There are many cards seen in the anime that have not been created for the real game yet. Some of them may be quite hard to create a real ruling for in the real game; therefore, they may never be released, unless they come with a new effect.

Also, some cards do exist in the TCG/OCG but have different effects in the anime; these differences can range from changing an Anime Dark Synchro Monster to a Synchro Monster (i.e. "Hundred Eyes Dragon") that have different effects completely, or something like "Destiny HERO - Dreadmaster" that can use its effect whether it was summoned with "Clock Tower Prison" or not. For many cards from the manga though, their effects have been specified to support a specific element of the game, like Archseries or Attributes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Active Guardアクティブガード・アーマーEffect MonsterArmor monsterEARTHMachine00040000000000002500
Advanced Shieldアドバンスド・シールド・アーマーEffect MonsterArmor monsterEARTHMachine00040000100000000000
Aeris聖神アレスNormal MonsterLIGHTFairy00040000180000001400
Air Fortress Ziggurat魔空要塞ジグラートEffect MonsterWINDMachine00080000250000000800
Ancient Dragon古代竜-エンシェント・ドラゴンEffect MonsterDARKDragon00080000280000002100
Ancient Giant古の巨人Effect MonsterEARTHRock00050000220000001100
Armored Centipede装甲百足-アーマー・センチピードEffect MonsterEARTHInsect00050000160000001600
Army Ant Token兵隊アリトークンMonster TokenEARTHInsect00040000050000001200
AshingrayアシニグライEffect MonsterFlip monsterWINDWinged Beast00030000050000000500
Backup Gardnaバックアップ・ガードナーEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00040000050000002200
... further results (116 more)
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
100-Year Awakening100年の目覚めSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Adamantine Sword Revival金剛剣の復活Spell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Aero Nailエアロの爪Spell CardEquip Spell Card
Aetonyx Flameアエトニクスの炎Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Aid to the Doomed死者の加護Spell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Altar of Mist霧の祭壇Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Altar of Restoration復活の祭壇Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Ambush Shield迎撃の盾Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Ancient City古の都-エンシェント・シティーSpell CardField Spell Card
Ancient Gate古の扉Spell CardNormal Spell Card
... further results (195 more)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Acid Slimeアシッド・スライムEffect MonsterWATERAqua00030000080000001000
Advanced Crystal Beast Amber MammothA宝玉獣アンバー・マンモスEffect MonsterEARTHBeast00040000170000001600
Advanced Crystal Beast Amethyst CatA宝玉獣アメジスト・キャットEffect MonsterEARTHBeast00030000120000000400
Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt EagleA宝玉獣コバルト・イーグルEffect MonsterWINDWinged Beast00040000140000000800
Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald TortoiseA宝玉獣エメラルド・タートルEffect MonsterWATERAqua00030000060000002000
Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby CarbuncleA宝玉獣ルビー・カーバンクルEffect MonsterLIGHTFairy00030000030000000300
Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire PegasusA宝玉獣サファイア・ペガサスEffect MonsterWINDBeast00040000180000001200
Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz TigerA宝玉獣トパーズ・タイガーEffect MonsterEARTHBeast00040000160000001000
Air Fortress Ziggurat魔空要塞ジグラートEffect MonsterWINDMachine00080000250000000800
Alchemy Beast - Aretos the Tin錬金獣・錫のアエトスEffect MonsterWINDRock00030000050000000500
... further results (185 more)
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Ace of Swordエース・オブ・ソードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Ace of Wandエース・オブ・ワンドTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Akashic RecordアカシックレコードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
AlertアラートTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Allegro Toileアレグロ・トゥールSpell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Amazoness Arenaアマゾネスの死闘場Spell CardField Spell Card
Amazoness Callアマゾネスの口寄せSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Amazoness Charmアマゾネスの魅了Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Amazoness Trainerアマゾネスの調教師Spell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Amber Crystal Circle宝玉の陣-琥珀Trap CardNormal Trap Card
... further results (437 more)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Absurd Stealerアブサード・スティーラーEffect MonsterWINDMachine00010000010000000000
Abyss Boat Watchman黄泉の舟守Effect MonsterDARKFiend00010000000000000000
Abyss Guardian黄泉の防人Effect MonsterDARKFiend00010000000000000000
Abyss Kid黄泉の餓鬼Effect MonsterDARKFiend00010000000000000000
Abyss Ruler Mictlancoatl黃泉の邪王 ミクトランコアトルEffect MonsterDARKFiend00100000380000003000
Agent of Hatredヘイト・エージェントEffect MonsterDARKFiend00040000000000000000
Akiza Izinski十六夜 アキ
Ally of Justice TractorA・O・J トラクターEffect MonsterDARKMachine00010000000000000000
Ambush Tokenアンブッシュ・トークンMonster TokenEARTHWarrior00010000010000000100
Ancestor Bird祖霊鳥Effect MonsterLIGHTWinged Beast00010000000000000000
... further results (152 more)
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Acceleration Zoneアクセル・ゾーンTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Afterglowアフター・グローSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Altar of the Bound Deity縛られし神への祭壇Trap CardContinuous Trap Card
Ancient Sunshineエンシェント・サンシャインTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Anti Emptiness虚無坑Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Attack CannonAキャノンTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Aurora Drawオーロラ・ドローSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Back Attack Ambushバックアタック・アンブッシュTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Banishing Climbバニシング・クライムTrap CardNormal Trap Card
BasaraバサラTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
... further results (338 more)


