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Ancient Warriors, known as Warring Flower ( (せん) () Senka) in Japanese, is an archetype of WATER, WIND, FIRE, and DARK Beast-Warrior monsters first introduced in the OCG in Ignition Assault. In the OCG, every "Ancient Warrior" monster is named after heroes in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms historical novel, while the Ancient Warriors Saga Spell/Trap Cards are named after pivotal events in the novel.


Each of the monsters in this archetype is named after a character from the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The theme's name itself seems to be reference to (せん) () senka (the fires/horrors of war) and (ちゅう) () chūka (the Japanese spelling of a poetic name for China meaning "The Central Flower"), resulting in something similar to "Warring Flower".

In addition, the attributes reference the story. Monsters with WATER attributes were from the Wu Kingdom, where the kingdom was best known to be surrounded by rivers and lakes. Monsters with WIND attributes were from the Shu Kingdom. Monsters with FIRE attributes were from the Wei Kingdom. During the Battle of the Red Cliff, Shu strategist Zhuge Liang was infamous for "borrowing the wind" and winning the war.


Attribute Monster Origin Courtesy name Beast reference
WATER.svg WATER Graceful Zhou Gong Zhou Yu Gongjin Swan
Masterful Sun Mou Sun Quan Zhongmou Turtle and snake
Eccentric Lu Jing Lu Su Zijing Snake
WIND.svg WIND Valiant Zhang De Zhang Fei Yide White Tiger
Loyal Guan Yun Guan Yu Yunchang
Virtuous Liu Xuan Liu Bei Xuande Dragon
Ingenious Zhuge Kong Zhuge Liang Kongming
Double Dragon Lords
FIRE.svg FIRE Ambitious Cao De Cao Cao Mengde Phoenix
Fearsome Zhang Yuan Zhang Liao Wenyuan Demon
Deceptive Jia Wen Jia Xu Wenhe Bird
DARK.svg DARK Rebellious Lu Feng Lü Bu Fengxian Demon


Card Origin
Defense of Changban Battle of Changban
Sun-Liu Alliance Alliance between Sun Quan and Liu Bei against their common foe, Cao Cao
Borrowing of Arrows The Borrowing of Arrows in the Battle of the Red Cliffs
Three Visits Three visits to the thatched cottage
East-by-South Winds Zhuge Liang summons an eastern wind
Chivalrous Path Guan Yu spares Cao Cao at Huarong Trail

Playing style

The archetype focus on summoning more than 1 Ancient Warrior as some monsters can only activate their effect if another Ancient Warrior activates their effect. The Continuous Spell, Ancient Warriors Saga - Sun-Liu Alliance also encourage playing Ancient Warriors of multiple attributes.