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Astral is an energy being from the Astral World in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, the secondary protagonist of the series, and is the partner, and eventual friend, of Yuma Tsukumo. Some of Yuma's friends refer to him as 'Dueling Ghost', due to his Dueling skills and invisibility, while Dr. Faker and those who are associated with him, including the Vetrix Family, refer to Astral as 'Original "Number"' (ナンバーズのオリジナル, Nanbāzu no Orijinaru) or 'Emissary from Astral World'. Likewise, Astral himself has stated that he is the embodiment of the Numbers.[14]

Upon arriving in Yuma's world, his memories were scattered in the form of the 100 "Number" cards. While originally he only retained one of the Numbers, he knew that when two or more Numbers confront in a Duel, they will battle each other to consume one another, allowing Astral to absorb vanquished Numbers and regain pieces of his memories. Since pursuing the other 99 Numbers, he and Yuma have regained 59 pieces of Astral's memories, while collecting 55 of the actual Numbers, with the addition of seven Chaos versions.

He was sent to Yuma's world with a certain mission, but he forgot his mission due to his amnesia. Number 96: Dark Mist claimed that his mission is what all of the Numbers want - the destruction of the world, which horrified him.[10][15] Related to this is his mission is to obtain a powerful card known as the Numeron Code that can shape worlds.[16] He also has a secondary objective of destroying the Barian World.[17]Later, he returns back to the [[Astral World] after suffering critical injuries from the vicious duel against Dark Mist.[18]



Astral, being an energy being of the Astral World, has clear blue and transparent body with green markings and blue gems all over his body. He has blue hair that curls up in a Mohawk and pointed ears, which are pierced with dangling earrings. Astral also has heterochromic eyes, the left eye luminous gold and the right is a clear white.

In the dub, Astral's lower body is sometimes blurred off to remove nudity implications.


Although Astral has amnesia, he has a very intelligent and level head when it comes to Duels. Even in disastrous situations, he does not seem to lose his cool and can think of a strategy. Outside this, arguably because of his memory loss and sudden arrival to another world, he is curious to the point of naivety, for matters as simple as eating, going to the bathroom,[19] or believing that TV shows are real.[20] His naivety would go to such extent so as to ask Yuma why "he needs to be alone" when Yuma's in the bathroom, to which he replies by saying that he would "die" (in the dub, Yuma says that he would turn into a "guinea pig") otherwise, a thing that Astral took literally.[19]

When he "discovers" things, he has an habit of saying "observation number one, two, three" and then speak the result of his analysis; the fact that he can successfully continue the counting throughout the series implies he has great memory. Astral's observations stopped after their first Duel with Kite Tenjo, which left him quiet and depressed.[21] However, after their Duel with Fortuno, which restored his and Yuma's confidence, his observations returned. In the dub, this observation came with a "sub-observation" that he labeled #13-A.[22] As Astral continues to learn about the human world, he showed great interest of feelings and friendship from observing Yuma and becoming more human in the process. During a Duel with Vetrix, Yuma started to eat the rice balls that Tori gave him prior to the Duel which allowed Astral, who was fused with him to feel the sensation of eating for the first time. He felt incredibly energetic and lively by the taste of the rice balls, stating he wanted to eat "two, or three" more of them, while cheerfully saying that being Yuma has been fun in a rather comedic instance.[23]

Astral has a fear of cats, which he defended by claiming that he hadn't done any observations about them,[3] but seems to gotten over it later on.[24] After Dueling with Kite Tenjo for the first time, he developed a strong fear towards him, so he always tries to tell Yuma to run from Kite instead of fighting him, to the point of telling Yuma to forget his friends. He first denied that he was afraid of Kite, but later admitted.[25] Later during the Duel with Fortuno, Astral overcame his fear and decided to actually fight. After he and Yuma thought about their previous Duels, stating they came too far to lose now, Yuma called Astral his friend, restoring his fighting spirit.[22]

During their duels, Astral often says "The formula for victory is complete" whenever he and Yuma are ready to make their comeback.

Usually stoic and cool, Astral doesn't smile much, but he smiled for the first time when Yuma recognizing him as his comrade.[22] Afterwards, Astral begins to smile more often at Yuma since then and even cheered him on with his friends and family when he was trying to do his 20-stack challenge.[26] He still retain his withdrawn nature and tendency to keep his most of thoughts to himself. When observing and learning things unknown and important to him, Astral will only voiced speculations once he gather more evident proof or when a problem presents itself, such as telling Yuma about the world inside the Emperor's Key only after gaining a handful of "Numbers" cards and learning of its origins.[6]


Astral is a Duelist of another universe who can only been seen by Yuma Tsukumo and those connected with the Barian World; he can also be seen by people exposed to energy derived from the Astral World or Barian World, which included the Arclight Family's power of the Crest. Others cannot see or hear him, which often leads them to think Yuma is talking alone. Astral can't be touched physically, but is shown to be able to hold Duel Monster cards, though it is unknown if it's only the "Numbers" or any cards. However, Astral can be seen through photographs, although he only appears as a light blue haze.[27] He is also capable of flight as he is always seen floating, and seems to not rely on things such as food to live. Although, Astral needs his current partner to have "Numbers" and will start dying if those Numbers are forcefully taken away or when Yuma is losing life points in a Duel with an opponent that has a "Number".[28] Astral can only experience the sensation of actual eating when he and Yuma share the same body in ZEXAL mode.[23]

Even with his loss of memory it has been shown that Astral is indeed a very skilled Duelist, a fact he himself recognizes despite his amnesia, and further demonstrated in how he has advised Yuma on his play, only for him to play the opposite of what Astral dictates and end with rather disastrous results. He also has vast knowledge of the game and most of its cards, like demonstrated in by how quickly he understood Dextra's combo and found its weakness as soon as they arrived [29] He also uses what he knows about a person to win Duels. An example is when how he used Mr. Kay's desire to win a perfect Duel to set up a situation that used his own desire against him.[4] Astral showed good math skills during Charlie McCay's Duels being able to constantly calculate what were Charlie's chances of rolling 6 again whenever he rolled a dice.[30]

He shares his information on the "Numbers" with Yuma and is capable of somehow manipulating the "Numbers" cards, this is seen in two ways, one is that without Astral present Yuma is unable to play any "Numbers" for they do not appear on his Extra Deck.[19] The second is that as so far seen, Astral can pull a "Numbers" card out of a defeated opponent without direct contact, although it is unknown if this is also linked to a rather psychokinetic ability. Furthermore unlike those who use Photon Hand, Astral seems to be the only who can extract the card itself without taking a possessed Duelist's soul, however he was unable to take Trey's "Number" due to the Crest protecting him.[8]

He can take all "Numbers" a defeated opponent has in their Deck that were presented during the Duel. However, the Numbers that were not in their Deck are not taken, as shown when defeating Fortuno, as Fortuno used 2 Numbers which were taken, but Fortuno's third was still left with him, kept in a box outside of his Deck. He also has some form of control over how "Numbers" behave in battle or can gain access to new Number cards at certain times. For example; after Yuma refuses to sacrifice him during the battle against Fortuno, Astral received a jolt of power from Emperor's Key and was able to provide Yuma with a new card, "Number C39: Utopia Ray". This also made him visible to the others only during Yuma's Duel against Fortuno, but only visible enough for Yuma's friends to believe Astral is real.[22] For some reason, Astral couldn't absorb Alit's "Number", which is most likely due to the fact that Numbers which have numerical values higher than 100 are not part of his memory.[31] On top of that, Astral cannot absorb a Number that has been upgraded to "Number C". According to Dark Mist, this is because Astral no longer has control over him.[32]

Astral's Duel Disk.

It has also been shown that Astral is able to make a Duel Disk appear around his arm, coming from the blue aura around him. It was shown multiple times that Astral is able to talk with Yuma telepathically.[33] After The Door opened for Yuma, he and Astral gained the power of ZEXAL, which causes Yuma and Astral to merge their souls, leaving Yuma with most of the body's control. With this, Yuma/Astral wears a white spandex suit with red armor plating, his right eye becomes golden like Astral's left one, his hair turns gold and he gains a golden aura. They also earned the "ZW" cards through an ability called "Shining Draw".[34]

Astral is shown to be able to see people's memories, as seen when he touched Hart's head to access his past memory, but this only seems to apply when he touched the person's head.[35]


Astral means "of the stars", referring to Astral being from another world. Astral is also used to described things relating to a nonphysical realm of existence.