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Antidote NurseワクチンゲールXyz MonsterLIGHTMachine00030000180000001200
Ashoka Pillarアショカ・ピラーEffect MonsterEARTHRock00030000000000002200
Baggy Pants Lavasaurusボンタン・ラヴァザウルスEffect MonsterFIREDinosaur00050000210000001300
Balloon Tokenバルーン・トークンMonster TokenWINDMachine00010000000000000000
Blue-Eyes Statue Dragon青眼の木龍Effect MonsterEARTHFairy00080000300000002500
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Statue Dragon青眼の究極木竜Fusion MonsterEARTHFairy00120000450000003800
Boom Sharkボム・シャークEffect MonsterWATERFish00030000100000000000
Bubble Breederバブル・ブリーダーEffect MonsterLIGHTAqua00040000000000000000
Buzzbuzz SevenブンブンセブンEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster00070000070000000700
Cabrera StoneカブレラストーンEffect MonsterEARTHRock00010000000000000000
... further results (128 more)
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Absolute Busterアブソリュート・バスターTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Adapt to Adversity逆境適応Trap CardContinuous Trap Card
All For Oneチーム・プレーSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Ant BarrierアリバリアTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
Antikythira Gearアンティキティラ・ギアTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Aqua Gate水中関門Spell CardField Spell Card
Aqua Mirageアクア・ミラージュSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Armor Ninjitsu Art of Revival機甲忍法アンデット・リターンSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Armor Ninjitsu Art of Teleportation機甲忍法クイック・テレポートSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Armored Backアーマード・バックTrap CardNormal Trap Card
... further results (474 more)

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Alexis Rhodes天上院 明日香
Arashi the Skywind Star天風星 アラシNormal Monster???Warrior00070000230000000???
Armor Canine - Bullcopterアーマードッグ ブル・コプターEffect MonsterWIND???00020000060000000???
Armor Canine - Cannonboxerアーマードッグ キャノン・ボクサーEffect MonsterEARTH???00030000140000000???
Ashoka Pillarアショカ・ピラーEffect MonsterEARTHRock00030000000000002200
Assault Blackwing - Kunifusa the White RainbowA BF-白虹のクニフサSynchro Monster???00030000100000000???
Assault Blackwing - Kunisada the White RainbowA BF-白虹のクニサダSynchro Monster???00030000100000000???
Assault Blackwing - Kuniyoshi the White RainbowA BF-白虹のクニヨシSynchro MonsterDARKWinged Beast00030000100000001000
Assault Blackwing - Kusanagi the Gathering StormA BF-叢雲のクサナギSynchro Monster???00090000300000000???
... further results (177 more)
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Absorbing Lamp吸魔のランプTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
Abysmal Entertainmentコールド・パフォーマンスTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Abyss Actor's Injury魔界劇団の欠員Trap CardContinuous Trap Card
Abyss Actors' Costume Chest魔界劇団の衣装箱Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
Abyss Costume - Dwarf's Shield魔界衣装「ドワーフの盾」Spell CardEquip Spell Card
Abyss Costume - Hero's Sword魔界衣装「勇者の剣」Spell CardEquip Spell Card
Abyss Entertainment魔界パフォーマンスSpell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Abyss Improv魔界即興劇-インプロTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Abyss Script - Shadow Spirit魔界台本「天邪鬼」Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Acceleration加速Spell CardNormal Spell Card
... further results (381 more)

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Doll of DemiseキラードールNormal MonsterDARKFiend00040000160000001700
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Attack Guidance Armor攻撃誘導アーマーTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Deck Destruction Virus完全破壊-ジェノサイド・ウィルス-Trap CardContinuous Trap Card
Falloutフォール・アウトSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Obligatory Summon強制召喚Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Reverse of Reverseリバース・オブ・リバースTrap CardNormal Trap Card

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Dark Spiral Forceブラック・スパイラル・フォースTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Elemental Mirageエレメンタル・ミラージュTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Malefic ForceSin ForceTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Malefic Paradigm ShiftSin Paradigm ShiftTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Neos Spiral Forceネオス・スパイラル・フォースTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Reincarnation of Hope希望の転生Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Speed World 2スピード・ワールド 2Spell CardField Spell Card

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Silent Magician LV5沈黙の魔術師 LV5Effect MonsterLIGHTSpellcaster00040000350000001000
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Cubic Defense方界防陣Trap CardCounter Trap Card
Dragon's Orbドラゴンズ・オーブTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Enhanced Counter強化反撃Trap CardNormal Trap Card
High Speed Aria高速詠唱Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Time Chain時空鎖Trap CardContinuous Trap Card
Warrior's Devotion戦士の献身Trap CardNormal Trap Card

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