Attack target


(こう) (げき) (たい) (しょう)
Formerly: (こう) (げき) (もく) (ひょう)

Japanese (ruby)

Formerly: こうげきもくひょう

Japanese (base text)

Formerly: 攻撃目標

Japanese (romanized)

kōgeki taishō
Formerly: kōgeki mokuhyō


attack target

An attack target (Japanese: (こう) (げき) (たい) (しょう) kōgeki taishō) is either a player or monster designated for an attack.[1][Notes 1]

During the Battle Step, the turn player can declare an attack by targeting either an opponent's monster or the opponent themself. If a replay occurs, the turn player can select an attack target again (even if it is the same choice), potentially allowing for effects that activate upon a monster being targeted for an attack to activate again, such as that of "Vengeful Shinobi".

Some card effects can restrict a player's choice of attack target (such as that of "Marshmallon Glasses") or conduct battle with a monster without selecting it as an attack target (such as that of "Dreamsprite").[2] There are also card effects that allow a player's opponent to choose their attack targets for them, such as that of "Patrician of Darkness".

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  1. Players can be considered "attack targets", in context of the texts of "Construction Train Signal Red", "Patrician of Darkness" and the UDE rulings of the latter card.


  1. Konami. Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game - Official Rulebook Version 9.1. pp. 34.
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