• Japanese: アーマロイドガイデンゴー
  • Romaji: Āmaroido Gaidengō
  • Translated: Armoroid Gaidengo

8 ★★★★★★★★


2700 / 2000

Union Summoned by uniting 3 "roid" monsters and treating them as Spell Cards. If this card destroys a Defense Position monster, inflict damage to your opponent equal to half this card's ATK. If a "roid" monster placed in your Spell & Trap Card Zone is destroyed, this card loses 600 ATK for each. If all of them are destroyed, this card is destroyed.

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Stat changes
This card loses ATK
Special Summon Monster

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2,700 +
00002700 +
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2,000 +
00002000 +
Armoroid-JP-Manga-GX.png +
Armoroid +
アーマロイドガイデンゴー +
Damages your opponent +
Manga +
Special Summon Monster +
Treats monsters as Equip Cards +  and Destroys itself +
Armoroid-JP-Manga-GX-NC.png +
Armoroid (manga) +
Card page +
Āmaroido Gaidengō +
アーマロイドガイデンゴー +
This card loses ATK +
Cannot be Normal Summoned +, Cannot be Normal Set +  and Special Summons itself from your hand +
Armoroid Gaidengo +