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Aster Phoenix, known as Edo Phoenix (エド・フェニックス) in the Japanese version, and commonly romanized as Ed Phoenix, is a child prodigy, world famous, top-ranking professional Duelist. He is adored by fans around the globe, and his celebrity status has done wonders for the game by introducing it to the masses.[2] An intelligent vigilante, Aster makes his first appearance in the second season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and is the anti-hero counterpart to Jaden Yuki. Though not initially caring much for Jaden and Duel Academy, Aster is sent there by his manager to defeat Jaden, succeeding in doing so. It is only after a furious Duel between Heroes and realizing that he was being deceived that Aster comes to better terms with Jaden.

Aster is stated by Maximillion Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters to be one of the best Duelists he has ever seen, listing him along with Yugi Muto, the previous King of Games and Seto Kaiba. He is also a pro-athlete, and excels at skiing, skydiving, skysurfing, and surfing. While no mention of it is made in the English dub, the original version further indicates that he has a Ph.D. in two undisclosed subjects. Aster can also see Duel Monster Spirits, although not to the same degree as Jaden. Aster is one of only three people to ever defeat Jaden, the other two being Zane Truesdale and Kaibaman; he is also the only one out of these three to later be defeated by Jaden in a rematch.

An alternate universe version of Aster appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.[3][4]



Edo Linework

Aster's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions. Depicted here is the Duelist in full regalia from front, side, and rear alongside views of his head from different angles.

Aster's character design was overseen by Kenichi Hara. His usual outfit consists of silver formal wear with button-up sleeves, a black shirt underneath with matching shoes, and a loosely-fitting necktie. His grey hair is sectioned in two layers, his bangs forming one layer and the rest the other. His blue eyes are positioned between the layers closest to his face. He carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left arm.


In the dub, Aster's speech is riddled with slang such as "dude" and "rockin". However, he is also very arrogant. His original series counterpart replaces certain Japanese words with anglicisms, the most common being his substitutions of numbers for their English equivalents, and replacing "bochi" 「墓地」 with its English equivalent, "cemetery", and "kouka" 「効果」 with "effect". In addition, he yells "Come on!" when Summoning his monsters in the Japanese version. In the dub, he has a somewhat deep voice.


Aster is a professional Duelist whose belief in destiny draws him into confrontations with the most skilled of opponents. Aster is well-mannered (much more so in the Japanese version) with good intentions, but can often be blinded to the reality of a given situation due to his stubborn attitude and pessimistic outlook. He pursues his ambitions despite risks and overwhelming odds, and feels that the burden of avenging his father and reclaiming the "Destiny Hero" stolen from him is one that he must shoulder alone. Because his father was taken from him while he was still young, he has a dependency on father figures, such as Sartorius, or his legal guardian, The D. This has, in some instances, proven to be a weakness of Aster's, as the two men have been known to exploit him with mere words, albeit they themselves were being by a malevolent force. Since his father's disappearance, Aster has also held a fear of the state of his "time", afraid that he has not truly advanced anywhere as a person following the life-changing event. As such, he uses his "Destiny Heroes" to control his opponents' future. Aster is also shown to be sympathetic to other orphans like himself.


Aster's physical ability, especially while so young and for his size, is astonishingly exemplary. Aster, before trouncing Zane in professional Dueling, single-handedly defeated a criminal much larger than himself and knocked him unconscious in an alleyway while disguised as a Duel Monster. Aster was even able to move an incredible space all the way to the buildings rooftop in mere seconds after being spotted by Zane and before the nearby police could even arrive. When Aster was carefully watching Bastion he was able to move fast and swiftly out of sight that even the genius Bastion mistook himself as seeing things, despite that it was even Bastion's room and that Aster was again disguised as a Duel Monster.

Aster's impeccable senses and intellect borders him a soothsayer, akin to his close friend and manager's own abilities to precisely predict the future. An example of Aster's prognostication abilities is Aster's first real Duel with Jaden in where he set multiple events to happen into the future and moved Jaden's monsters through time then perfectly proceeded to deal damage to Jaden by targeting the displaced monsters that returned to the field from the past, all whilst Aster's Clock Tower field spell perilously tolled each turn and counted down to Jaden's defeat that Aster had already predetermined and revealed to Jaden beforehand. Also very quickly into his Duel with Sarina, Aster sensed an ominous feeling and prognosticated that Sarina had an ulterior motive than what they were showing, Asters prediction comes true when Sarina's Summon "Dark God" to which he confirms was the source of his perturbed feeling. A further testament to Aster's foresight is such when after just encountering Bastion who goes to challenge and win against Sartorius, Aster perfectly foretells to Jaden and Jaden's friends that Bastion will lose regardless of whether he holds the ability to win or not, to which Bastion does just that as Bastion would've defeated Sartorius's servant Chazz but loses due to Sartorius's own subterfuge.

During Aster's visit to Domino City Aster reveals that he is one of the extremely rare few that is able to see Duel Monster Spirits as when he sees the four "Monarch" Duel Spirits that Sarina had cast creating a barrier around Domino City.[5]


His name is meant to be a pun in Japanese, as phoenixes were commonly depicted in art during the Edo period of Japan. Edo is also the original name for Tokyo. His English given name means "star", or "silver star".




Aster discovers his father, with his last cards littered on the floor with him (the body is removed in the dub).

