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Armor monsters are a group of Effect Monsters exclusive to the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime with the ability "Armor".

Valon uses these cards during the Waking the Dragons story arc (Season 4). He often sacrifices parts of his armor to either inflict damage to his opponent or weaken their monsters.

All Armor monsters share two effects: only one Armor monster can attack per turn, and if there are two or more Armor monsters on a player's side of the field and one of them is declared as an attack target, that player can change the target to another Armor monster he/she controls. These effects are derived from the fact that the Armor Monsters equip on the duelist using them, so there is only one Duelist to attack with the armor (for the only 1 Armor Monster can attack part), and when faced with an attack, the user can choose which armor piece gets attacked (for the attack redirection part).

Most Armor monsters have 0 ATK and thus are ill-suited to attacking (with the exception of "Buster Knuckle" and "Burning" due to their ATK-boosting effects). Instead, Armor monsters focus on using effect damage and destroying the opponent's monsters with their effects. Because they are most effective when together, Armor monsters can use "Gravitation" cards to Summon themselves en masse. All Armor monsters besides "Double Cloth Armor" are Level 4 or lower. The central monster to this Deck is "Psychic Armor Head", which allows the player to add Armor monsters to their hand during their Draw Phase and is required to be on the field to activate the mentioned Gravitation cards.

In the anime, they are displayed by equipping onto the Duelist who plays them, rather than by becoming monsters. The Duelist then physically attacks his opponent's monsters himself. Also, "Psychic Armor Head", while active, gives the user certain information (card's effects, success probabilities, suggested offense etc.); though whether the success probability information is accurate or not is unknown (this is also similar to the readout on the Duel Runner's helmet's in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's).

The cards thematically are very similar to the "Meklord Emperors", another monster series that relies on combining different "parts" to become stronger, and they represent themselves in the anime as forming one large monster when summoned together.

When Valon summons all the pieces of the armor, he equips them to himself much like the Saint Seiya anime.