Ancient Sanctuary is a Booster Pack, which is a combination of the Japanese sets The Sanctuary in the Sky and Pharaoh's Inheritance.

It has been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) in Asian-English and Korean.

This series is the last mainstream Booster Pack in the TCG, Asian-English and Korean, prior to their convergence with the Japanese Booster Pack releases. As such it is the last to follow the format of having 2 Secret Rare, 10 Ultra Rare and 10 Super Rare cards.

This is one of the two Booster Packs combined into Dark Revelation Volume 2.


Ancient Sanctuary focuses mainly on Fairy-Type monsters, including the "The Agent" monsters, which have powerful effects when the card "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is in play.

Yami Yugi's appearance on the cover of this booster pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 148: "One-Turn Kill". This was also used earlier for Struggle of Chaos and Duelist Legacy Volume.5.


In the TCG and Asian-English versions of this set, each pack contains 9 cards and each box contains 24 packs. In the Korean version, each pack contains 5 cards.

The set contains 112 cards. This is comprised of:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
AST-000"The End of Anubis"Secret RareEffect Monster
AST-001"Gogiga Gagagigo"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-002"Warrior of Zera"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-003"Sealmaster Meisei"RareNormal Monster
AST-004"Mystical Shine Ball"CommonNormal Monster
AST-005"Metal Armored Bug"CommonNormal Monster
AST-006"The Agent of Judgment - Saturn"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-007"The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury"RareEffect Monster
AST-008"The Agent of Creation - Venus"RareEffect Monster
AST-009"The Agent of Force - Mars"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-010"The Unhappy Girl"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-011"Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower"RareEffect Monster
AST-012"The Kick Man"CommonEffect Monster
AST-013"Vampire Lady"CommonEffect Monster
AST-014"Stone Statue of the Aztecs"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-015"Rocket Jumper"CommonEffect Monster
AST-016"Avatar of The Pot"RareEffect Monster
AST-017"Legendary Jujitsu Master"CommonEffect Monster
AST-018"Gear Golem the Moving Fortress"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-019"KA-2 Des Scissors"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-020"Needle Burrower"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-021"Sonic Jammer"CommonFlip monster
AST-022"Blowback Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-023"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-024"Atomic Firefly"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-025"Mermaid Knight"CommonEffect Monster
AST-026"Piranha Army"CommonEffect Monster
AST-027"Two Thousand Needles"CommonEffect Monster
AST-028"Disc Fighter"CommonEffect Monster
AST-029"Arcane Archer of the Forest"CommonEffect Monster
AST-030"Lady Ninja Yae"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-031"Goblin King"CommonEffect Monster
AST-032"Solar Flare Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
AST-033"White Magician Pikeru"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-034"Archlord Zerato"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-035"Opti-Camouflage Armor"Short PrintEquip Spell Card
AST-036"Mystik Wok"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-037"Enemy Controller"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-038"Burst Stream of Destruction"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-039"Monster Gate"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-040"Amplifier"Super RareEquip Spell Card
AST-041"Weapon Change"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-042"The Sanctuary in the Sky"Super RareField Spell Card
AST-043"Earthquake"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-044"Talisman of Trap Sealing"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-045"Goblin Thief"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-046"Backfire"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-047"Micro Ray"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-048"Light of Judgment"Short PrintNormal Trap Card
AST-049"Talisman of Spell Sealing"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-050"Wall of Revealing Light"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-051"Solar Ray"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-052"Ninjitsu Art of Transformation"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-053"Beckoning Light"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-054"Draining Shield"RareNormal Trap Card
AST-055"Armor Break"Short PrintCounter Trap Card
AST-056"Gigobyte"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-057"Mokey Mokey"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-058"Kozaky"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-059"Fiend Scorpion"CommonNormal Monster
AST-060"Pharaoh's Servant"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-061"Pharaonic Protector"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-062"Spirit of the Pharaoh"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-063"Theban Nightmare"RareEffect Monster
AST-064"Aswan Apparition"CommonEffect Monster
AST-065"Protector of the Sanctuary"CommonEffect Monster
AST-066"Nubian Guard"CommonEffect Monster
AST-067"Legacy Hunter"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-068"Desertapir"Short PrintFlip monster
AST-069"Sand Gambler"CommonEffect Monster
AST-070"3-Hump Lacooda"CommonEffect Monster
AST-071"Ghost Knight of Jackal"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-072"Absorbing Kid from the Sky"CommonEffect Monster
AST-073"Elephant Statue of Blessing"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-074"Elephant Statue of Disaster"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-075"Spirit Caller"CommonFlip monster
AST-076"Emissary of the Afterlife"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-077"Grave Protector"RareEffect Monster
AST-078"Double Coston"RareEffect Monster