Anime biography


Astral clashes with Don Thousand.

Eons ago, Astral battled against Don Thousand and won, sealing him into the Sea of Ill Intent in the Barian World.[36]

Astral was sent from the Astral World to Earth to obtain the Numeron Code before the Barians do. The Code was an all-powerful card that created reality and could decide fate.[16]

Pre-World Duel Carnival

Astral fighting on Yuma's side.

Traveling through The Door, Astral appeared before Yuma Tsukumo and Reginald Kastle during their Duel, telling Yuma to stand up and win.[37] When Yuma asked Astral who he was, Astral introduces himself and revealed his that he loss his memory when he arrived in this world, assuming that some kind of impact scattered his memories. Noticing the Duel, Astral tries to take over Yuma's Duel, stating that he has to win at all costs with Yuma complaining that it was his Duel. Astral tries to order Yuma around, intentionally or not, to gain the advantage against Shark. However, Yuma refuses to listen to Astral as he is taken down each turn. When Astral informs him that his own life fades as Yuma's Life Points decrease, Yuma takes Astral's advice and uses "Monster Reborn" to Special Summon "Gagaga Magician" from his Graveyard. Astral gifts Yuma with "Number 39: Utopia", an Xyz Monster, stating that "Utopia" is the power he has entrusted to Yuma and that he must use it to win the Duel. With this card, Yuma made a comeback, and manages to pull off a win using it in a combo with "Double or Nothing!". Astral then takes "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon" and finds out that, if he gathers all ninety-nine of the scattered "Numbers" cards, he will recover his memory.[13]

Astral and Yuma in a Duel against Mr. Kay.

Since Yuma is the only person who can see Astral, which makes everyone believe Astral is a ghost, and that he can't leave Yuma's side, Astral begins to live at Yuma's house. While watching Yuma sleep, Astral thinks about the feeling that he has a very important mission to fulfill and that he's had suppose to take over Yuma's body in order to complete that mission. Astral then think about that "Numbers" have the power to control humans, but Yuma was able to use the "Numbers" card to his fullest while he couldn't. Astral believed it was because Yuma had something and reach towards him, only to be stuck into the Emperor's Key and find the world inside of it. While in the key, Astral explores the Different Dimension Airship and learned it's construction like a puzzle, which is made up of hundreds of gears marked with numbers that react with the "Number" cards that Astral absorbs, making them move and glow. Once Astral senses that Yuma was Dueling, he went back out to see that Mr. Kay is a Number holder.[19]

Astral remember his home- the Astral World.

During the Duel, Astral tries to instruct Yuma, but Yuma continues to disobey him. Eventually, Astral uses reverse psychology on Yuma so he can play the correct moves to win the the Duel. Once Astral gains "Number 34: Terror-Byte", he remembers that is he is from the Astral World and his world is in great crisis. Astral has also determined that the "Numbers" amplify the emotions that their vessel already had, malicious or not.[4]

As Astral absorbs the "Numbers", bits and pieces of his memories start to return, most of them incomplete. After gaining "Number 83: Galaxy Queen", Astral remember his birth, and that he may have had a mother and also he was given the mission to protect his world, possibly meaning he was created solely for this task.[38] Later, Astral surmises from within Emperor's Key that it might have been made intentional by someone to scatter his memories, and wonders if the airship is meant to be some sort of message and why it would be in the key.[1] When he absorbed "Number 61: Volcasaurus" and "Number 19: Freezadon", he had a small glimpse of his world, which was apparently being bombarded by explosive energy, stunning him.[39]

Astral and Yuma facing two "Number" monsters.

After learning about Kite Tenjo, Astral found it very suspicious that someone besides him and Yuma are looking for the Numbers. When Yuma Dueled Kite, he was surprised that Kite's Dueling skills were even superior than his. As Astral and Yuma failed to fight back, Astral was sure Yuma would lose and he would disappear, but Kite cancelled the Duel. He was left shocked at what happened next to Yuma, whose pride was severely hurt and even questioned about his "Kattobingu" spirit.[5][40] This cause Astral to fall in a very depressed state, worried about Kite when he comes to them again. On an errand for Yuma's grandmother, Astral goes to the Duel Sanctuary, and met with another Number holder, Kaze.[21] Astral was able to overcome his depression to help Yuma with the Duel, and gained "Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja" when they won.[41]

As Yuma prepared for the World Duel Carnival, Astral was still shaken up from his Duel with Kite and has his doubts. Yuma eventually learns through a possessed Cathy Katherine that his friends are being held captive by Fortuno. Scared of losing and facing Kite again, Astral was against the Duel, but Yuma persuaded him and the two made off to face against Fortuno. Fortuno introduces himself as Kite's servant and tells him that Kite would be watching this Duel himself, scaring Astral, but not damaging Yuma's fiery spirit.[25] During climax of the Duel, Astral and Yuma were pushed into a corner, and knowing Yuma's friends were in danger, Astral was willing to trade himself for their freedom. However, Yuma refused, telling Astral that he is his friend too, to Astral's surprised. Astral overcame his fear and decided to actually fight.

Astral and Yuma perform Chaos Xyz Evolution.

After he and Yuma thought about their previous Duels, stating they came too far to lose now, the Emperor's Key started to shine and granted them a new power, the "Chaos Number", "Number C39: Utopia Ray" as well as making Astral appear and Yuma's friends able to see him for a moment. Using it, they defeat Fortuno and take the 2 "Numbers" cards, and Astral recovered "Number 11: Big Eye" and "Number 16: Shock Master. After Yuma's friends were freed, they all went to thank Astral instead of Yuma, though they're still unable to see him, and thus were shouting at nothing. Astral didn't pay much attention to it and kept his cool. Watching Yuma and his friends walk off, Astral make his 13th Observation, "As long as you have friends, you are able to hope and believe.", and smiled.[22]

On Yuma's Visitor Day at school, Astral assisted Yuma in trying to locate the Emperor's Key after discovering it missing, and learned that the key given to Yuma by his father. Pondering a possible connection between himself and Yuma's father, Astral asked Yuma about him. He learns much about the origin of the Key and Kazuma Tsukumo, who had a vision of the Astral World being attacked and the sound of its inhabitants screaming. Returning to the house, they found the key on the hammock and goes to Heartland Academy. During gym class, Astral smiling warmly at Yuma and encouraged him to tackle the high jump of 20-stacks.[26]

Astral, being possessed by Number 96: Dark Mist.

After safely recovering "Number 96: Dark Mist" from a stranger, Astral saw a disturbing vision of a planet being destroyed. When Bronk Stone knocks off the Emperor's Key from Yuma, a black Ooze comes out of Yuma's Deck Case, which grabs Yuma and starts taking control of Astral. Before Astral gets completely taken over by the Dark Mist, he tells Yuma to give "Utopia" to Bronk. Afterwards, he gets completely possessed and his body changes from white to pitch-black. In a mysterious space, Astral suffers as his body slowly fading away while Bronk Duels against the Dark Mist. Astral manages to get in contact with Yuma and told him to trick Dark Mist to help Bronk win the Duel. Once Bronk defeated Dark Mist, Yuma regained Emperor's Key and Astral was freed, allowing him to absorb "Dark Mist" once again.[42]

Astral surrounded by the "Numbers" cards.

One night, Astral finally told Yuma about the structure and ship in the Emperor's Key, making him fall out his hammock out of shock. When Yuma questions Astral about the key, Astral tells him that the structure looks like a giant puzzle and something might happen if the Numbers are collected. Inside the Emperor's Key, Astral looks at his collected Numbers, and remembers the vision he saw when "Number 96: Dark Mist" was defeated, wondering what it meant. When Kite manages to steal the Emperor's Key, Astral was trapped inside it and the key was then deactivated and the set "Numbers" became cards again. The cards surrounded Astral and a voice told him to obtain the "power of ZEXAL".[6]

Astral vs. Kite.

