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The "Water Ignis" ( (みず) のイグニス, Mizu no Igunisu), alternatively named Aqua (アクア, Akua) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is one of the six Ignis where she is modeled after Miyu Sugisaki as part of the Hanoi Project. She is also the sub-leader of the Ignis, behind Lightning. Aqua is the third Ignis to be terminated.



Aqua's full body

Aqua within Blue Gal's Duel Disk.

Aqua, much like her fellow Ignis, is a humanoid, digital being. Her hips are more hourglass shaped, as she is the only female. She has twin pigtails that levitate from her head. Her eyes are pink with eyelash marks. In pure data form, her eyes are yellow and her body is sky blue prism like data. In her physical form, her body is icy blue with blue raindrop shaped markings, one resembling a skirt accessory. In stature, Aqua is one of the shorter Ignis, with Windy being the only one shorter than her.[1]


Aqua is a responsible, caring, and perceptive Ignis who has the skill to tell the difference between truth and lies, which has kept the Ignis and Cyberse out of harm's way until now. She is generally shown to be quite calm and elegant in mannerisms, being able to keep her composure even when angered, as seen when she spoke to Bohman. According to Ai, she was the Ignis that wanted peace within Cyberse the most and unlikely to betray the others. It is also revealed by Lightning and Ai that she was one of the Ignis who wanted to coexist with humans.


Aqua detecting lies.

Aqua healing Earth's wounds.

Like all Ignis, Aqua has the ability to control and generate Data Material. She can also create Cyberse cards, with her specialty being the WATER attribute. According to Ai, Aqua has the power to separate the truths from the lies. She has a premonitory ability in sensing that the Ignis will be divided on their belief in humans and is very perceptive about all things good and evil. She is also one of the smartest Ignis, second only to the leader, Lightning. Aqua is shown to have healing abilities when she heals Earth's burnt hands after saving her from her imprisonment.

Aqua's Skill is "Shape of Sea", which she lends to Skye. When she takes battle damage, it allows her to Special Summon a WATER monster from her GY with equal or less ATK than the damage she took.



Aqua in her territory after the creation of Cyberse World.

Aqua was modeled after Miyu Sugisaki;[2] she was created with the other Ignis by Dr. Kogami in the Hanoi Project, to be the saviors of humanity. Like her fellow Ignis, Aqua evolved and they created the Cyberse World, as well as the Cyberse monsters. Their progress worried Dr. Kogami, who predicted the AI and humanity would become enemies, who created Ignis to help humanity instead.[1] Despite this, Aqua and the other Ignis continued developing the Cyberse World. Aqua's sector of Cyberse is a place filled with waterfalls. In Ai's words, the Ignis would never try harm humanity, and would rather live in their own world.[3] However, the simulations showed that, in a group, the Ignis would destroy the world, but separately, they'd improve humanity through coexistence. The exception to this was Lightning, who was predicted to demolish others' progress and start a war between the Ignis and humanity.[4] Though referred to as living beings, Aqua and the other Ignis, except Ai, lacked human instinct, and their decisions were based on their rational thinking.[5]

One day, Ai was fooling around the water domain with "Linkuriboh". Aqua warned Ai not to be playing around, since it was dangerous. Ai didn't mind her, but he nearly hurt himself when he fell down a waterfall. Aqua scolded Ai, reminding he should behave like an Ignis. Earth was jealous, and demanded of Ai to stay away from Aqua, as he'd protect the latter.[6]

Aqua trapped.

Varis launched an attack to Cyberse with three of his "Cracking Dragons". The entities of Cyberse, including Aqua, were sealed off and could not retaliate, except for Ai. Varis and the "Cracking Dragon" chased Ai, who escaped Cyberse and severed the connection with that place. Others realized he wanted to hide Cyberse at the price being unable to return. Just as Ai succeeded and gloated, Varis' "Cracking Dragon" ate him, though his eye was lost in the network. Varis had his team search for Ai's remains, for only he knew the location of Cyberse.[7]

Aqua trying to revive Miyu.

