Professor Arthur Hawkins, known as Arthur Hopkins in the Japanese anime, is an American friend of Solomon Muto and the grandfather of Rebecca Hawkins. His original Japanese name is kept in the English video games.



Arthur was a fellow gamer friend of Solomon Muto. He gave Solomon a rare "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card after meeting in the sands of Egypt and surviving a cave-in together in an ancient tomb.

Duelist Kingdom

When Kaiba tried to buy Solomon Muto's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card, Solomon refused, saying it was given to him by a dear friend. In the manga and first series anime, a photo of Arthur and Solomon is visible as he says this.

He is briefly seen after Rebecca finishes her duel with Yugi Muto. Arthur then proceeded to Duel Solomon.

Waking the Dragons

His major appearance is in the Waking the Dragons arc. Arthur was first seen in the Domino Museum, investigating the history of Atlantis and the Orichalcos. He gives information to Yugi concerning both of them and is instrumental in discovering the location of the lair of Dartz. Mr. Hawkins was later captured and knocked out by Dartz's gang. Yugi, Rebecca, and the others manage to save him, but to their disappointment, Arthur's research laboratory was burned to the ground. He didn't lose much hope, however, and kept on trying to help Yugi and his companions. Arthur later found out that his granddaughter wanted to go on a trip with Yugi, but he said that the trip was too dangerous for her to go.

Grand Championship

He also appears during the Grand Championship arc, mostly from the sidelines.


Arthur is seen Dueling with Yugi's grandpa during the flashback when Yugi and Rebecca are dueling, and his deck is a Shadow Ghoul deck which focused on summoning this monster and powering it up with monsters in the Graveyard. His Deck was eventually passed on to Rebecca as a gift, and she also focused on the Shadow Ghoul strategy and its effect to acquire a high ATK value. Solomon, watching the duel between Rebecca and Yugi, thought about how their duel and the cards they played were an exact recreation of his past duel with Arthur. He also owns an Ancient Deck like Solomon Muto, but it is incomplete.

Past Deck
Ancient Deck


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Solomon Muto 042 Win (flashback)

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