The Asia Championship 2001 prize cards are set of cards that were given away at the Asia Championship 2001 (also known as the Third National Conference), a tournament that ended on August 12, 2001.

All of these cards feature unique artwork, which were drawn in a design competition and seemingly approved by Kazuki Takahashi. The cards were specifically chosen by the winners. "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" was given to the champion, "Summoned Skull" to second place, "Kuriboh" to third place, and "Gemini Elf" to fourth place; "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" was given to the winner of the junior division. There is only one copy of each card in existence.



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
T3-01 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon 青眼の究極竜 (ブルーアイズ・アルティメットドラゴン) Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
T3-02 Summoned Skull デーモンの (しょう) (かん) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
T3-03 Kuriboh クリボー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
T3-04 Gemini Elf ヂェミナイ・エルフ Ultra Rare Normal Monster
T3-05 Red-Eyes B. Dragon 真紅眼の黒竜 (レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴン) Ultra Rare Normal Monster

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