When Kite manages to go inside the Emperor's Key, he finds Astral, who is visible to Kite inside the key. Astral and Kite exchanges information on why the they are collecting "Numbers", and the two engaged in a Duel. In this Duel, Astral uses Yuma's deck to Duel Kite and started playing defensively, using "Gogogo Golem" but was easily countered by Kite's Reverse Buster. As Reverse Buster increased its attack making it 2000, Astral was scared as it may be the start of Galaxy-Eyes Summon. Astral summoned "Gogogo Giant" and using its effect, summon "Gogogo Golem" back. He thought of Xyz Summoning Utopia, but was afraid of Kite's facedown card and so, chose to use Double Defender. Kite then used his facedown "Photon Hurricane" to return Astral's Spell and trap Cards to his hand, making Astral realize there was no reason to be afraid. Kite then tribute Reverse Buster to summon "Photon Leo" and returned Astral's hand back to the deck and draws the same number of cards. Then he equips "Leo" with Photon Spear and inflicted Piercing damage to Astral when Kite attacked and destroyed "Giant". After "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" appeared, Astral become over shrouded with fear towards Kite.[33]

Astral combined with Yuma via ZEXAL.

While Astral manages to fight back with "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and reduce Kite's life to 1300, Kite takes the upper hand again and reduces Astral's life to 400. Believing he will lose, Astral gives up and told Yuma goodbye in his thoughts, even shedding tear. When Yuma manages to recover Emperor's Key, which takes him to "The Door" again, The Door opens again and tells Yuma to use ZEXAL, but repeats Yuma's previous warning. Astral was able to sense Yuma's presence and informed him about the Duel, as well as telling him he already "loss" the Duel. Yuma convinces Astral to not give up, and crosses the door, landing in the dimension inside the Key. Astral and Yuma receive the ZEXAL power, fusing themselves in the process. Using this new power, Astral and Yuma created a card that allowed "Utopia Ray" to defeat "Galaxy-Eyes". Kite, in a pinch for the first time, managed to end the Duel in a draw and escaped again.[34]

The next day, a wave of energy from the Astral World and another world passed through Earth causing time to temporally stop and allow Kite to invade his memories. This caused immense pain to Astral, and figured out the Kite was invading his memories. While traveling throughout the city, Astral told Yuma that he fears that something bad might happen if they find all the "Numbers". Later, Astral and Yuma met up with Kite, who subsequently told them that they would meet again in the World Duel Carnival.[7]

World Duel Carnival

Before the World Duel Carnival, Astral reminds Yuma that he must win since the tournament should have many Number holders. Yuma tells Astral that he doesn't plan on just winning, causing Astral to asks Yuma why he doesn't plan on fully winning since that would mean Yuma wouldn't be fulfilling the promise he made with his father. Yuma explains to Astral that he has thought to himself for a long time about what Dueling means to him. Yuma tells him that ever since he met Astral, he started to win despite losing all the time before, but when he lost against Shark and Kite, he understood that he could lose something important from losing for the first time, but he never hated Dueling despite it.Yuma tells Astral that Dueling means bonds and connection to him, and that Dueling and fighting are different. Astral doesn't want to agree to him since he would disappear if he lost, but Yuma tells Astral that he understands how he feels and will do anything to save him. However, Yuma has realized that there is something exceeding winning and losing. Astral asks Yuma what he will do about Kite, where Yuma answers that he will lose his soul if he lost, but it won't change his Dueling.Later, Astral questions to himself what is more important than winning inside the Emperor's Key.[43]

During the first day of the WDC, Astral helped Yuma defeat his first few opponents, but none of them had any Numbers.[44][45][46][47] The first Number holder Yuma and Astral Duel against in the Carnival is Charlie McCay, who uses "Number 7: Lucky Straight's" power to always roll 6 during his Duel.[30] Astral assisted Yuma defeated Charlie, but he allows Charlie to give Number 7 to his niece, which made Astral worry if they would get it back.[48]

During the second day of the WDC, Yuma and Astral watch Quattro use his "Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder" to defeat Bronk and Caswell.[49] When Trey Dueled Shark, Astral watched how Shark resisted "Number 32: Shark Drake" 's influence and defeated Trey. Although he was impressed, Astral knows that he and Yuma must Duel Shark again now he has "Shark Drake" in his possession.[50] Later, Astral discovered that Cameron Clix has "Number 25: Force Focus" and was astounded that the "Number" allowed him predict the future through photographs see the future in his photos.[51] During the Duel with Cameron, Astral figured out the photos is not completely accurate, as the photos only show what Cameron pictures as the future and his opponents subconsciously obeyed the photos. He told Yuma to disobey the prediction, that way his predictions didn't occur and Yuma easily defeats Cameron afterwards. With Cameron's defeat, Astral now has obtained 12 Numbers.[27]

Utopia protecting Astral from Number 96.

When Yuma Duels against Nistro and Dextra, Astral tries to go help him, but is stopped by Number 96: Dark Mist in the Emperor's Key. Astral asked if he broke the seal, and Dark Mist responded that that's what the "Numbers" wanted to begin with. Astral questioned why the other "Numbers" gave their strength to Dark Mist, who responded once more that it's what they wanted. It's what all "Numbers" want - the world's destruction. He claimed that Astral also wanted the same. Astral denied it, but Dark Mist pointed out his very presence as proof against that. He told Astral to remember his mission and join the "Numbers". Dark Mist attacks Astral using it's true form, but Utopia saves him.[15] After sensing Yuma in trouble, Astral sends Utopia off, losing his only protection from Dark Mist. Meanwhile, Astral tried to out run Dark Mist, but was caught and was beginning to be infected. Just before he was infected entirely, but Astral's bond with Yuma suddenly resonate, and with a mysterious light hit him, freeing him from the Dark Mist. Astral quickly exited the key, and was temporarily viable to others besides Yuma, including Nistro and Dextra, who stated that Astral is the "Original Number". Astral deduced the current Duel before him, and helped Yuma win against Nistro and Dextra.[10]

Later at night, Yuma, Astral, and Tori meet Kite's younger brother Hart Tenjo. After witness Hart's power, Astral learned Hart is able to communicate with him, much to his surprised. Wanting to talk to Hart, Astral asked Yuma to take Hart with them back home, and Astral formed a friendship with him. After Hart went on a search for Kite, Yuma and Astral goes to find him, who he went berserk after failing to find his brother. Astral flies to Hart and touched his head to see Hart's memories and what he wants. Astral explained to Yuma the Hart that he want to get caramel for Kite, allowing Yuma calmed Hart down with it. Then Quinton comes out of a helicopter to take Hart with him using his Crest, but Hart revealed his mission to destroy the Astral World before he left, which horrified Astral.[35]

Astral helping Hart.

After Hart's kidnapping, Astral reminded Yuma of his previous Duel with Kite in that he mentioned he sold his soul to a devil to save his brother. Astral thinks he is referring to Mr. Heartland and solidified his theory of the carnival being used to hunt Numbers. As he, Yuma, and Tori searched for Hart with Kite and Orbital 7, he found the location through the description Hart projected in his mind. Once they arrived, Trey and Quattro challenged Yuma and Kite to a Tag Duel.[52]

During the Duel, Yuma and Kite are incapable to worked together, causing Astral to suffered as Yuma's Life Points to dropped, but he told Yuma it was okay.[53][54] After Yuma and Kite's Tag-Team Duel ends with them defeating Trey and Quattro, Astral saw Kite failing to steal Quattro's soul and "Numbers" with his Photon Hand, but was nullified by Quattro´s Crest. Seeing this, Astral tries to absorb Trey's "Number", but is repelled by the latter's own crest and became visible to Trey at that brief moment.[8]

Astral trapped by Trey's crest.