AST-079"Regenerating Mummy"CommonEffect Monster
AST-080"Night Assailant"CommonFlip monster
AST-081"Man-Thro' Tro'"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-082"King of the Swamp"RareEffect Monster
AST-083"Emissary of the Oasis"CommonEffect Monster
AST-084"Special Hurricane"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-085"Order to Charge"Short PrintQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-086"Sword of the Soul-Eater"CommonEquip Spell Card
AST-087"Dust Barrier"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-088"Soul Reversal"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-089"Spell Economics"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-090"Blessings of the Nile"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-091"7"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-092"Level Limit - Area B"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-093"Enchanting Fitting Room"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-094"The Law of the Normal"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-095"Dark Magic Attack"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-096"Delta Attacker"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-097"Thousand Energy"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-098"Triangle Power"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-099"The Third Sarcophagus"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-100"The Second Sarcophagus"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-101"The First Sarcophagus"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-102"Dora of Fate"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-103"Judgment of the Desert"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-104"Human-Wave Tactics"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-105"Curse of Anubis"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
AST-106"Desert Sunlight"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-107"Des Counterblow"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-108"Labyrinth of Nightmare"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-109"Soul Resurrection"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-110"Order to Smash"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-111"Mazera DeVille"Secret RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
AST-FR000"The End of Anubis""La Fin d'Anubis"Secret RareEffect Monster
AST-FR001"Gogiga Gagagigo""Gogiga Gagagigo"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-FR002"Warrior of Zera""Guerrier de Zera"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-FR003"Sealmaster Meisei""Meisei, le Maître des Sceaux"RareNormal Monster
AST-FR004"Mystical Shine Ball""Sphère Mystique Lumineuse"CommonNormal Monster
AST-FR005"Metal Armored Bug""Insecte Blindé"CommonNormal Monster
AST-FR006"The Agent of Judgment - Saturn""Saturne, Agent du Jugement"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-FR007"The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury""Mercure, Agent de la Sagesse"RareEffect Monster
AST-FR008"The Agent of Creation - Venus""Vénus, Agent de la Création"RareEffect Monster
AST-FR009"The Agent of Force - Mars""Mars, Agent de la Force"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-FR010"The Unhappy Girl""La Jeune Fille Malheureuse"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-FR011"Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower""Tour d'Ossements Buveuse d'Âmes"RareEffect Monster
AST-FR012"The Kick Man""Le Botteur"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR013"Vampire Lady""Dame Vampire"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR014"Stone Statue of the Aztecs""Statue de Pierre des Aztèques"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-FR015"Rocket Jumper""Cavalier Roquette"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR016"Avatar of The Pot""Avatar du Pot"RareEffect Monster
AST-FR017"Legendary Jujitsu Master""Maître Légendaire du Jiu-Jitsu"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR018"Gear Golem the Moving Fortress""Gear Golem, La Forteresse Mobile"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-FR019"KA-2 Des Scissors""Ciseaux Des KA-2"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-FR020"Needle Burrower""Perceur à Epines"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-FR021"Sonic Jammer""Brouilleur Sonique"CommonFlip monster
AST-FR022"Blowback Dragon""Dragon à Recul"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-FR023"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg, Le Monarque du Tonnerre"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-FR024"Atomic Firefly""Luciole Atomique"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-FR025"Mermaid Knight""Chevalier Sirène"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR026"Piranha Army""Armée de Piranhas"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR027"Two Thousand Needles""Deux Mille Aiguilles"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR028"Disc Fighter""Guerrier du Disque"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR029"Arcane Archer of the Forest""L'Archer Obscur de la Forêt"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR030"Lady Ninja Yae""Dame Ninja Yæ"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-FR031"Goblin King""Roi Gobelin"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR032"Solar Flare Dragon""Dragon d'Eclat Solaire"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR033"White Magician Pikeru""Magicienne Blanche Pikeru"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-FR034"Archlord Zerato""Seigneur Ancestral Zerato"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-FR035"Opti-Camouflage Armor""Armure de Camouflage Optique"Short PrintEquip Spell Card
AST-FR036"Mystik Wok""Wok Mystique"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-FR037"Enemy Controller""Contrôleur d'Ennemi"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-FR038"Burst Stream of Destruction""Flot Rugissant de Destruction"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-FR039"Monster Gate""Portail de Monstre"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-FR040"Amplifier""Amplificateur"Super RareEquip Spell Card