When Aster was a child his father who was a card designer for Industrial Illusions was murdered (kidnapped in the English version), leaving the last cards he created scattered on the floor around him at the scene. A card was stolen from him, known only as "The Ultimate D-Card". Aster then vowed to stop the thief who took his father away and dueled with that goal in mind becoming a dangerous vigilante. He then became a strong Pro League duelist with 30 wins under his belt.

Society of Light[]

Aster is reminded

Aster is reminded to lose instead of win.

Aster first meets Jaden at Duel Academy at the beginning of the second year, enrolling as a new student. After arriving at Duel Academy, Aster enters Dorothy's card store and he builds a Deck using the contents of several random packs of cards that were left on the shelves. When Ms. Dorothy tells him that he won't get far building Decks like that, he tells her it's fine, as he is only testing his abilities. In the middle of his Duel with Jaden, Aster receives a phone call from a Sartorius who reads his fortune and tells him that the God of Death tarot card is in reverse, a reading that means that Aster should forfeit his victory. Aster replies that he understands and ends the call. Aster proceeds to Duel Jaden more seriously, and he quickly takes back the Duel, destroying all of Jaden's monsters and leaving him open for direct attacks. After Jaden narrowly avoids a finishing attack, Aster thinks about the previous conversation that he had with Sartorius, who told him to lose the Duel on purpose as it would better him as a Duelist. Following his manager's orders, Aster throws the Duel and leaves on a respectful note, still thinking to himself about how Dueling this lower-level Duelist would change him and starts to doubt his manager's predictions.

After Aster leaves Duel Academy for his Pro League Duel against Zane Truesdale, he punishes a criminal in an alley while dressed as Phoenix Enforcer, an incident that Zane witnesses. Aster is then seen meeting with Sartorius who chides him on his careless vigilante ways and advises him that he would not expect the man he seeks to be among the petty criminals in that area. As Sartorius begins to predict Aster's future, he draws The Chariot tarot card. But before Sartorius can tell Aster of its meaning, Aster reveals that Sartorius has predicted that he will have a perfect victory against Zane and that the Chariot has been the only card that appears when he tells him of his fortune. Aster continues that even in his last Duel with Jaden he would've won, but that Sartorius ordered him to lose and that he would rather continue being at the top of the Pro League instead of wasting his time at Duel Academy. Sartorius reassures Aster that there are not mistakes with the future he predicts, and Aster then agrees that he will defeat Jaden, after he defeats Zane.

Aster defeats Zane

Aster easily defeats Zane.

At the beginning of his Duel with Zane, Zane mentions how Aster has replaced him as the best Duelist at Duel Academy and continues to praise Aster as someone he wanted to Duel but Aster responds to Zane's compliments as if Zane was an old man. The Duel begins and Aster Summons "Elemental Hero Avian", shocking Zane that Aster is playing "Elemental Heroes" like Jaden. When Aster fuses "Avian" with "Burstinatrix", he does not Summon "Elemental Hero Flame Wingman", but rather "Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer". As the two Duel, Aster stays one step ahead of Zane while occasionally angering him in the process, both quickly overtaking each other. Zane Summons "Cyber End Dragon", and with seemingly the upper hand, attacks Aster's "Shining Phoenix Enforcer". However, Aster uses "Destruction of Destiny", which results in "Shining Phoenix Enforcer" having a higher ATK than "Cyber End Dragon", and the combined amount of Battle Damage and effect damage causes Zane to lose the Duel. When Aster comments to Zane that his destiny was already decided, Zane realizes that Aster was the vigilante he encountered, but Aster walks away.

After defeating Zane in the Pro Leagues Aster is interviewed by numerous news reporters, Aster takes credit as the first to make the hero Deck and that a Duelist at Duel Academy named Jaden has gotten famous for using "his" Deck. Aster challenges Jaden Yuki and announces that he will be returning to Duel Academy. Before Aster leaves for Duel Academy he meets with Sartorius, when Sartorius questions Aster if he is using those cards, Aster claims that he's going to show Jaden the true Heroes. Sartorius reads Aster's destiny and assures Aster of his usual success and claims that he didn't even need to foretell his future.

Aster visits Duel Academy by sky-surfing from a cargo plane. Aster soon punishes a thief trying to escape from the Academy after stealing a batch of cards from the school store by defeating the thief in a Duel and knocking him unconscious with one of his monsters. Aster then encounters Jaden Yuki, Syrus Truesdale and Bastion Misawa after they rush to the scene. Bastion Misawa questions Aster on what happened to the unconscious man, but Aster only smirks and comments that's it's been a while since he and Jaden last met. When Vice Chancellor Bonaparte tells Aster that the fate of the Slifer Red dorm hangs in the balance of their Duel, Aster insults him by claiming that he would have to become his sponsor before they can utilize his Dueling, but that he wouldn't be able to afford it with his salary. Aster then tells Jaden that he will be waiting for him at the school's Duel arena first thing in the morning, and that no spectators but his friends are allowed. Aster claims that the Duel will be nothing special to him and that a Pro does not reveal his skills recklessly. Jaden exclaims to Aster that his "Elemental Hero" Deck means everything to him, but Aster only laughs and tells him not to forget that.