When Trey challenged Yuma to a Duel, he used his Crest to erase Yuma's memories of "Kattobing", making Yuma unable to see Astral or the Emperor's Key. Astral tried to get Yuma to snapped out of it, but Trey captured Astral with his crest and then chained him to a tower, forcing him to helplessly watch Yuma get hurt.[55] When Astral gave his last bit of strength to Yuma in order to prevent him from losing to Trey, Trey was enraged and used his power to crush Astral, making him disappear. When Yuma regained his "Kattobingu", it was shown in a flashback that Astral taught him how to Duel just in case he would ever disappear, with Yuma saying that Astral was still in his heart, and he was able to Summon "Number 39: Utopia" and destroy Trey's "Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech".[56] When "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" went berserk, Trey joined his power with Yuma and with the 12 "Numbers", Astral was revived inside the Emperor's Key. He meets Kazuma Tsukumo, who tells him that his son needs him and Astral should go and help him. Astral returns to Yuma, and combined with him using ZEXAL, and drew a new monster, "ZW - Phoenix Bow" and defeat Trey. After the Duel, Trey left "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" and "Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech" for them, as well as the final Heart Piece needed to compete in the WDC finals.[12]

WDC Finals

Astral floating along the Duel Coaster with Yuma and Tori.

During the WDC party, Astral and Yuma met Vetrix in person for the first time, and Astral found out he could see him. Later, they managed to encounter Kite, who speak to Yuma, explaining that it is not him he wishes to defeat, but Astral. Astral doesn't speak to Kite, but shared a glance with him.[12] The next day, he guided Yuma on the Duel Coaster and watched the other finalists Duel around them to learn the rules on the Duel Coaster.[57] When Yuma was attacked by the Triad of Terror, Astral advised Yuma during the Duel, but Nistro and Anna Kaboom help them finish the Triad of Terror off.[58] In the next stage, Astral points out that there are the four fields - so only eight Duelists total will make it to them and to Yuma and told to be careful. As Yuma blunders into Trap Points, Astral become exasperated as their Life Points goes down.[59] When they arrived to "Jungle Field", they watched Vetrix Duel against Dextra, and was once again surprised that Vetrix can perceive him, as well seeing his Crest's powers.[29]

When Yuma and Astral reached the "Space Field", Astral listened to Quinton, revealing the connection between Yuma's father, Dr. Faker, and Vetrix. After hearing about the sacrifice used to open a gate to another dimension, Astral compared it to Xyz Summoning.[60] After Kite won against Quinton, Astral muses that when Vetrix and Dr. Faker began their plans, Astral entered this world. He says that must mean that the will of Yuma's father is in the Astral World, and vow to defeat the adults with Yuma.[61] In the "Magma Field" field, they confront Vetrix again and learned about his plans to use Shark to as assassin to defeat Dr. Faker.[62] Astral watch the Duel between Quattro and Shark, Astral was perplexed ans shocked how Shark has the power to bring out a "Choas Number".[63] At the "Desert Field" field, Astral saw that Yuma was playing a defensive strategy, and told Yuma that he can't win this way and that he was afraid after seeing the other Duels. Astral muses that Kite and Shark are strong and have powers that can be feared, and he understands how Yuma could be scared of them. However, Astral comment how Yuma gotten over those sorts of fears before, making Yuma feel more confident now and win against Nistro.[64]


Dr. Faker appears before Yuma and Astral.

Eventually, Yuma and Astral were looking for Yuma's lost deck and goes to Heartland Tower. In the disposal plant below Heartland, Astral sees a vision of the Astral World being attacked. Astral sees a vision of Hart and told Yuma that Hart is a floor above them, and they decided to go see him. When they went into Hart's mind, who asked Yuma and Astral to save his brother, Kite. Conversing with Yuma, Astral listen to Yuma telling him that he is unsure what to do with Hart and the "Numbers". They are then interrupted by a holograph of Dr. Faker, who told them his goal to rule the Earth and his deal with Barian World is to destroy the Astral World.[65] When Reginald and Yuma's Duel came, Astral was surprised to see that Shark did not defend himself, and speculate that its the darkness of the "Number". They realized that Vetrix influenced Shark with his Crest, and Astral told Yuma that to dispel Vetrix's control before Shark summon his "Number".[66] When Yuma took Shark's Number, Yuma was in a bind, to help Shark by keeping his "Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss" or help Astral, who will vanish if Yuma lose the Duel. However, Astral says there's nothing more he can do in this Duel and let Yuma make the decisions. Fortunately, Shark activated "Underwater Snow Prison" to save both Astral and Yuma, giving Yuma the victory and "Number 32: Shark Drake" to Astral.[67]

Later, Astral and Yuma encounter Kite, who addressed Astral about the score to settle and gave his permission for them to watch the Duel close up. During the Duel, Yuma and Astral heard Hart was in trouble and left with Yuma to go and help him.[68] After entering Heartland Tower. Astral and Yuma went into Hart's mind again to find Vetrix's dragon, who plagued Hart's memories. With the help of "Number 39: Utopia", the dragon was slain and Vetrix's psychic link with Hart was disabled and watch the rest of Kite's Duel through a screen. However, Vetrix had still managed to defeat Kite with "Number 69: Heraldry Crest" and took all his "Numbers", representing a greater threat to Yuma and Astral.[69]

Yuma and Astral prepare to combine with ZEXAL.

As Vetrix, Yuma, and Astral came to the WDC Finals, Dr. Faker taunted the finalists and the Duel began in the Sphere Field to gather the energy of the "Numbers". Astral and Yuma confronted Vetrix about his actions, which made wonders if a human with a heart this ugly could truly exist. When Vetrix queried Yuma did not want revenge on Faker, Yuma insisted his father would not want that, but Vetrix suggested that perhaps his father's own plans of revenge had already begun - the appearance of Astral in this world. Astral does not know what he means, but Vetrix told him that the fearsome powers residing in the "Numbers" could destroy this world - and Astral is the messenger of revenge sent here to spread them - sent by Kazuma. As the Duel begins, Astral asked Yuma if the power of the "Numbers" could really destroy the world. Yuma tells him not to think about what Vetrix was saying, but Astral says he can't help it - he has no memories, so Vetrix could indeed be right. Yuma tells him that he doesn't know why Astral was sent here, but he knows better than anyone that Astral is not an evil person. and tells Astral he'll leave the "Numbers" to him, and urges him to use them for justice.[70] After Vetrix summoned Number 69: Heraldry Crest, Astral and Yuma performed ZEXAL to summoned ZW - Lightning Blade, but "Number 69" negated the attack.[71]


Astral eats food for the first time.

They narrowly survived Vetrix's next attack by using "Half Unbreak", but Astral was able to come up with a winning strategy. When Yuma got hungry, Yuma brought out his rice balls to shared with Astral, letting the latter feel what eating food was like for the first time. After expressing great joy, Astral refocused and they used their power to summon "ZW - Tornado Bringer", but "Coat of Arms" negated even this effect. Astral and Yuma had no other choice, but to bring out their ace "ZW -", "ZW - Leo Arms" and equipping it to "Number C39: Utopia Ray". Negating "Number 69"'s powers, Yuma and Astral won, but realized that the Sphere Field absorbed their own "Numbers". Yuma attempts to rescue Vetrix, but Vetrix bidden "good bye" to them and fall into the Sphere Field. Yuma and Astral were then teleported to Heartland Tower in front of Faker.[23] While trapped in the Sphere, Astral and Yuma learns of Faker's purpose of the WDC to gather "Number" cards for the Sphere Field Cannon as a power source. Following explanation, Astral realized the attacked on his home he saw in his memory from a "Number" card suddenly makes sense. As Yuma becomes exhausted by being in the Sphere Field, Astral apologized to him, saying it's all his fault since he wasn't strong enough. Yuma denies it, and says Hart needs saving more than he does right now. When power suddenly drops, Yuma feels relieved and Astral undo ZEXAL, Yuma was given "Number 39: Utopia" and "Number 32: Shark Drake", telling Yuma he's leaving "hope" and "future" to him. Astral also told Yuma to save Hart and the Astral World.[14]

Astral along with the captured Numbers.