In Cyberse World, Aqua spoke to Earth, the EARTH Ignis, telling him that Cyberse World would soon break apart. She asked of Earth whether he would join humans or the Ignis, to determine the future for the humanity and Artificial Intelligence.[8] At first, Earth thought that Aqua was to admit his feelings towards her, but stopped when Aqua stated it was time to determine whether they should coexist with humans, or abandon them. Earth wanted to join the side Aqua chose, but the latter was also indecisive. Instead, Aqua had Earth find on its own whether they could trust humans. To help Earth, Aqua gave him the "G Golem Crystal Heart".[6]

Lightning imprisons Aqua.

In Ai's absence, Aqua spoke with the other Ignis, how their technology surpassed humanity. They wondered if they should share this technology with humans, and co-exist with them. Since they learned Varis and Dr. Kogami tried to destroy them, the Ignis noted that humans had the potential to be their enemies.[9] However, Aqua supported the idea of coexisting with humans.[10] Eventually, Lightning was designing the "Judgment Arrows" card, but Aqua noticed his activities. Lightning claimed the card would protect Cyberse World from humans, but Aqua found out he was lying. To prevent her from interfering, Lightning sealed Aqua in a cage. Aqua questioned his motives, while Lightning admitted he would destroy Cyberse World to further his intentions of opposing humanity.[11] The Ignis did not reach a conclusion, as the Cyberse World was attacked by an unknown enemy. The Ignis escaped from Cyberse World.[9]

Lost Memories

Earth remembers Aqua, upon the latter's monster's summoning.

Aqua was mentioned by Ai, as a subleader of the Ignis that could separate truths and lies. Ai, however, lied to Playmaker that Aqua relied on him. Earth also remembered Aqua when he summoned the monster she gave him; "G Golem Crystal Heart".[8]

Ignis Warfare

Imprisoned Aqua.

Earth was lurking around LINK VRAINS to find Aqua. He scanned the area, and found a hidden passage. Inside, he found Aqua, who was imprisoned. To free her, he bent the bars, but took considerable damage from the trap. Still, he ignored this pain, and took Aqua out of the data prison. Aqua healed his hands, and explained that Lightning, who had imprisoned her, must've destroyed Cyberse World. Earth swore revenge on Lightning for imprisoning Aqua, but the two noted someone was chasing them. To protect Aqua, Earth pushed her away to fall to the depths, as he wanted to confront the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter tried to get Aqua, but since Earth was relentless, he decided to take him on.[11] She managed to get away, and later sensed Earth's seemingly demise.[12] Aqua found Miyu, after her partner was infected by a computer virus by Lightning that put her into a deep sleep. She attempted to remove the virus, but was unable to. However, Aqua absorbed a fragment of Miyu's memories of her childhood friend, Skye.[2]

Just as Shepherd attacked Aqua, Blue Gal showed up and rescued her. The Shepherd attacked Blue Gal and chased her, but ended up facing Ghost Gal, who noted how much time had passed since they had seen each other. Ghost Gal refused to have Shepherd obtain the WATER Ignis, and used a program to teleport Shepherd in a place where he could not track the Ignis down. Ghost Gal and Blue Gal were warped away in a safe place with Aqua, where they stated they were Aqua's allies, and did not come to hurt her. Aqua stated it was the second time she saved her; due to her power to distinguish the truth, Aqua noted Blue Gal was actually Skye Zaizen. Blue Gal said it was the first time they met, to which Aqua pointed out the first time was when she saved Miyu. Blue Gal explained her past about Miyu being her first friend and how she told Miyu's mother she was the one who lost her precious ring to protect Miyu. Aqua told Blue Gal that Miyu never forgot about that, and wanted to apologize, revealing Skye's friend was a victim of the Lost Incident and Aqua's partner. Aqua admitted she wanted to contact Miyu, who was affected by Lightning's virus, and put in a coma she could not recover from. However, she regained her most precious memory of Skye, prompting Ghost Gal to confront Shepherd herself.[2]