Jaden vs Aster

Aster Duels Jaden

Aster claims that the Duel will decide which of them is the true "Hero" user. He tells Jaden that he won't win against him and that Aster has something that Jaden does not have, Aster then tells Jaden that he will understand soon. A battle between "Heroes" erupts as the two mirror each other with their respective "Elemental Hero" monsters. After Jaden manages to remove Aster's "Shining Phoenix Enforcer" from the field, Jaden calls the Duel fun. Aster criticizes Jaden for calling the Duel fun and that a Duel between "Heroes" should not be enjoyable. Aster claims that Jaden's carefree view of "Heroes" makes him sick, and Aster claims that he needs his heroes - the "true Heroes" to live. Aster then unleashes the true monsters of his Deck, the '"Destiny Hero" cards, which he proclaims are the true power and surpass that of the "Elemental Heroes". Aster takes control of the Duel, effectively controlling time around Jaden by continuously sending his monsters into the future as the hands of Aster's "Clock Tower Prison" hands continue to spin, which Aster describes as the countdown to Jaden's defeat and that he cannot escape his Destiny.

Aster covered in dreadmasters aura

Aster flanked by one of his Duel Spirits, "Dreadmaster"

Aster Summons "Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster" when "Clock Tower Prison" is destroyed and stops Jaden's "Elemental Hero Thunder Giant" from being able to destroy any Destiny Heroes with "Dreadmaster's" effect. Aster claims that he will become the greatest Duelist, and that he will also find his father's attacker who will have a certain card and rid the world of crime "his way". Aster defeats Jaden and claims that he is the true Hero user and that he and his "Destiny Heroes" surpass Jaden and his "Elemental Heroes". As Aster triumphantly walks away the spirit of "Dreadmaster" flanks him. Unbeknownst to Aster, Sartorius had snuck a portion of his spiritual energy into his Deck prior to the Duel that would activate and brainwash Jaden to his side upon Jaden's defeat, but ended up temporarily blinding him to his cards instead due to the boy's power to defy his destiny.

Aster later meets with Sartorius, who tells him that something against his predictions is happening, which shocks Aster, who is surprised that something has gone awry with Sartorius's predictions, which are usually correct. Sartorius tells Aster that there is someone at Duel Academy who can overcome their fate; when Aster becomes curious Sartorius tells him that if he wishes to find out then that he should return to Duel Academy. Aster wants nothing to do with Duel Academy and walks away. Aster remembers when he first meets Sartorius when they were younger, and Aster states that the fate Sartorius predicts is absolute, and wonders how someone could overcome it. Bonaparte then contacts Aster with a request.

Aster returns to Duel Academy and shows up before Alexis Rhodes and the rest of Jaden's friends when Alexis asks Principal Crowler and Vice Principal Bonaparte who her opponent will be to decide the fate of the Slifer Red dorm. Aster reveals that he will be her opponent to the shock of everyone besides Bonaparte. Aster meets Chazz Princeton before the Duel, who asks Aster if he came on behalf of Sartorius, the leader of the Society of Light, but Aster has never heard of the Society of Light, surprising Chazz. Aster is then asked by Chazz if he came to obliterate Jaden, in which Aster replies that he doesn't need to as he has already annihilated Jaden. Chazz continues to tell Aster that even though Aster defeated Jaden, Jaden did not become a member of the Society, which means that Sartorius's power does not work on Jaden. The information simply confuses Aster further and Chazz walks away. Aster demands that Chazz explain himself, but he does not receive an answer. Aster starts to wonder if Jaden really is the one Sartorius was speaking of, the one who can change destiny.

Aster emits aura

Aster's presence frightening Alexis

Aster's presence frightens Alexis. Vice Chancellor Bonaparte announces that the fate of the Red Dorm is at stake, but before the Duel can begin, Jaden re-enters the arena and thanks Aster for enabling him to receive his new Deck. Aster reminds Jaden that there are no heroes that surpass the "Destiny Heroes" on Earth, but Jaden claims that his new Heroes comes from space, leaving Aster wondering. Jaden Duels instead of Alexis, as Jaden feels he is the one to Duel Aster. Although Jaden tells Aster that they should enjoy their Duel, Aster reminds Jaden that no matter how many times they Duel, he will be victorious.

Aster and jaden cross paths

Aster reuniting with Jaden

Aster is surprised when Jaden summons "Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin", but he quickly takes back the Duel and Summons "Dreadmaster". When Jaden Summons his new Hero, "Elemental Hero Neos", Aster protests that it's impossible, as Aster has never heard of or seen that "Hero". Aster is furious when Jaden manages to destroy "Dreadmaster" by using Contact Fusion to Summon "Elemental Hero Aqua Neos", and Aster starts to speak of destiny and claims that his victory is already decided just as in their previous Duel. To everyone's surprise, "Aqua Neos" returns to the Fusion Deck during the End Phase and leaves Jaden defenseless.