While suffering in the Sphere Field, Astral watched Yuma, Kite, Shark's Duel against Dr. Faker. Astral muttered that he'll leave this to three of them and that the future is in their hands.[72][73] When Vector took control of Dr. Faker, Hart managed to free Astral from the Sphere Field Cannon. Fusing his soul with Yuma's, they equipped "Number C39: Utopia Ray" with "ZW - Ultimate Shield". With the helped of "Xyz Unity", Kite's "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" and Shark's "Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss", they destroyed the "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon" and defeated Vector. After escaping from the crumbling Heartland Tower, Yuma challenged Kite to a Duel to determine the "true" winner of WDC, which Astral readily agreed to have the "true final".[74]

At the meeting spot, Astral learned that Tori Meadows could now see him and speculated it was due to the Duel with Vector, believing that means Kite and Shark can see him too. During the Duel, Kite was about to give up, but Astral spoke to him in private and told the he consider Kite his friend and convinced him to continue the Duel.[75] Astral continued to take a more reserve role the Duel, Astral complimented Yuma on his moves and told him that can be on his own. However, Yuma says he can't - "Kattobingu" is made up of both of them and that they will advance together forever. Despite Yuma lost, Astral was still happy, knowing that Kite fought Yuma as a friend rather than an enemy. Once a content Yuma fell asleep, Astral declared his twenty-first observation: "It appears one can feel good about a loss as well".[75]


Barian Invasion

Astral gaining some guidance from the "Numbers".

Some time after World Duel Carnival, Astral spent most of his time inside the Emperor's Key. He pondered over the fifty Numbers they had collected from the tournament and tried to gain some guidance from them. After Yuma Tsukumo gives the Key to Tori and ran off to Duel Fuma in order to protect Astral, Astral's concentration broke as the Key had closed, and sensed that a Duel had begun. At that time, Astral didn't know why Yuma was Dueling without him, but as Yuma lost Life Points, Astral was struck by red energy, causing him great pain. He realized that Yuma was having a Duel with the "Numbers" at stake.[76]

Astral asking Tori to bring him to Yuma.

As Astral continued to receive the damage Yuma took, he looked through the mists inside the Key and saw Tori instead of Yuma. Astral contacted her in the form of a blue fireball and told her that Yuma was Dueling agents of the Barian World to protect the "Numbers", and asked her to take him to Yuma. After Tori returned the Emperor's Key to Yuma, Astral learned of the "CXyz", Barian weapons designed to counter "Numbers", from Yuma and was intrigued by them. Quickly analyzing the situation, Astral and Yuma were able to make a comeback using "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and "Number Impact". Afterwards, they discussed the upcoming battle against the Barians with Kite and Shark.[77]

While the Barian World used brainwashed minions to make attempts on the "Numbers", Astral helped Yuma in his Duels against them,[78][79][80] While observing Shark and his sister, Rio Kastle, Astral wondered on just what they are - Shark, who can wield a "Number" and Rio, who predicted the initial invasion from the Barian World.[81] Once the Barian, Alit, infiltrated Heartland Academy in human form, Astral became curious of him and believed him to be another brainwashed Duelist for the Barian World, since he could sense the energy Alit gave off.[82] When Gilag appeared before him and Yuma, Astral was immediately suspicious of Gilag and kept a close eye on him until he was able to slip away.[83]

Astral collecting his memories.

Later, Astral was inside the Emperor's Key again, musing that he has collected fifty "Number" cards, and was determined to find the other fifty. He then recalled the memories of the "Numbers" one by one and gathered his memories, oblivious to Yuma's current anxiety. After Mizael targeted Yuma with the Barian's Sphere Cube and began a Duel, Astral comes out of the key and Yuma explained to him that Mizael is a Barian and learned the he could see him. Watching Yuma's Duel tactics, Astral comments how he expected Yuma to use "Overlay Bullet" instead of "Overlay Chain"- a defensive card. Yuma told Astral that he has to be cautious, which Astral was about to praise until Yuma cut him off, making him worry. Once Mizael Summoned his "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon", Astral was greatly shocked of a "Number" outside of his 100 memories appearing before him.[84] When Yuma became too weak to continue Dueling, Astral looked after him as Kite took their place. Astral watched Mizael unleash his true power and was stunned when he Summoned his "Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon". Once the "Sphere Field" began to collapse, Astral was freed from the Sphere, but watched in horror as Yuma and Shark fell down a cliff.[85]

While Yuma was hospitalized, Astral recovered inside the Emperor's Key lamenting about the Barians and Mizael's "Over Hundred Number" as well as Yuma's state of depression. During Shark and Yuma's Duel, Astral stayed inside the Key, hoping that Yuma would come to his senses and questioned what the most "essential thing" was for them. Once Yuma regained his resolve, Astral came out of the Key and assisted him with the Duel. Afterwards, Astral thanked Shark for helping Yuma, although the latter denied this, saying that his intentions were rather different. Watching Yuma trying to give Shark a hug, Astral makes his 22th Observation on how "Occasionally humans may not honestly express their feelings" and smiled when he saw Kite watching them as well.[86] Once Yuma was out of the hospital, Astral and Yuma found out that Gilag and Alit were Barians, with the latter challenging them to a Duel. During the Duel, Astral observed how much Alit and Yuma were drawn into the Duel when he sensed the "Sphere Field" affecting him and causing him pain.[87] As the Duel continued, Astral and Yuma united with the power of ZEXAL and Xyz Summoned "Number C39: Utopia Ray", forcing it to tie in battle with Alit's "Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus", destroying both of them, to which both Duelists activated "Xyz Stand-Up" to bring them back. They eventually won the Duel with "ZW - Eagle Claw" and defeated Alit. After Alit told him to take his "Number", Astral tried and failed to do so, much to his surprise. Wondering why he couldn't take an "Over-Hundered" card, Astral suddenly became weakened and faded again from being in the "Sphere Field".[31]

The next day, Astral stayed in the Key to recover from the effects of "Sphere Field". When Gilag issued a challenged and accused Rei Shingetsu for hurting Alit, Astral advised Yuma that he should have faith in his friend and they decided to Duel without Rei. However, Rei ended up joining them after all, which worried Astral as he saw Rei as a terrible Duelist. He warned Yuma that Rei would only hinder them and that they couldn't lose against Gilag with the "Numbers" at stake. During the Duel, Astral was affected by the "Sphere Field" again and fell to the ground, telling Yuma that protecting Rei is too risky.[88] Astral was forced to retreat to the Key to recover and felt the damage Yuma took in the Duel, but sensed that Yuma won the Duel in the end.[89] Recovering inside the Key, Astral was confronted by Number 96: Dark Mist, who told him he couldn't win against the Barians without accepting his evil side. Astral refused to believe this and sought answers from the "Numbers" when the Shadow Giant appeared before him, saying that he must be tested. Once Yuma was inside, they Dueled against it, using their "Numbers" against the Giant's "Unformed Void, the Fictitious King", and having great trouble. On the verge of losing, Dark Mist reappeared before Astral to remind him of his advice, saying that something may happen to Yuma if he loses inside the Key. Fearing for Yuma's safety, Astral decided to undo the seal on "Number 96: Dark Mist" and grudgingly worked together with him to win the Duel. Afterwards, Astral and Yuma talked with The Door and was shown Astral's true memories, learning that his mission was to obtain a powerful card known as the Numeron Code that could affect destiny. They were then transported outside the Key, where Astral received another warning from Dark Mist that there would be events in the future that would require him to become evil.[16]

Astral sees Yuma's "Rank-Up-Magic" card.

Later, Astral watched the Duel between Yuma and Orbital 7, although he was confused by situation.[90] He watched the Duel between Shark and Rio, impressed by their skill.[91] During the Heartland Academy's Cultural Festival, Astral was interested in the event and asked Yuma several questions. When Anna Kaboom dragged Yuma to Duel against the pro-Duelists Tobio Habara and Umimi Habara, Astral offered advice to Yuma since he and Anna would have trouble working together. [92] As they continued to argue with one another, Astral grew exasperated and urged Yuma to find common ground with Anna. When Yuma drew "Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force", Astral was shocked and demanded to know where Yuma got it, with Yuma fictitiously saying that he received it from the defeated Gilag. Although he disapproved of using the card, Astral was amazed to see "Number C39: Utopia Ray V" for the first time, and spent the night wondering about it and grows concerned about it's power.[93] When Vector arrived to Earth, Astral and Yuma found out that he was the Barian that possessed Dr. Faker. They then engaged a Duel against Vector, and was quickly put at a disadvantage when he stole "Limited Barian's Force" and destroyed "Utopia" with his "Number 66: Master Key Beetle". Luckily, Yuma was able to draw "V Salamander" and Summoned "Utopia Ray V" to win the Duel. Before Vector fled with a captured "Rei", he gave Astral "Master Key Beetle" and told him it will be the key to their final battle.[94]

Yuma and Astral Duel Vector.

