Attribute Knight is a series of Level 4 Warrior monsters with 1400 ATK and 1200 DEF. Their effects are activated in different ways, but with the same result: they send a monster with the same Attribute as themselves from its owner's Deck to the GY.


Knight Attribute Trigger Effect
Altitude WIND If another monster on the field returns to the hand or Main Deck
Armageddon DARK When Summoned
Brushfire FIRE When a FIRE monster (or this card) is destroyed and sent to the GY
Dawn LIGHT If sent from the field to the GY
Dust EARTH Flip
Shore WATER When face-up and its Battle Position is changed

Recommended cards


All of the Attribute Knights seem to be the same person, with identical gear and very similar features. The only exception is "Armageddon Knight

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