Aster puts jaden down

Aster putting Jaden down

Aster takes advantage of the opening and has his "Destiny Heroes" attack Jaden directly, depleting almost all of Jaden's Life Points in only one turn. In Aster's mind he comments that Jaden does not know the burden of the true heroes and continues to become annoyed as Jaden regains small advantages with his new Neo-Spacians. As Jaden shows Aster more of his new "Neo-Spacians" and his excitement of their being more "Heroes", Jaden increasingly angers Aster to the point that Aster laments that he does not believe in "Heroes" without destiny, referencing his past, as Aster uses the "Destiny Heroes" to eliminate all crime, and to also find his father's attacker. When Jaden mentions that Aster's father as a card designer must have created the "Destiny Heroes" to please him instead of angering him, it causes Aster to remember the good memories that he had with his father when he was younger and he notes that Jaden is correct, but Aster laments to himself that he only feels sorrow at the sight of his "Destiny Heroes". Aster is interrupted from the thoughts of his past by Bonaparte, who tries to get Aster to believe that Jaden is trying to confuse him. Aster begins to have a change of heart and he wonders if he's burdened his "Destiny Heroes" with his own fate by using them for revenge. Aster quickly closes the gap between Life Points with another and Summons "Dreadmaster" again, this time using its Summoning effect to gather Tributes for "Destiny Hero – Dogma". With Dogma Summoned, Jaden's Life Points are cut in half during Jaden's next turn, leaving Jaden with barely any Life Points left. Jaden tries to respond to Aster's "Dogma", by Summoning "Neos". Aster remarks that Neos is still much weaker then Dogma, but Jaden proceeds to Contact Fuse "Neos" and "Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab" to Summon "Elemental Hero Flare Neos", causing Aster to remember how he was always excited to see the new heroes his father had made for him. Aster shields Dogma from Flare Neos's attack with "D - Shield", prompting Jaden to praise Aster. Aster accepts Jaden's praise, and compliments Jaden's "Neos" as a great Hero, even so, Aster tells Jaden that he still won't lose the Duel. Aster attempts to end the Duel by using "Heavy Storm Blade" in combination with "Dogma" to destroy "Neo Space", but he accidentally destroys Jaden's Set "Spell Calling", allowing Jaden to Set two more Spell Cards and power up "Flare Neos". Shocked and amazed with what is happening, Aster determines that Jaden can indeed defy Sartorius's predictions; "Dogma" is destroyed and Jaden wins.

Aster and jaden are tied

Jaden happily admits to Aster they're tied.

As Jaden celebrates his victory Aster admits that he lost today, but that it doesn't mean that his "Destiny Heroes" had lost, only that his abilities are imperfect. Jaden states that their first Duel didn't count, so he and Aster are tied. Aster agrees and tells Jaden that he will clear the tie between them eventually. As Aster walks off the Duel platform Crowler and Bonaparte who are cowering in fear of him in the stands, Aster catches up to them and declares that he will be making Duel Academy his base, Aster also declares that the Pro League is very busy so he won't come frequently; the Chancellors only cower in fear and wish him luck as Aster walks away. Outside the Academy, Asters tries to call Sartorius but to no avail, Aster realizes Sartorius has disappeared, but Aster wants answers, such as what Sartorius is planning and what the Society of Light is. Aster knows that if he stays at the Academy with Jaden Sartorius will show up again, as Jaden can overcome destiny.

Aster spends most of his time at Duel Academy relaxing on his yacht. He starts giving advice to Jaden about Sartorius and his associates; informing him of the strategy of X, and warning that Tyranno Hassleberry had no chance against Sartorius in a Duel, in addition to informing Jaden and his friends that Sartorius can foretell destiny.

Aster even more weary of Sartorius

Aster tells Sartorius he will keep an eye on him.

Aster accompanies his fellow Duel Academy students to Domino City for the field trip. Bastion questions Aster on what Sartorius is up to as Sartorius is his manager after all, but Aster denies this and says that he isn't any more, prompting him to remember a conversation he had with Sartorius which increased his suspicion of who he thought was his friend. Aster later finds Jaden who has just found Solomon Muto dumped in a pile of trash after he was kidnapped and tells him of his uneasy feeling. Aster then begins noticing four "Monarch" Duel Spirits forming a barrier around the city. He tells Jaden that ever since he Dueled him he has begun to see strange things, hinting at his ability to see Duel Monster Spirits. Later they meet Frost who just defeated Syrus and Hassleberry. Jaden asks what he did causing Frost to tell him he is taking them to Sarina who Aster recognizes as Sartoriuss' younger sister.

Aster is later seen in his trailer scoffing at Jaden's nonchalance of the situation after Jaden becomes amiable with a strangers T-Bone and Blaze in the middle of the night. The strangers turn out to be working for Sarina, and they challenge Jaden to a Duel but Jaden defeats T-Bone. Sarina appears and seals T-Bone into a card then challenges Jaden after showing Syrus and Hassleberry trapped inside pods at the Virtual World Facility and challenges Aster telling him to come too as it is destiny. Realizing this is what Sartorius meant earlier on, Aster heads toward the facility with Jaden and Bastion in tow shortly after Sarina's challenge. After arriving at the virtual facility they decide to leave Bastion behind along with Solomon. Aster enters the facility along with Jaden however they are blinded by a light soon after reaching the room Hassleberry and Syrus were in.

Aster and Jaden in the virtual world

Jaden begs Aster for his help.

Aster and Jaden regain consciousness to find that they've been trapped in the virtual world. Aster soon discovers Jaden's friends; Hassleberry who has been turned into a dinosaur and Syrus who has been turned into a car, and he also discovers Frost, Thunder, Blaze and T-Bone sealed in the virtual world. When Sarina finally reveals herself, Aster demands that she answer why she has brought him here. Sarina states that Sartorius predicted that one of them has the power to save him which causes Aster to wonder if his destiny has changed. Sarina challenges Aster and Jaden to a tag Duel with a virtual double of herself. Aster agrees to Duel alongside Jaden when he asks for his help but Aster claims that he is Dueling for more personal reasons than saving Jaden's friends.

