An archetype-exclusion condition is a condition that specifies a card as not being part of an archetype when its printed name says it would be. This condition effectively has the opposite effect of an archetype condition.

These conditions are only found in the TCG, used in lieu of renaming a card, either due to the card being too well-known to rename, or the name being difficult to translate otherwise.


Language Text Translation
English (This card is not treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
French (Cette carte n'est pas traitée comme une carte "[archetype]".) (This card is not treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
German (Diese Karte wird nicht als eine „[archetype]“-Karte behandelt.)
Italian (Questa carta non viene considerata come una carta "[archetype]".) (This card is not considered a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
Portuguese (Este card não é considerado como um card "[archetype]".)
Spanish (Esta carta no se trata como una carta de "[archetype]"). (This card is not treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)

Cards with archetype-exclusion conditions

 Japanese nameTranslated name
Element Valkyrieエレメント・ヴァルキリー
Hardened Armed DragonハードアームドラゴンHard Armedragon
Kozmoll Dark LadyKozmo-ダーク・エルファイバーKozmo - Dark Elphaiber
Malefic Cyber End DragonSin サイバー・エンド・ドラゴンSin Cyber End Dragon
Swift Scarecrow速攻のかかし
T.G. Wonder MagicianTG ワンダー・マジシャン
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult CannonVWXYZ-ドラゴン・カタパルトキャノン
Valkyrie of the Nordic Ascendant極星天ヴァルキュリアPolar Star Angel Valkyrja
 Japanese nameTranslated name
Diffusion Wave-Motion拡散する波動Diffusing Wave
Violet Crystal紫水晶Amethyst

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