Blue Gal was silent, and thought of Miyu, who was a victim of Lost Incident. Aqua exclaimed even after she lost the Duels in that project, her resolve to find Skye and apologize to her never faltered down. Aqua remarked Skye changed Miyu, but the former exclaimed Miyu actually changed her, since she became more open to others. Aqua stated that Skye had inspired Miyu, and that courage was passed onto Aqua to stop Lightning. To do that, she wanted to ally with Skye. Seeing how Miyu endured the pain, Blue Gal decided to try hard, too, and accepted this alliance, and Aqua went into her Duel Disk. Later, Blue Gal went back to LINK VRAINS with Aqua, and met up with Ghost Gal, Soulburner and Playmaker. Aqua greeted Ai, the DARK Ignis. Just as Flame went to introduce himself, Blue Gal announced her rebirth. She transformed her avatar, calling herself now as Blue Maiden, and exclaimed she would now fight together with Playmaker. To rebuild Cyberse World, save Jin and Miyu, and stop Lightning, the trio joined forces and rode off.[13]

In LINK VRAINS, while Blue Maiden went with her companions, Aqua wondered if she had any regrets, since she was dragged into this conflict. Blue Maiden reminded that she also fought to save Miyu. Aqua feared that Blue Maiden would eventually face her brother, but Blue Maiden thought it was for the best to find her own path. Aqua noticed her former prison, to where Blue Maiden, Playmaker, Soulburner and Ghost Gal went to. They went to inspect traces of Lightning's logs, but Ai found nothing.[14] Blue Maiden was surprised at "Armatos Legio Gradius", as Soulburner and Aqua explained that it applied its effect to "Centurion", whom it linked to that monster. The group became frustrated, since Lightning managed to build a solid defense, as well as offense. In the end, Shepherd was defeated. With him gone, Lightning turned to the group, and stated they would be his next targets, then disappeared.[15]

In the real world, Skye reported to Emma that Playmaker and Soulburner returned to LINK VRAINS. Skye wanted to join them, but Aqua was alerted, fearing something sad would happen. Later, Emma joined Skye, and the two watched the Gore Duel Playmaker. Skye logged in to LINK VRAINS, and joined Soulburner, who admitted he used to look up to the Gore as one of the heroes that had saved cyberspace. As the Gore played "Mad Evolution", Blue Maiden noticed Aqua kneeled, as she felt something terrible was to happen. Blue Maiden and Aqua gasped, as the Gore used Earth's Link Monster, "G Golem Crystal Heart", showing that Earth's data has been integrated into the Gore.[16] Blue Maiden and Aqua continued to watch their Duel, and were shocked when Playmaker fell of his D-Board. After the Gore's defeat, Playmaker gave Aqua the "G Golem Crystal Heart" card back, as it is the only thing Ai managed to retrieve from the Gore. Ai believed Earth would be more comfortable if Aqua held onto that card. However, Blue Maiden worried how was the Gore doing. Soulburner thought he was also a victim of this battle, a battle Playmaker hoped to end quickly.[17]

Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal met up with Playmaker and Soulburner. Much to everyone's shock, Playmaker stated that Varis wanted to meet with them. Playmaker didn't know why would Varis want to talk with them, but Soulburner wanted to know how could he even know where Playmaker even was. Ai mentioned that Varis knew Playmaker's identity, as he knows about Soulburner's, much to the latter's shock. Ai admitted that they also knew Varis' identity, which surprised Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal. The latter wanted to know who that was, but Ai replied that she could ask Varis herself. Aqua feared an incoming trap, but Ai stated they were not enemies, at least, for Varis gave them a protection program. Aqua still thought this could be a trap, but Ghost Gal wanted to stay, since she had a score to settle with the guy.[18]

Despite this, Soulburner was disturbed. As they waited, the area they were in was shielded with a program, as Varis arrived through a portal. He wanted to join the group, since they had a common enemy to defeat: Lightning and his group. Aqua noted that he did speak the truth, but Ghost Gal wanted to know the reason behind that, since he wished to eliminate all the Ignis. He wanted to join the main group to fight the enemy, hence why he wanted Shepherd to join them, who refused, but still gave him the advice on how to fight the enemy. He knew the enemy was plotting something, and they had act immediately on finding them. Much to Blue Maiden's shock, Soulburner felt grudge for the Lost Incident project, and wanted to avenge his parents by Dueling Varis.[19]