Aster and Jaden along with spirits

Aster and Jaden finally decide to work together

Aster quickly surmises that Sarina's cards and moves have a deeper meaning behind them. Aster soon finds himself becoming competitive towards Jaden as he feels that he alone is the predicted one. He becomes more and more frustrated with Jaden's stupidity and misjudgment that results in both of their monsters being destroyed by Sarina's Mirror Bind. Aster explains to Jaden that they need to focus on removing Sarina's "Silver Spirit - Ukyo" and "Silver Spirit - Sakyo" from the field to prevent them from being able to use Mirror Bind. Aster takes the lead after Jaden realizes that he should let the Pro figure out a way to attack, destroying one of Sarina's "Silver Spirits" and inflicting the first damage to them, while still seeing himself as the one in Sartorius's prediction. Aster soon corners Sarina's "Ukyo" and "Sakyo" with "Destiny HERO - Double Dude", but he notices that the moon cast by Sarina's "Full Moon Mirror" has blackened and that they have come upon a black fog.

After Sarina Summons "Dark Creator", Aster realizes that it was the source of his uneasiness all along. "Dark Creator" destroys Jaden's monsters, and Aster assumes that Sarina will attack directly but Jaden simply states that it is the end, yet the attack never occurs. Aster tells Jaden to think about why Sarina attack again, having deduced that "Dark Creator" cannot attack directly. Jaden is pleased that Aster has decided to assist him, but Aster claims that he still doesn't approve of Jaden, much to Jaden's embarrassment. When Jaden becomes excited by Sarina's monsters Aster ponders that he's not taking the Duel very seriously. Aster Summons "Destiny Hero - Dasher" and increases the ATK of "Dasher" with its effect to surpass that of "Dark Creator", but unfortunately "Dark Creator" cannot be destroyed by battle. Aster thinks impressively of Jaden as Jaden still wishes to turn the tables, but he decides to assist Jaden by using the effect of "Destiny Hero – Dasher", which allows Jaden to Summon "Neo-Spacian Dark Panther" and eventually "Elemental Hero Dark Neos" defeating "Dark Creator" and winning the Duel.

Jaden admits that he would've lost if he did not pair with Aster, an admission that impresses Aster. After the Duel, Sarina collapses but she begs Aster to save her brother. Sarina then tells Aster the story of Sartorius's past and of a mysterious man who once came to get his fortune told, brought a "Hero" card holding a strong ominous entity that came to possess Sartorius and develop a split personality within him. Aster asks whether the card was the "Destiny Hero" that was stolen from his father and if Sartorius still has the card. Sarina replies that he doesn't; the card vanished from Sartorius's possession. Before Aster can force anymore information from Sarina the virtual world begins to collapse. Sarina begins to fade away but pleads for Aster to use his ability to return Sartorius to the kind-hearted person he once was and to stop the entity possessing Sartorius from leading the world to destruction. Sarina states that she realizes that both Aster and Jaden can alter Sartorius's destiny. Aster soon leaves the collapsing virtual world with Jaden and co in tow, and once outside he expresses concern over saving Sarina before leaving Domino City afterwards.

Aster reappears

Aster confirms his prognostication of the future.

Despite the chaos caused by the Society of Light at Duel Academy, Aster relaxes comfortably on his yacht while easily foiling Jaden, Syrus and Hassleberry's attempts to steal his food. Aster keeps tabs on Bastion Misawa in his trademark "Doom Lord". Bastion later crosses paths with a waiting Aster outside the Ra Yellow dormitory, when questioned, Aster claims that he just likes to take daily strolls at night. Although Aster continues to mock Bastion with sarcastic comments on his endeavor to challenge Sartorius, Bastion indicates that he will prove to Aster that he is too a strong Duelist as before heading off. Aster makes contact with Jaden and his friends and tells them to head to the Academy's Duel Arena; as Bastion has run off to challenge Sartorius. When Jaden asks Aster if Bastion has a chance of defeating Sartorius, Aster replies that he does not. Aster states that even if Bastion could somehow win against Sartorius that he still wouldn't win, since although Bastion is a strong Duelist and wants to become stronger, Bastion also wants the people around him and his friends to recognize him. Jaden and his friends run off, and Aster soon appears after Bastion loses to Chazz, he confirms that Bastion let Chazz win and admits that Bastion's intellect would have been a tough opponent for Sartorius, but unfortunately Sartorius was still able to overcome him by preying on Bastion's newly developed anxiety.

Aster watches over things

Aster announces that he will keep eyes on how things develop from henceforth.

Aster eventually is next seen watching as Chancellor Sheppard returns to Duel Academy and announces the opening of the Genex tournament along with an excited Jaden, Syrus and Hassleberry. After the announcement, Aster keeps his usual laid back and aloof attitude in contrast to Jaden's excitement while the two discuss the Genex tournament along with Hassleberry and Syrus. While Hasslebery and Syrus are too afraid to Duel Jaden in fear that they will be easily defeated, Aster states that he will be keeping a close eye on how things develop and departs winning various duels offscreen. Aster watches Chazz duel Gelgo; a low ranking pro who Aster almost lost to. When Jaden arrives, Aster states that Chazz is actually winning. Chazz defeats Gelgo and then challenges Jaden in front of Aster, Hassleberry, and Syrus before leaving. When Jaden asks Aster if he is going to Duel, Aster wittingly replies that all the Duelists on the island are avoiding him for some reason. Hassleberry responds to Aster's statement saying that they are avoiding him because Aster is obviously way too strong. Aster reveals more than a handful of Genex medals that he won from defeating Duelists that were curious about him to Hassleberry's shock and Aster casually gives Hasslebery the medals, which Hassleberry accepts happily, though Aster claims that they were weighing his pockets down. After giving away the medals, Aster rhetorically asks Hassleberry if he wants to be his opponent which greatly intimidates Hasslebery, Hassleberry simply doesn't respond and Aster nonchalantly departs while advising Jaden, Hassleberry, and Syrus to do their best. Aster watches Jaden's Duel with the brainwashed Chazz during the Genex Tournament. After Jaden gets Chazz to regain himself, Chazz causes himself to lose in order to destroy the monster Sartorius gave him, this causes Aster to note how Jaden defeated a part of Sartorius's power and explain to Hassleberry that there are some monsters one must defeat.