After Kite calmed a hysterical Yuma, Astral retreated into the Emperor's Key looked into "Master Key Beetle". He accidentally started the Different Dimension Airship inside the Key and transported it on top of Heartland Tower. Astral explained to Yuma, Kite, and Shark that they can use the ship to go into the Barian World. That night, Astral spoke to Yuma about their upcoming battle, but his partner was determined to save his friend. In the morning, Astral activated the ship and took everyone inside, appointing Yuma as the pilot. After being sucked into a portal, Astral and Yuma arrived at "D.D. Ancient Battlefield - Sargasso" and were engaged by Vector to a Duel.[95] Astral tried to calm an infuriated Yuma during the Duel, but Yuma refused to heed his warning. "Utopia Ray V" was rendered useless with Vector's "Vain - Despising Betrayal" and Yuma's Deck was reduced to three cards. When Vector revealed himself to have been "Rei" all along and his plans to destroy Yuma, Astral was shocked that Yuma was keeping secrets from him, but was also worried about Yuma's mental state.[96]

Astral corrupted by darkness.

As Vector reduced Yuma's Deck further and "Sargasso" reduced his Life Points, Astral blamed himself for not being more cautious about "Number C39: Utopia Ray V" in the first place. When Vector commented how Yuma was keeping secrets from him and wanted to be friends with him more than with Astral, a sliver of darkness appeared on Astral's body, confusing him. After Astral accepted Yuma's apology, they attempted to use ZEXAL, but Vector questioned if Astral can really become one with Yuma right now and if he did really trust him after keeping secrets from him. Vector said that the darkness would grow and asked Astral if he really thought he could resist the darkness inside of him in his current mental state, reminding him that "Number C39: Utopia Ray V" is of Barian origin. Astral's entire body turned black and he forcefully initiated ZEXAL with Yuma, resulting in Dark ZEXAL.[97] With control of Dark ZEXAL, Astral Dueled aggressively without any concern of the damage he took. Dark ZEXAL created a "Dark Zexal Weapon", "DZW - Chimera Cloth" to power up "Utopia Ray V" and deal damage to Vector, who activated a Trap that initiated a loop. Meanwhile, a corrupted Astral spoke to Yuma in his subconscious. Still feeling betrayed, Astral said that he wouldn't trust Yuma and surrendered himself to the darkness. Yuma ran towards Astral and embraced him, pushed both of them out of Astral's mind and undid Dark ZEXAL in the physical world. Astral lay incapacitated on ground from the forced union while Yuma continued the Duel. Once Yuma collapsed next to him, Astral said that he still didn't trust Yuma, but added that he must and touched Yuma's palm. The two then performed a new ZEXAL Morph, called ZEXAL II, signifying a new bond between them. They performed a "Re-Convert Universe", changing "Limited Barian's Force" into "Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force", which evolved "Utopia" into "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory" and defeated Vector. However, Vector warned Astral that the evil stain his heart will and corrode his bond with Yuma. Since ZEXAL II's appearance causes "Sargasso" to self-destruct, Astral and the others returned to Heartland. Astral and Yuma re-kindled their bond and declared that their battles are only beginning.[98]

Legendary Number War

Later, inside the Different Dimension Airship, Astral remembered an unclear memory of him facing Don Thousand and discovered the message Kazuma Tsukumo left for him and Yuma. He called Yuma, Tori, Shark, and Rio to the ship and informed them of their new task: To obtain the seven legendary "Numbers" cards before the Barian World did. As they headed to their first location, Astral answered Yuma's question about the Astral World, where the "Rank-Up souls" can go. They were interrupted when Durbe crashed into them and the ship landed in a jungle. He assisted Yuma in defending an injured Durbe from a bear, but since Astral didn't recognize Durbe in human form, he warned Yuma not to trust the boy "Nasch" so easily. The discussion was cut off when they heard Tori's scream and ran to a temple, where Astral deduced that it might be where one of the "Numbers" are. After the group was separated, Astral and the others arrived in the legendary "Number"'s chamber and met Mach, the guardian protecting the card. Mach challenged Astral and Yuma to see if they were worthy to hold the sacred "Number", along with Shark and Nasch's lives on the line.[36] As the Duel continued, Astral figured out from Mach's riddle that the two groups can help each other win the Duel. He told Shark and Nasch to read the passage of the hero and Pegasus to provide a clue to Mach's tactics. After Nasch revealed himself to be Durbe, Astral decided to let Yuma choose whose advice he will follow - Durbe, who told them to protect "Utopia", or Shark, who said to allow the destruction of "Utopia". Ultimately, Yuma chose to listen to Durbe, allowing them to find a loophole and win the Duel. Astral asked Mach if the legend was about him, with the latter confirming that he was the Pegasus from the legend, before disappearing and giving "Number 44: Sky Pegasus" to Yuma. Hearing Yuma's decision to trust others, Astral thought to himself that he won't comment on his choice, even if Yuma was supposed take a different path with him from now on.[99]

Astral vs. Number 96.

Going to South America, Astral and the others arrived at an abandoned castle, and listen to Rio speak of legend about a ruthless prince. After Yuma accidentally triggered some traps, Astral and everyone ended up inside the cages of the central colosseum. They were greeted by Vector and Number 96, who wish to Duel Astral for control of his body. To set Yuma and his friends free, Astral agreed and quickly summons "Utopia" on his turn. After landing an attack on Number 96, Astral was then pushed in a corner when Dark Mist unveiled his strategy; whenever Number 96 would take damage, deadly traps would be aimed at Yuma, which could kill him. Astral tried to Duel on the defensive, but Number 96 prevented him from not attacking.[100] Unwilling to hurt Yuma, Astral tried to solidify his defenses and work around Number 96's traps. Number 96 commented how Astral was "tainted" by human's weakness and therefore couldn't fulfill his mission the way he is now. Astral questioned Number 96 on what he meant; the former told the latter that since he didn't have his power, Astral can't collect "Chaos Numbers". He also said that Astral will never collect all of the "Numbers" without him and that he didn't have what it took to possess the Numeron Code. When Yuma was blaming himself for Astral's situation, Astral told Yuma that he figured what he can do right now, but won't elaborate any further than that. Once Yuma figured out what Astral meant and move to safety, Astral was able to fight without hesitation. Astral summoned "Number C39: Utopia Ray", but Number 96 used "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" to upgrade Number 96: Dark Mist to "Number C96: Dark Storm and used its abilities to force the match into a draw. Vector triggered a trap that caused the ruins' destruction and fled with Dark Mist. Astral and the others were able to escape with the assistance of Kite.[32]

The group then head to Spartan City, Astral came outside the Emperor's Key after Nistro and Dextra told Yuma and his friends that the "Number" ruins were under a lake. At night, Astral woke Yuma up after an explosion occurred at the lake and the gang rushed over there. Once Yuma and Dextra Duelled against Alit and a brainwashed Nistro, Astral urged Yuma to calm down, who was enraged by Alit's change in personality. He was quite surprised when he witnessed the kamikaze-like effect of "Number 54: Lion Heart", calling it a reckless strategy.[101] After the Duel ended, Astral and the others returned to the airship the next day and went over Yuma, who was away from the group. Astral knew Yuma was thinking about Alit and told him that he should understand from the Duel yesterday - Alit was still a Barian and they can't be friends with him, but Yuma didn't respond to him.[102]

