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Artwork of "All-Out Attacks".
Artwork of "All-Out Attacks".


(こう) (げき)

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An attack (Japanese: (こう) (げき) kōgeki) is an action performed in the Battle Phase that results in battle. During an open game state during the Battle Step of the Battle Phase, the turn player can declare an attack with a face-up Attack Position monster that has not already declared an attack this turn, choosing a monster the opponent controls as attack target or making a direct attack. Some cards allow monsters to attack more than once.

Some cards and effects can allow monsters to attack while in Defense Position (such as "Total Defense Shogun"). Even so, attacking monsters use their ATK for damage calculation, unless otherwise specified (such as in the effects of "Superheavy Samurai" monsters).

If the number of monsters controlled by the controller of the attack target changes during the Battle Step, a replay is triggered, wherein the attacking player chooses a new attack target without declaring a new attack.

In the anime and manga[]

In the anime and manga, when a player declares an attack, the monster literally attacks the attack target, either by punching, slashing, etc. In most cases the weaker monster will just stand still while the other one destroys them, sometimes they will try to fight back, but will obviously lose unless the player somehow makes them stronger. Some attacks are also given names.

In the manga, there are two types of attacks: normal attacks and magical attacks. Magical attacks can only be performed by certain monsters. Even if a monster cannot be destroyed by battle, magical attacks are able to penetrate it.