Aster instructs jaden

Aster instructs Jaden to guard the second and last key.

Aster is later seen on his yacht staring at the light emanating from Duel Academy but he is soon disturbed by the true Sartorius. Sartorius tells Aster that the light he is staring at is The Light of Destruction and that it plans on wiping out humanity. Sartorius hands a case to Aster and he tells Aster to protect the key and to save the world, claiming that the fate of the planet rests in Aster's hands. Afterwards, Aster wonders why Sartorius was out there and he opens the case, revealing the key and wondering what the key is, and what it is for. Aster later appears while a confused Jaden is talking to Hassleberry in the Slifer Red Dorm about a strange key that he got from Sartorius the previous night. Aster remarks that the key is very important and that the fate of the world rests with the key. Aster shows Jaden his key which astonishes Jaden, Aster states that he will protect the key and instructs Jaden to do the same, and Jaden agrees.

Aster mocks zane

Aster mocks an angry Zane.

Aster Phoenix ends up in a confrontation with Zane Truesdale, who is also participating in the Genex Tournament. Zane only stares angrily at Aster, while Aster states that he had heard that Zane had changed and further taunts Zane by asking if Zane's loss to him was too much for Zane. Aster asks if Zane wants to Duel him for revenge and activates his Duel Disk. Before the Duel can take place, Aster is interrupted by Syrus who begs Aster not to Duel his brother. Syrus decides to be Zane's opponent. Aster explains to Syrus about Zane's pride and remarks that he doesn't mind if Syrus wants to Duel Zane. During the Duel Aster observes Zane's drastic change, from the Zane who Dueled with pride to a man now completely devoid of it, and witnesses Syrus's loss to his brother.

Aster defeats league duelist

Aster easily defeats many Genex Duelists.

Aster continues to look for the "Hero" card, easily defeating various Pro League Duelists in search for the card and its possessor. Remembering Sarina's words after defeating her that Sartorius was the last one to come in contact with the card, he furiously rushes to the White Dorm to have a word with Sartorius only to be prevented from entering by the brainwashed students.

Aster watching the duel

Aster watches the D's Title Duel.

Aster watches the Pro League's World Title Duel between his adoptive father The D against the contender Doctor Collector. While he watches the D head toward the stadium, Aster remembers when he first met the D.[6], The D lives up to his reputation and fends off Dr. Collector, but the broadcast is disrupted the result can be shown. Immediately after the Duel, Aster calls the D to check if his foster father had made it out of the stadium safely. Aster finally gets answer from the D, only for the D in front of a destroyed stadium to calmly express how it had been a long time and that his ship will be near Duel Academy soon and that he looks forward to seeing Aster before ending the call.

Aster takes his yacht to the D's massive private luxurious cruise ship. Once on board, Aster meets with the D and asks him about the results of his Pro League Duel with Dr. Collector, only for the D to announce that he won but that Collector is dead. The D angers Aster when he mentions defeating Dr. Collector with the "Ultimate D" and he proceeds to trap Aster on the cruise ship. He explains that only door that Aster can exit through is the one behind the D. Aster asks the D why he is doing this and the D replies that it is because of the promise that they made to one another have a Title Duel, a promise the D claims to have kept by retaining his title and status as World Duel Monsters Champion. The D holds up "Ultimate D" card and admits that he is the one who killed (kidnapped in the dub) Aster's father. Aster asks why the D did so, and the D simply states that his greed for the glory and prestige of a Pro Duelist and his selfishness of wanting to become a legend were his reasons, claiming that any Duelist would do it to win. The D explains that it was thanks to Aster that he was able to find out that Aster's father worked for Industrial Illusions and that he was developing a secret card. The D describes how he obtained the card and attacked Aster's father, and the D states that only fortune and victory came after stealing the Ultimate D. Aster denies the D's confession, wanting to know why he would become Aster's foster father after committing such an act; the D explains that he deceived Aster deflect suspicion. Aster angrily calls the D disgraceful and selfish but the D denies Aster's judgement, claiming that he wanted to see if he was the chosen one. He relates the situation to history's legendary figures committing sin to achieve their goals and claims that he is the legend and chosen one who stands before Aster. Aster calls the D insane, but the D does not listen and calls Aster a "commoner". Aster furiously denounces the D and accepts their Duel.

Aster and plasma

Aster witnesses the Summon of "Destiny Hero - Plasma".

Aster takes the lead with "Clock Tower Prison" and "Destiny Hero - Dogma" while setting himself up to use "Destiny Draw", but at the cost of his entire hand. However the D Summons the Ultimate Destiny Card – "Destiny Hero - Plasma" on his next turn and uses "Plasma" to absorb "Destiny Hero - Dogma", gaining half of Dogma's ATK and Dogma's effect. "Plasma" changes the tide of the Duel and does substantial damage to Aster's Life Points, causing Aster to realize that Plasma's attack inflicted real damage to him. Although Aster still vows to win the Duel, the D further destabilizes the Duel as he activates another extremely powerful "Destiny Card"; "D - Force"; causing a powerful white entity to engulf the D and "Plasma" and is revealed to be inhabiting The D. The entity tells Aster to not fear demise as it states that "everything" else will also soon end and that Aster will only be one of the early few. The D continues to taunt Aster, observing that Aster keeps using the power of his "Destiny Heroes" to control the future but Aster himself is stuck in the past. Aster uses a complicated combination of cards to thwart the D's attempts to prevent the hands of "Clock Tower Prison" from moving, Summon "Dreadmaster" and build a defense, and even cause the D to draw "D-Force" from the top of his Deck and temporarily remove "Plasma's" immunity. However the D reactivates "D Force" at the top of his Deck and then proceeds to activate the "Unfair Judge" to attack all of Aster's newly Summoned "Destiny Heroes" with "Plasma".