While alone in the ship, Astral was looking over the memories contained in "Lion Heart" and "Sky Pegasus". He was shocked see that the cards contained the memories of people of the ruins' legends, and that Durbe and Alit were the figures mentioned in the legends. Once Astral and the group arrived at the next ruins, Astral asked Jinlong about the person he spoke about who was similar to Kite, asking if the person was named "Mizael". With Jinlong confirming his theory, Astral explained to the group that the "Numbers" revealed to him that the Barians were once humans and the legends are about them. Astral then watched Kite Duel Jinlong along with Yuma and Shark.[103] After Kite won the Duel, Astral and the others listened to Jinlong's tale about Mizael and how he died. When Mizael arrived at the ruins and clashed with Kite's dragon aura, the group ended up on a mountain peak after the Number's Ruins vanished. They listened to Jinlong explaining when people searching for "Numbers" come to the ruins, huge changes will occur in the world. When Jinlong also mentioned about the "two lights" battling in the sky and were mutually destroyed long ago, Astral noticed that it also described the memory of his battle with Don Thousand. Later in front of the "Numbers" gears, Astral finally remembered his mission was to annihilate the Barian World.[17]

Returning to Heartland City, Astral and Yuma saw watched a news report about a stone statue of a commander named "Kiraku Souhachi" from the Warring States period discovered at Roku's Duel Lodge. They notice that the statue bears a striking resemblance to Gilag and Astral confirmed that the Duel Lodge is one of the Number's Ruins. Travling to the Duel Lodge, Astral and Yuma met Ponta, who was possession of Gilag's body and the "Number" as well. As Yuma Duel the tanuki, Astral was baffled when Ponta switched bodies with Yuma and was unable to stop him from wasting Yuma's hand. Despite the handicapped, Yuma was able to win the Duel and Astral received "Number 64: Sandayu the Veteraccoon" from Ponta as an apology.[104]

As the airship headed to the final two Number's Ruins in the ocean, Astral conversed with Yuma on the deck about the Barians being humans and was asked if he used to be a human as well. Astral responded that it was possible, since the Barian World and Astral World are fairly similar. They debated on what caused their enemies to be reincarnated as Barians, but were interrupted by Shark, who warned them that they should not over think the situation. In the midst of storm, Abyss possessed Rio and caused her to go overboard into the ocean, Astral and Yuma followed Shark when he went after her. They entered the ruins, but they were separated from Shark when walls between them generated. While trying to find Shark, they encountered Durbe instead. [105] As Astral listened to Durbe and Yuma argued about why the Barian and Astral worlds had to fight, he revealed his mission to obliterate the Barian World to Yuma. He asked Durbe why the final two Barian Emperors had not shown up themselves and learned that Nasch and Merag had disappeared long ago. After Durbe left to watch Shark Duel Abyss, Astral noticed the water flow and told Yuma to place "Needle Swordsman" on the water so that they could escape the maze. When they arrived at the center of the maze, Astral began to view the memories of Shark's past life. Seeing the events unfold, Astral began to speculate that Shark and Rio were the missing Barian Emperors. After Shark won his Duel and retrieved the "Numbers", the group was transported back to the airship.[106]

Astral, before dying

Back home, Astral pondered about everything he learned about the Barians and the Kastle twins when he sensed the Astral World in danger. He quickly informed Yuma and they rushed to the living room to find Kari Tsukumo watching the news about abnormal phenomenons occurring all across the globe. Astral deduced strange activities were happening to Earth and the Astral World because they are connected to one another. When Yuma and Tori mentioned the Kastle twins, Astral told Yuma that he needed to have a serious discussion with Shark sooner or later. Sometime later, ashes began to fall from the sky, and the group was transported by Number 96 to another location, alongside Shark, Kite and Orbital 7. Astral confronted Number 96 about his goal to destroy not only Earth and the Astral World, but the Barian World as well. With three worlds and their "Numbers" on the line, Astral and Yuma began their Duel with Number 96 inside a Sphere Field, which caused real damage to them.[107]

Astral takes the blow meant for Yuma.

Despite the advantage of the Field Spell Card, "Chaos Field", Number 96 was eventually defeated by the duo through the power of ZEXAL II. However despite losing, Number 96 tried to take Astral's body by force. He obliterated Number 96 in an explosion, finally ending his threat once and for all. Before disappearing into the Astral World, Astral thanked Yuma for everything and entrusted the "Numbers" they had collected through their journey together to him. [18]

Manga biography

Astral in the manga.

In the manga, Astral has the same role as in the anime, being Yuma's partner, and collecting the Numbers in order to retrieve his memories.

Non-canon appearances

In the non-canon episode, Aim For Number 1 in the World!, Astral joined Yuma when he was forced by Tori to visit her friend Summer at a Gymnastic building, and later watched Yuma Duel with Taiki.


Yuma Tsukumo

In the beginning, Astral has ambiguous thoughts regarding Yuma Tsukumo; for the most part he thinks of him and his Dueling skills as unrefined and unskilled, which causes the two to clash and fight a lot. However, when Yuma uses an unthinkable, but effective strategy, such as in his Duel with Reginald Kastle, his thoughts change to think of Yuma as an interesting Duelist.[13] Astral even learns to use Yuma's lack of skill and obedience, as seen in Yuma's Duel with Mr. Kay when he tells Yuma what to do the opposite of what he should do so that Yuma disobeys him and makes the correct moves.[4]

After the Duel with Kite Tenjo, the two realized that they needed the other's skill, and they grow closer to one another during the Duel with Fortuno, when Yuma admits to Astral that he considered him as his friend and unlocked Number C39: Utopia Ray[22] and eventually gained the ability to overlay their souls togther using the power of ZEXAL.[34]

At times, Yuma doesn't openly admit that he was worries or cares about Astral, usually feigning anger and yelling at him, which only makes Astral smile because he can tell Yuma's true feelings. In dire situations, Yuma openly shows concerns and proclaimed he will do anything to protect him from danger. It shown that Yuma deeply cares for Astral as he couldn't believe Astral would leave and as he cried for his death.[56] Astral has shown many times how much he cares about Yuma, willing to give up his life for Yuma's safety.[22] Astral has also been seen smiling more since Yuma told him that he is his friend, and encourages Yuma to never give up. Later, it was revealed that Astral has been teaching Yuma how to Duel, since one day he'll disappear and Yuma will have to fight alone. He also said that when he disappears, he would want to leave proof that he exists in Yuma's memory and heart.[56] After Astral was revived, Yuma was greatly relieved as he cried tears of joy.[12]

Nearing to the WDC finals, Yuma and Astral converse on what to do with the "Numbers" and their situation with Hart Tenjo. Yuma is torn between helping Astral or healing Hart, but Astral assured Yuma that he will follow whatever path Yuma chooses as his partner.[65] During Yuma and Shark's Duel, Yuma was to make a choice between saving him or Shark, but Astral tells Yuma that he will let him make the decisions. During this, Yuma told Astral that he is a very important friend to him.[67] When Vetrix told them that the "Numbers" could destroy the world, Astral questioned Yuma about it. Yuma denied this claim, saying he trusts Astral and would let Astral use the "Numbers" for good. During the Duel, Astral told Yuma that he can rely on him to defeat Vetrix and Yuma says he couldn't do it without him.[70]

After Yuma dreams about being warned by The Door that someone is planning to take something most important thing to him, he feared that he will lose "[his] Astral". Not willing to put Astral in danger and be taken away from him, Yuma left his key to Tori in order to protect him and goes to Duel with a Barian-brainwashed Fuma by himself. During the Duel, Yuma thinks that he the only one that can protect him and reflected how Astral is always the one protecting him.[76] In the key, Astral can receive the damage Yuma takes and knows Yuma is Dueling alone, which disappointed him since they are "partners". Once Astral got to Yuma, Yuma confined to Astral about his dream and states how he couldn't protect him. However, Astral told Yuma that he was proud of him and that he's a true friend, and will not forgive anyone who hurts him.[77] After nearly losing to Mizael and becoming shaken, Astral and Yuma grew even closer as they reaffirmed their desires to Duel together.[86]

Vector reveals he was Rei and Yuma hid this knowledge from Astral in an effort to destroy Astral's trust in Yuma. He picked away at Astral's darkness and feelings of betrayal, resulting in their inability to turn into ZEXAL and Astral's darkness, bringing about Dark ZEXAL.[97] They eventually reconciled and reformed their bond, resulting in ZEXAL II.[36]

The bond between Yuma and Astral reached a new height when they dueled against Number 96. When Number 96 attacked Zexal II Astral immediately ended the fusion and saved Yuma's life. As Astral returned to the Astral World he entrusted Yuma with all the Number cards they had collected. When they returned to Earth Yuma and his friends were mourning Astral.