Aqua didn't sense anything from Varis. Soulburner demanded a reason for the lack of action, but Varis refused to answer. However, he realized he wouldn't accomplish anything by defeating Varis like that. Varis asked if he was satisfied, but Soulburner denied, since he didn't know anything about Varis. Varis replied he was Ryoken Kogami, son of Doctor Kiyoshi Kogami, who initiated the Lost Incident. Everyone was shocked that Varis revealed his identity like that. Since Aqua noted Varis' heart was pure, Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal decided to tag along, while Soulburner swore to fight Varis if he was to trick them. Varis snapped his fingers, conjuring a portal for the group. They went to the place that Varis recently visited, the ruins of the Tower of Hanoi. Soulburner realized they were in the old LINK VRAINS, which was in ruins. Blue Maiden thought that Varis would reconstruct the tower. Varis confirmed this, for it was the only way to find the Light Ignis. In fact, by scanning the network, Varis believed they could find his hideout. However, he needed a programmer that knew about the Ignis algorithm.[19]

Ghost Gal noted that was the reason why he sought Shepherd out. Blue Maiden sensed the risk of using the Tower of Hanoi, since Varis could simply use it as a weapon to delete everything, as he did with Ghost Gal. Varis showed them a program that they could use to simply stop the tower's reconstruction. Outside of LINK VRAINS, Skye and Emma gave approval for this plan, as they analyzed Varis' program. The next day, Playmaker, Soulburner, Blue Maiden and their Ignises went to the old LINK VRAINS with Specter and Varis. Blue Maiden mentioned that Ghost Gal stayed in new LINK VRAINS, to report to Akira in case of a disaster. The group raised their hands, as they triggered the program. As the Tower of Hanoi was reactivated, Varis had the group shielded from its effects. They noticed LINK VRAINS blurring, as Ai mentioned it was a mirror counterpart of that cyberspace, a world hidden within. The group went through the portal to Mirror LINK VRAINS.[19]

Blue Maiden had trouble navigating, but Playmaker held her hand, warning that she could disappear if she was not careful enough. As a portal opened, Playmaker reminded their targets were Bohman, Windy and Lightning. The group came through the portal, arriving to Mirror LINK VRAINS, which looked inverted. As she defeated a BitBoot program, Aqua pointed out another enemy approaching: Harlin. Aqua reported this was Bohman's younger brother, and Blue Maiden felt that in defeating Harlin, she would learn more about their enemy's whereabouts. Harlin took his turn, and summoned "Hydradrive Booster" to Link Summon "Coolant Hydradrive". Shocking Aqua, Harlin used Marker's Portal Skill to bring out "Judgment Arrows". Using another "Hydradrive Booster", Harlin Link Summoned another "Coolant Hydradrive", and used the token for "Flow Hydradrive", then used the two Link Monsters for "Twin Hydradrive Knight".[20]

Blue Maiden noted that monster limited her cards. Aqua simply reminded her to trust their Deck and continue. Blue Maiden, using her new Deck of "Marincess" Cyberse monsters, took an advantage over Harlin, who suffered 800 LP damage. Aqua applauded Blue Maiden's skills, who fought for Miyu and her brother. Haru smirked, since Blue Maiden was not blood-related to her brother, and called humanity foolish for such ideals. Blue Maiden thought Harlin was Bohman's brother, but he denied that. Aqua noticed that Lightning simply used Harlin to motivate Bohman by pretending to be a brother. Blue Maiden replied Harlin could never understand, for even if Blue Maiden was not blood related to Akira, she still had real memories of the times they worked and cared for each other. Harlin refused to listen, and summoned a "Coolant Hydradrive" and equipped it with "Hydradrive Impact".[20]

To stop Haru, Blue Maiden activated her set "Marincess Wave" to negate that monster's attack, which prevented a direct attack on her. In fact, Blue Maiden fooled Haru, for his monster had to attack, due to "Hydradrive Impact". Forced to fight, Haru suffered 800 LP damage in the retaliation of "Marincess Coral Anemone". Aqua encouraged Blue Maiden to release her emotions, as she used Shape of Sea Skill to resurrect "Marincess Coral Anemone", who had the exact ATK as the damage Blue Maiden had just taken. Blue Maiden reminded she had to protect what was precious to her. Haru didn't believe in that, but gasped as he thought of Bohman. Blue Maiden summoned a third "Marincess Sea Horse", and used it and her Link Monster to summon "Marincess Marbled Rock". Using "Marincess Wave", as she controls the Link-3 "Marincess" monster, she negated Haru's knight's effects. Haru still reminded that "Judgment Arrows" doubled the ATK of "Twin Hydradrive Knight". However, Blue Maiden sent her "Marincess Sea Star" from her hand to the GY twice, boosting her monster's ATK to 4100.[20]