Aster is discouraged by the sight of his "Destiny Heroes" being destroyed by the "Ultimate Destiny Card" his father created for him by the man responsible for his father's demise. Fortunately the voice of his father prompts him to not forget the true power of the "Destiny Heroes". Aster draws, and is rewarded with "Destiny Hero - Dark Angel" that causes him to remember first inheriting it. Aster quickly discerns "Dark Angel's" use and why his father created it; as part of a weakness to "Destiny Hero - Plasma" when he realized that it was inhabited by a malicious entity. Aster discards "Dark Angel" to place itself on the top of his opponent's Deck, therefore stopping "D Force" from affecting "Plasma". With "Plasma" no longer invincible, Aster uses the Equip Card destruction effect of "Destiny Hero - Celestial" in combination with "Dark City" to overpower "Plasma". When Aster allows the D time to prepare himself before he ends him, the D desperately reveals that although he hadn't used "Plasma" in an official Duel, he used "Plasma" to take the souls of Duelist he defeated in Underground Dueling. The D shows Aster the many souls sealed in "Plasma" including Doctor Collector and the soul of Aster's father. Aster's father emerges and sees how Aster has grown. The D attempts to stop Aster from attacking him, but Aster's father explains his regret in creating "Plasma" and he states that he was forced to create the card by The Light of Destruction. Aster's father also tells Aster that the Light of Destruction that The D is using is only a shell, and that the true power of the light controls Sartorius. He states that if it is not stopped it will bring ruin to the world. Aster's father urges his son to defeat the D and "Plasma" to avenge Aster and himself. Aster hears his father's last words which trigger a quick flash of peaceful memories that Aster had with his father when still young as "Celestial" destroys "Plasma", defeating the D.

Aster leaves

Aster takes his leave after avenging his father.

The defeat of the D causes the D to faint and the light inhabiting "Destiny Hero - Plasma" is vanquished, but also sets the massive yacht ablaze. In the midst of the fire, Aster picks up the fallen "Destiny Hero - Plasma" card. The D awakens, but in his madness he is engulfed in the fire. As Aster escapes, a helicopter appears accommodated by Chancellor Sheppard who lowers the ladder. Aster is carried away by the helicopter and witnesses a huge explosion that destroys most of the ship.

Aster attacking the light

Aster on the verge of destroying the Light of Destruction

Aster returns to Duel Academy despite efforts to stop him, breaks into the White Dorm and corners Sartorius in the Society of Light's private Duel Field. As a child, he promised his friend that he would save him from his destiny of becoming a destroyer, but he was not certain how he would do so when the time came. He considers giving up the key to the laser satellite that was handed to him by Sartorius’s good personality, but Jaden intervenes and tells him its true purpose. Recognizing that the present Sartorius is The Light of Destruction posing as his lost companion, Aster wagers the key in a Duel. He soon finds that fate within the Duel isn't under his control as usual, as Sartorius's "Arcana Force" monsters stop their own rotations to put Aster in a difficult situation. Eventually, the good-hearted Sartorius appears before him, and the two offer one another support. Aster, aided by the spirit of the good Sartorius tells him that he can change his fate. They utilize their destiny-surpassing friendship and make an incredible counter attack by Summoning "Plasma" and attacking the possessed Sartorius directly twice, almost winning Aster the Duel. Pushed into a corner, The Light of Destruction uses its last cards to bring forth "Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler." "The Light Ruler" engulfs the field in light and destroys "Plasma." Aster is then kidnapped by Sartorius still possessed by The Light of Destruction, who ransoms him in return for Jaden's remaining key. This fails, and Aster is freed shortly by Hassleberry. After Sartorius gets free from the light, he thanks both Jaden and Aster for believing that there was still good in him. Aster responds saying he did not do much, but is glad everything is back to normal.

Dimension World[]

At the beginning of the third year, Aster stops by Duel Academy to see Jesse Anderson's Crystal Beast monsters. In the past, after winning a tournament sponsored by Industrial Illusions, Aster conversed with Maximillion Pegasus himself, who told him that Aster is fourth out of his top five favorite Duelists, the others before him being Yugi Muto, Seto Kaiba, and Joey Wheeler. When Aster asked who the fifth was, Pegasus told him it was Jesse Anderson, a young Duelist who while participating in a European competition was chosen by the Crystal Beasts. Pegasus then went on to explain that he awarded Jesse the cards as they had chosen him.