Kite Tenjo

During Astral's first Duel against Kite Tenjo with Yuma, he developed a great fear toward him after seeing he Dueling skills surpassing his own and nearly beat him and Yuma.[5][40] This left Astral severely depressed for some time and was reluctant to face him again.[21] However, Astral eventually overcame his fears towards Kite as his bond Yuma grew stronger.[22]

They officially meet each other when Kite stole the Emperor's Key and was able to entered it, making Kite capable to see him. Astral voiced his respect to Kite and told him that he wish to know about him, but Kite rebuffed all his attempts.[33] After learning about Astral, Kite saw him as his real rival instead of Yuma since Astral advised Yuma during his Duels.[43] Throughout the World Duel Carnival, Astral and Kite showed silent, mutual respect for each other, but couldn't converse since Kite couldn't see or hear him.[12][54][68]

At the end of WDC, Astral told Kite, who could now see and hear him, that he considered him as a friend when encouraging to continue his rematch against Yuma.[75]

When Astral had to return to the Astral World Kite looked very mournful at the prospect. Perhaps due to losing an ally and a rival.

Reginald Kastle

Although Astral had little interaction with Shark, he repeatedly mentioned his respect of Shark's Dueling skills and the impact he has on Yuma.[1][39][108] Conversely, Astral also acknowledged the Duels he and Yuma must face with Shark if he had a "Number" card in his possession and the dark influence they must save him from.[11][50][63][64][67]

Knowing Shark is trustworthy and strong-willed, Astral has no problems letting him keep "Number 32: Shark Drake" card in his possession.[14] After the Duel with Vector, Shark can now see and hear Astral,[75] but they still have little contact with each other.

When Astral returned to the Astral World Shark looked very mournful alongside Kite.


The Numbers are Astral's memories and his source of finding out why he has been sent to Earth to be with Yuma. In the Emperor's Key, Astral usually spend his time trying to understand what his memories means and gain guidance from them.

Although the cards are a part of him, Astral acknowledged the fact they are also sentient beings with minds of their own, such as Number 96: Dark Mist, who actively rebelled against him.[42] The other "Numbers" take on a more passive role, but did not hesitate to take Dark Mist's side. The only "Number" that is loyal to Astral is Number 39: Utopia, who is based off Yuma's wishes and desires.[10][15]




Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Kite Tenjo 23-24 Draw (with Yuma)

Astral uses Yuma's Deck, but Yuma uses his Deck with an offensive strategy, while Astral uses a more defensive strategy using "Gogogo" monsters. However, like Yuma, he utilizes various Spell Card and Trap Cards and focuses on Summoning "Utopia", and eventually its upgraded version.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Number 96: Dark Mist 101-102 Draw
Number 96: Dark Mist 110-111 Win (w/Yuma)


Opponent(s) Rank(s) Outcome
Thunder Spark 13-15 Win (with Yuma)

Just like in the anime, while Dueling in the manga, Astral uses Yuma's Deck but focusing on defensive strategies, and uses card effects to Swarm monsters to his field and Summon Xyz Monsters.

Numbers absorbed


Original Numbers

Monster Memory contained Episode
Number 39: Utopia Astral's name, Dueling skills, and how "Numbers" are pieces of his memories. 2
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Astral can recover his memories by recovering all other 99 Numbers. 2
Number 34: Terror-Byte Astral comes from another dimension called Astral World. 4
Number 83: Galaxy Queen Astral's birth and that he was given a mission about his world's future. 8
Number 61: Volcasaurus His world being attacked. 12
Number 19: Freezadon His world being attacked. 12
Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja Unknown 16
Number 16: Shock Master Unknown 18
Number 11: Big Eye Unknown 18
Number 96: Dark Mist Earth being destroyed. 20 (released in 89, regained in 111)
Number 25: Force Focus Unknown 36
Number 7: Lucky Straight Unknown Prior to 37 (off-screen)
Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech Various pieces of information about Yuma's world[12] 49
Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis Various pieces of information about Yuma's world[12] 49
Number 32: Shark Drake Unknown 62 (off-screen; given to Shark in 68)
Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 9: Dyson Sphere Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 10: Illumiknight Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 20: Giga-Brilliant Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 53: Heart-eartH Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 56: Gold Rat Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 69: Heraldry Crest Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
24 Unknown Numbers Unknown Prior to 74 (off-screen)
Number 66: Master Key Beetle How to operate the Different Dimension Airship[95] 94
Number 44: Sky Pegasus Durbe's past life[103] 100
Number 54: Lion Heart Alit's past life[103] 104
Number 64: Sandayu the Veteraccoon Gilag's past life 107
Number 65: Judge Buster the Adjudicutting Djinn Vector's past life 111

Chaos Numbers

Unlike Numbers, which were formed from Astral's memories when he crossed into Yuma's world, the later-formed Numbers do not contain any memory and are not considered part of original 100 Numbers. They are upgraded versions of their Number counterparts, and obtained through certain emotions. He currently has seven Chaos Numbers in his possession.


Monster Memory contained Rank
Number 39: Utopia Astral's name, Dueling skills, and how "Numbers" are pieces of his memories. 4
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Astral can recover his memories by recovering all other 99 "Numbers". 4
Number 50: Blackship of Corn Various pieces of information about Dr. Faker, and Yuma's world[109] 12
Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon Various pieces of information about Dr. Faker, and Yuma's world[109] 15
Number 22: Zombiestein Various pieces of information about Dr. Faker, and Yuma's world[109] 18
Number 42: Starship Galaxy Tomahawk Unknown 24


Observation (Original Japanese version) Observation (English dub) Episode
1 "Your Dueling skills are far inferior to mine." "This particular human's Dueling skills are less than skillful." 2
2 "You are weird." "When asked to do something, humans behave erratically." 3
3 "Humans must eat and release energy in endless combination. However, they will die the moment anyone sees them doing this." "After replenishing their energy, humans retire to a private magical room, and if they are bothered while inside their magic room, they will transform into a rodent." 3
4 "The world inside (Yuma's pendant) is not something of this world." "This world, like Yuma, is a complex machine. But not as annoying. It is complicated in design, like a puzzle." 3
5 "Humans feel pain in their hearts." "Words can hurt a human's heart." 3
6 "Humans will do their best when given praise." "Praise motivates humans." 4
7 "The pieces of my memories, the "Numbers", cause the darkness and desires in the hearts of those who touch them to be amplified." Number cards effect people. They change them. They seem to amplify their individual wants and desires, almost to the point that they take over." 4
8 "Yuma is forbidden from Dueling." "Humans have ears, but that does not mean they always listen." 5
9 "Yuma has a hidden motive too, Ura." "Glasses are hip." 6
10 "The feelings of a mother. Somehow I can understand them." "The bond between a human parent and a human child is strong. Very strong." 8
11 "Seems like Yuma still doesn't understand women's feelings." "It seems that Yuma is totally and utterly incapable of understanding the females of his species." 9
12 "This is your Duel." "Not every Duelist in this world Duels with honor. Some are willing to compromise their spirits as long as it means winning." 12
13 "As long as you have friends, you are able to hope and believe." "As long as you have friends, you have hope." 18
13.a. None "Yuma is my friend." 18
14 "Yuma, it seems you're loved by everyone." "The people who know Yuma, love Yuma." 19
15 "The thing called soccer seems to be profound." "Soccer is a thinking man's game, you should stick to sleeping." 27
16 "Kattobingu also means liking tomatoes." "The human stomach is as complicated as the human brain." 30
17 "When human beings hurt one another with their words, they have no memory of it afterward." "Sometimes individuals speak without listening to what they're saying. This is dangerous because words are extremely powerful, they can hurt their friends." 35
18 "Cattobingu, Doggobingu... There are many ways to Kattobingu waiting in this world. I wonder if there's a way to connect people around the world this way." "People say dogs are a man's best friend. Yuma would make a good dog." 39
19 "Yuma is, indeed, an idiot." "Yuma is as bad a driver as a Duelist." 53
20 "Akari is a woman." ??? 60
21 "It seems there is a good feeling even with defeat." - 73
22 "Occasionally humans may not honestly express their feelings. Be it as it is...Friends are something good." - 84


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