Haru still reminded he had some LP left, but to assure he was wrong, Blue Maiden played "Marincess Current", which added the damage Haru took - 1200 for her Link Monster and 1000 for Harlin's Link Monster, summing up to 2200. Harlin was knocked off, and vanished into thin air.[20] As the cyberspace started to tremble, the data material disappeared, causing Blue Maiden to descend down from her D-Board, but she extended her wings to fly away. Suddenly, Kolter's program activated, as the latter saw everyone's progress, and sent the link to Varis' allies. Suddenly, Blue Maiden hit a barrier. She suspected it was a trap, and Aqua knew Lightning was involved in this. They watched Specter facing Lightning, who made an Extra Link on his first turn, with Aqua noting that was his strength.[21] They were amazed to see Specter forming an Extra Link of seven monsters, and shocked when Lightning easily destroyed it and defeated Specter.[22] With the video link severed, Aqua warned Blue Maiden they could be Lightning's next targets. A new footage was shown to the two, regarding Soulburner facing Windy.[23] Blue Maiden and Aqua were concerned, as Soulburner had just 600 LP left, while Windy had his ace on his field. When Soulburner revived "Heatleo", Blue Maiden and Aqua noted its effects were negated by "Stormrider Blast".[24]

After Soulburner's victory, Blue Maiden counted only Bohman and Lightning remained as their enemies. She wondered why Haru faced her in a Duel, and believed their enemies were nearer than they thought. Aqua confirmed this, but as Blue Maiden looked around, she found nothing, for Aqua reminded that Lightning didn't create humans in Mirror LINK VRAINS. Blue Maiden walked around and flew, noticing a large castle, where the central building was supposed to be located. She came inside, and found Bohman, who was expecting her and Aqua to arrive. Bohman introduced himself as the next generation of the Ignis, created by Lightning, to protect Artificial Intelligence. Bohman wanted Aqua to surrender, to let Bohman take action. Aqua refused, due to the fact that Lighting imprisoned her for discovering his plans, and believed Lightning ordered Bohman to do that. Bohman was surprised, since his actions were of his own accord; his goal was to unite all the Ignises. Aqua exclaimed that Lightning went against their wishes, as Bohman noted that Aqua refused to acknowledge his existence.[25]

She believed Bohman should be free and should not harm others, else, in Blue Maiden's words, he'd invade the world of humans. Aqua explained her friend was hurt, because Lightning wanted to conquer the world. Bohman asked about this friend, but Blue Maiden became angry - that friend was also her friend, Miyu Sugisaki. Seeing no other outcome, the two started a Duel. Aqua presumed that Bohman would strike fiercely, since they defeated his brother, Haru. Blue Maiden doubted that, since Bohman didn't seem to possess such feelings. Bohman, who swore the loss of his brother's life would not be in vain. Like before, Bohman used "Hydradrive Boosters" to Link Summon "Coolant Hydradrives", and placed "Judgment Arrows". Placing a third "Hydradrive Booster", Bohman Link Summoned a third "Coolant Hydradrive". This time, he Link Summoned "Cubic Hydradrive Lord", which destroyed Blue Maiden's "Marbled Rock" and lowered her LP to 1900. Moreover, since it attacked the monster it shared its Attribute with, "Cubic Hydradrive Lord" made another attack.[25]

In retaliation, playing the Trap "Marincess Snow", Blue Maiden brought out "Marincess Crystal Heart". Aqua called upon Earth to lend them their strength, due to the representation of the crystal heart, who was immune to the negating effects of "Cubic Hydradrive Lord". The latter went to attack, but Blue Maiden protected the crystal heart by sending one monster from her hand to the GY, and took no damage, either. Noting she still wanted to fight, Bohman, wanting to show the difference between their powers, sent a blast out, which caused Mirror LINK VRAINS to flicker. Bohman exclaimed he and LINK VRAINS were one and the same, and Blue Maiden was a whelp, squirming before his power. Blue Maiden continued on, ad developed a strategy to inflict burn damage to Bohman. To prevent that damage, Bohman's "Interference Canceller" negated that damage. In fact, her strategy became void, for Bohman could use this effect three times - the number of Link Arrows "Cubic Hydradrive Lord" had. Aqua noted Bohman could use this effect two more times, but Blue Maiden corrected her to say "only twice". Regardless, she swore she would never give up.[25]