Along with Dr. Eisenstein, Aster makes contact with Jaden and company, telling them that the "Rainbow Dragon" card is needed in order to transport Duel Academy back to its original place. After Duel Academy returns he and Zane find Jaden and the others trying to open the fourth dimension to search for Jesse, who is stuck in the alternate dimension. However, they get too close and are sucked into the dimension as well. He and Zane are separated from the others and travel on their own. They re-unite with Syrus (who is in danger at that time), Zane Summons his "Cyber End Dragon" and saves Syrus from a Doom Dozer. But they are forced to split up again. After Jaden's descent into darkness, they work against The Supreme King by defeating the Supreme King's minions and buying Axel Brodie time to confront the King himself. Axel was able to save Jaden at the cost of being sent to the stars himself. He and Zane then save Crowler and Echo from a bunch of Abare Ushionis by using Cyber Dragon and Diamond Dude. He later talks to Echo about Adrian. When Aster asks Echo if Adrian is her boyfriend, she responds saying that is none of his business. When Adrian Gecko teleports him and the others to another alternate dimension, he Duels Adrian after seeing him cruelly treat Echo. Early in the Duel, he deduces correctly that Adrian is trying to complete "Exodia", and he thus limits their hand sizes to four via "Force of Four", but this inadvertently allows Adrian to unleash "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord". Adrian, even after being knocked down by Aster's monsters, uses Echo as a live sacrifice and extracts her soul as tribute for "Exodius," which he then uses later to send the "Exodia" pieces to the Graveyard, winning him the Duel and releasing Exodia. Aster decides to protect his friends and slows down Exodia with "Destiny HERO - Plasma" while he shields everyone from the blast. As his Life Points slowly decrease, Aster orders Zane to get to everyone out of the cave, then "Exodia" launches an attack which causes a huge explosion. He is later seen revived along with everyone else who perished in the Duel Spirit world in the alternate dimension after Jaden fuses with Yubel.


Ojama Yellow puts Aster in his place

"Ojama Yellow" attacks Aster directly.

In the fourth season Doctor Crowler arranges for Chazz Princeton to train under Aster as an apprentice for the Pro League. Despite being an excellent assistant, Chazz loses the Final D-Card guarded by Aster much to his anger, and Chazz then loses a Duel against Jaden on purpose on Mike's orders, thus Aster is forced to retire. Mike then sets up a Duel between Chazz and Aster to determine which of them retires. Before the Duel, Aster visited an orphanage that he funded, observed by Chazz. Mike had threatened to have it torn down if Aster didn't agree to the Duel - and lose - under the premise that he was jealous of Chazz's new popularity. As the Duel began, Aster quickly brought out "Destiny HERO - Dreadmaster" against Chazz's "Masked Dragons". Chazz calls out two copies of "Armed Dragon LV5" and then evolved them into Armed Dragon LV7s". Aster was impressed, and told Chazz that he'd become an opponent worthy of defeating, but Mike contacted them, telling Aster to end it there. Before the Duel could progress further, it is revealed by Jaden that Mike stole the card, and Aster is thus allowed to remain in the league. After failing to defeat Chazz with "Destiny HERO - Plasma", he brings out the Final D-Card, "Destiny End Dragoon," but Chazz is able to destroy it with his own ultimate monster, "Armed Dragon LV10", then finish Aster off with an attack from his ace, "Ojama Yellow". Aster promises he'll defeat him in return one day, but he urges Chazz to accept the support of his new fans. Aster later appeared in a flashback during Jaden and Sartorius's duel in Domino City as Sartorius remembers his life while under the lights control.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's[]

In the dub only, Blister describes to Yusei how he was offered a contract from KaibaCorp to go into Professional Dueling. The deal would have given him chances to Duel with Jack Atlas, Aster Phoenix and Truesdale (it's unclear whether he was referring to Zane or Syrus).[7]

Other appearances[]

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga, Aster's photo appeared on a file in the hands of Principal MacKenzie. Though he is still a student at the American Duel Academy, he also competes professionally.



Aster played a Deck constructed with cards from eight random Booster Packs. While mostly an unsorted group of cards, this Deck had a few key cards to Summon and make use of "Archlord Zerato". Most of the cards in this Deck were from the Ancient Sanctuary expansion of the TCG/OCG.


Aster’s true Deck is a "Hero" Deck consisting of "Elemental Heroes" and "Destiny Heroes". Some of his "Elemental Hero" tactics are similar to Jaden's, though some use alternate artwork versions. After his loss to Jaden's "Neo-Spacians", Aster seemingly ceased to use his "Elemental Heroes" and focused exclusively on "Destiny Heroes", other than using one support card while teaming with Jaden.

After acquiring "Destiny Hero - Plasma", Aster makes it the centerpiece of his Deck in honor of his father. Aster later acquires "Destiny End Dragoon", a Fusion Monster designed by the Senrigan Group.

Hero Deck


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
30 Pro League Duelists 57 (mentioned) Win (off-screen)
Jaden Yuki 53 Lose
Card thief 57 Win
Zane Truesdale 57 Win
Card thief 58 Win
Jaden Yuki 58-59 Win
Jaden Yuki 67-68 Lose
Sarina 78-79 Win (with Jaden Yuki)
Genex Tournament Duelists 87 Win (off-screen)
Gelgo (dub only) 87 (mentioned) Win (off-screen)
Pro League Duelist 97 Win
Genex Tournament Duelist 97 Win
8 Genex Tournament Duelists 97 Win (off-screen)
The D/The Light of Destruction 98 Win
Sartorius/The Light of Destruction 100-101 Lose
Industrial Illusions Tournament Duelists 107 (mentioned) Win (flashback)
Goblin Elite Attack Force 141 Win
Skilled White Magician and Skilled Dark Magician/Demise, King of Armageddon 142-143 Win
Adrian Gecko 144-145 Lose
Duel assistant 165 Not shown
Chazz Princeton 166 Lose


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