactor Pain Ignister Prominence Dinoster Power Majester Paladin
Dragon Rulers
Younger version
(by set and effect)
Guardragons Garmides Prominesis Justicia Andrake
Itsu Fairies Doitsu Aitsu Koitsu Soitsu
Odd-Eyes Dragons Gravity Meteorburst Absolute Vortex
Pendulum Magicians Dragonpulse Nobledragon Dragonpit Oafdragon
Plant Princesses Chirubime Mariña Talaya Tytannial
Prank-Kids Rocksies Lampsies Dropsies Fansies
Prevents Trap Acticvation upon being Normal Summoned Tactical Espionage Expert Invasion of Flames Creeping Doom Manta Eagle Eye
Road Magic Diastrophism Explosion Backflow Tempest
Sealing Ceremonies Mokuton Katon Suiton Raiton
Sky Striker Aces
Kaina Kagari Shizuku Hayate
Xyz Wind-Ups Zenmaister Zenmaines Zenmaighty Zenmaioh
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