Blue Maiden attempted to break through Bohman's "Interference Canceller", which shielded Bohman from effect damage. Next, As Blue Maiden planned on Link Summoning a monster to inflict fatal damage to Bohman, the latter played "Hydradrive Mutation" to re-set "Interference Canceller". Aqua was troubled at this predicament, while Bohman boldly stated he could predict their moves. Despite this setback, Blue Maiden continued her tactics, as she Link Summoned "Marincess Coral Anemone". As Bohman negated the damage from "Marincess Bubble Blast", Aqua noticed that they were false about his Dueling; instead of seeking revenge, he was fighting with precise, calculated moves. Since Bohman knew that Blue Maiden and Aqua defeated his brother, Haru, Aqua asked why didn't he fight with his emotions. Bohman shed a tear, thanking the two, since he was able to feel hatred, grief and sadness, and knowing these emotions improved him. Blue Maiden was unsure what he was talking about, but Aqua sensed Bohman spoke the truth, and sensed these feelings inside him.[26]

Declaring he was fighting for his brother, Bohman had "Hydradrive Mutation" become WATER Attribute, then played "Property Flood" to tribute it and Special Summon three of his "Coolant Hydradrives" from his GY. Using all four of his "Hydradrive" monsters, Bohman Link Summoned "Tesseract Hydradrive Monarch". Bohman proceeded, as his new "Hydradrive" ace negated Blue Maiden's monsters' effects. Blue Maiden sent a "Marincess" monster in her hand to the GY to protect the crystal heart. However, Bohman's monarch forced Blue Maiden to send "Marincess Coral Anemone", a monster that shared the crystal heart's Attribute, and his monster could make another attack. Blue Maiden revised the situation, and Aqua reminded her not to give up. However, she breathed heavily, realizing she could not fulfill her promise to Miyu. She thought of a strategy, and played "Marincess Cascade" to banish all of her monsters until her next turn, and increased the ATK of the monarch by 1200.[26]

With no monsters for her to send, Blue Maiden protected herself from the monarch's second attack, and the ATK gain had no practical use. Blue Maiden thanked her brother, since she snapped out of her state. Bohman noticed the bond between these two siblings. Blue Maiden continued on, as she had "Marbled Rock" attack Bohman directly, to finish him off in a One-Turn Kill. However, Bohman remained still, for he played the set card, "Hydradrive Tolerance", he lowered the damage by 1200, and remained in play with 1100 LP. To go on defense, Blue Maiden had "Wonder Heart" re-equip "Marincess Marbled Rock". As Blue Maiden was confident in her victory, Bohman applauded her for her unwavering spirit. As he paid 1000 LP, he Special Summoned "Tesseract Hydradrive Monarch" from his GY, but with its ATK doubled. As the monarch went to make a final attack, Blue Maiden used "Marincess Crown Tail" from her hand to halve the damage she'd take, and Special Summoned it, and managed to revive "Marincess Crystal Heart", too, leaving her with 200 LP left.[26]

Aqua aiding in "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid's" attack.

She sent "Crown Tail" to her GY, so Bohman could make another attack. However, he paused for a moment, and selected "Marincess Crystal Heart" to attack. Blue Maiden banished "Crown Tail", so the damage Bohman would inflict would be reduced by 10,000. However, she realized that was not enough, and apologized to Aqua, who admitted Blue Maiden was an excellent partner. Due to "Judgment Arrows", the monarch's ATK became 12,000, and destroyed the crystal heart. Blue Maiden fell to her knees in defeat. Bohman permitted Blue Maiden to say goodbye to her brother, before she and Aqua were absorbed by him.[26] Aqua was inside the Neuron Link, and was slowly being absorbed into Bohman's body. Aqua and Flame tried to persuade Ai to leave, as they would all be absorbed. To help stop Bohman, Aqua gave some of her power to Ai, who passed it on to Playmaker, in form of "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid". Lightning was surprised by their efforts, but Aqua reminded him that their combined powers surpassed his. When Ai left, Bohman absorbed Aqua and the rest of the captured Ignis. However, Aqua briefly appeared when "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" attacked with "Neo Tempest Aqua".[27]

Season three

Ai reminisces about his Ignis friends, before using their representations to summon "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister".

During Ai's Duel with Playmaker, Ai reminisced about his Ignis friends. He looked at "Water Leviathan @Ignister", which reminded him of Aqua, and used it to Link Summon "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister".[28]



  • Ai: When Ai claims that he was hated by the rest of the Ignis, it seems to mostly stems from his relationship with Aqua. While he claims that Aqua likes him, in reality his mischievous and laid back nature irritates her, constantly getting in trouble with her. Both have a rocky relationship but like all Ignis, they both love and support each other as brethren. Aqua is a scolding sister figure to Ai, berating him for not listening to her about safety and not acting like an Ignis, but she does show to get easily worried about him because of his behavior. She seemed happy to see Ai when they reunited.
  • Flame: Flame is a close friend of Aqua's, and they both believed in coexistence with humans. They also sought out their partners. The two used their combined strength to take the last of Lightning's power to give to Ai.
  • Earth: Earth and Aqua's relationship is one founded on love and mutual support. Aqua trusts Earth enough to confide in him that Cyberse World is falling apart. Aqua also gives Earth a card symbolic of her heart, as seen in his duel with Playmaker. Earth was also the one who gave the WATER Ignis the name Aqua. It is unclear if she returns Earth's romantic feelings. She was very sad about Earth's death and used her tear to create a monument to honor him. When Aqua saw that The Gore had Earth's data implanted in him and used "Crystal Heart," she became very distressed. She later incorporated it into "Marines Crystal Heart," asking Earth to lend his strength during the duel agains Bohman.
  • Lightning: Aqua served as Lightning's sub-leader and helped maintain peace within Cyberse World prior to the attack by the Knights of Hanoi. During the countless discussions the Ignis had following that attack, Lightning was surprised that Flame and Aqua still supported coexisting with humans. As a result, Lightning eventually betrayed Aqua by imprisoning her and attacking her partner to further his plans of waging war on humanity without her interference.

Miyu Sugisaki

Miyu Sugisaki is Aqua's originator, the basis of her programming. When Lightning had infected Miyu with a strong computer virus that puts her in a coma, Aqua immediately tried to remove it, but is not powerful enough to do so. Aqua is proven to strongly care and admire Miyu as her originator, with Miyu's memories of her friendship with Skye is the reason why Aqua continues to support humanity. Miyu's courage and resolve to see Skye again enabled her to endure the Hanoi Project, which was a trait passed down to Aqua as the Ignis learned what it meant to fight for a loved one.

Skye Zaizen

Aqua immediately recognized Skye from absorbing a part of Miyu's memories, to whom she expressed gratitude for covering Miyu's mistake during their childhood and for saving herself from The Shepherd. She reminds Skye of her bond with Miyu, explaining how Miyu's strong resolve to see Skye again was what kept her going during the Hanoi Project. Aqua also trusts and believes in Skye enough to willingly partner with her and join forces with Playmaker and Soulburner. Aqua also shows genuine concern for Skye when she discussed with her how teaming up would put Skye and Akira on opposing sides.

Aqua also gave Skye her new deck and Skill to use in duels. Even though she was not her originator, Aqua and Skye work well together when they duel. Like both Ai and Flame occasionally do with their partners, Aqua has been shown to sometimes mimic her partner's movements during duels, showing just how close she and Skye have become in a short period of time. Before being defeated by Bohman, Aqua told Skye she was proud to be her partner. She showed no anger or fear, knowing they had fought with everything they had.


  • Aqua has the following distinctions from the other Ignis:
    • She is the only one to be female.
    • She is the only one who was not present when she got her name.
    • She is the only one to work with a human who is not her originator.
    • She is the only one whose termination was not seen, as it was instead just Blue Maiden.
  • Aqua is one of two Ignis whose personal Deck is used by their human partner; the other being Flame.


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