AST-FR041"Weapon Change""Changement d'Arme"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-FR042"The Sanctuary in the Sky""Le Sanctuaire Céleste"Super RareField Spell Card
AST-FR043"Earthquake""Tremblement de Terre"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-FR044"Talisman of Trap Sealing""Talisman de Neutralisation de Piège"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-FR045"Goblin Thief""Voleur Gobelin"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-FR046"Backfire""Retour de Flamme"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR047"Micro Ray""Micro Rayon"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-FR048"Light of Judgment""Lumière du Jugement"Short PrintNormal Trap Card
AST-FR049"Talisman of Spell Sealing""Talisman de Neutralisation de la Magie"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR050"Wall of Revealing Light""Mur de Lumière Révélatrice"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR051"Solar Ray""Rayon Solaire"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-FR052"Ninjitsu Art of Transformation""Art de la Métamorphose Nin-Jitsu"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR053"Beckoning Light""Lumière Attirante"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-FR054"Draining Shield""Bouclier Drainant"RareNormal Trap Card
AST-FR055"Armor Break""Fracture d'Armure"Short PrintCounter Trap Card
AST-FR056"Gigobyte""Gigobyte"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-FR057"Mokey Mokey""Mokey Mokey"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-FR058"Kozaky""Kozaky"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-FR059"Fiend Scorpion""Scorpion Démonia"CommonNormal Monster
AST-FR060"Pharaoh's Servant""Serviteur du Pharaon"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-FR061"Pharaonic Protector""Protecteur Pharaonique"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-FR062"Spirit of the Pharaoh""Esprit du Pharaon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-FR063"Theban Nightmare""Cauchemar de Thèbes"RareEffect Monster
AST-FR064"Aswan Apparition""Apparition d'Assouan"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR065"Protector of the Sanctuary""Protecteur du Sanctuaire"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR066"Nubian Guard""Garde Nubien"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR067"Legacy Hunter""Chasseur d'Héritage"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-FR068"Desertapir""Désertapir"Short PrintFlip monster
AST-FR069"Sand Gambler""Parieur des Sables"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR070"3-Hump Lacooda""Lacooda Tri-Bosse"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR071"Ghost Knight of Jackal""Le Chevalier Fantôme du Chacal"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-FR072"Absorbing Kid from the Sky""L'Enfant Absorbant venu du Ciel"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR073"Elephant Statue of Blessing""Statue d'Éléphant de Bénédiction"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-FR074"Elephant Statue of Disaster""Statue d'Éléphant de Désastre"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-FR075"Spirit Caller""Hurleur d'Esprit"CommonFlip monster
AST-FR076"Emissary of the Afterlife""Émissaire Post-Mortem"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-FR077"Grave Protector""Cerbère de la Sépulture"RareEffect Monster
AST-FR078"Double Coston""Double Coston"RareEffect Monster
AST-FR079"Regenerating Mummy""Momie Régénérante"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR080"Night Assailant""Agresseur Nocturne"CommonFlip monster
AST-FR081"Man-Thro' Tro'""Homme Thro' Tro'"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-FR082"King of the Swamp""Roi des Marais"RareEffect Monster
AST-FR083"Emissary of the Oasis""Émissaire de l’Oasis"CommonEffect Monster
AST-FR084"Special Hurricane""Ouragan Particulier"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-FR085"Order to Charge""Chargez !"Short PrintQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-FR086"Sword of the Soul-Eater""Epée du Dévoreur d'Ame"CommonEquip Spell Card
AST-FR087"Dust Barrier""Barrière de Poussière"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-FR088"Soul Reversal""Revirement d'Ame"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-FR089"Spell Economics""Magie Économique"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-FR090"Blessings of the Nile""Faveurs du Nil"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-FR091"7""7"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-FR092"Level Limit - Area B""Limite de Niveau - Zone B"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-FR093"Enchanting Fitting Room""Ravissant Salon d’Essayage"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-FR094"The Law of the Normal""La Loi de la Normale"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-FR095"Dark Magic Attack""Attaque de Magie Noire"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-FR096"Delta Attacker""Agresseur Delta"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-FR097"Thousand Energy""Mille Energies"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-FR098"Triangle Power""Puissance Triangulaire"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-FR099"The Third Sarcophagus""Troisième Sarcophage"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-FR100"The Second Sarcophagus""Deuxième Sarcophage"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-FR101"The First Sarcophagus""Premier Sarcophage"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR102"Dora of Fate""Gong du Destin"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-FR103"Judgment of the Desert""Jugement du Désert"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR104"Human-Wave Tactics""Tactique de la Marée Humaine"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR105"Curse of Anubis""Malédiction d'Anubis"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
AST-FR106"Desert Sunlight""Soleil du Désert"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-FR107"Des Counterblow""Contrecoup Mortel"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR108"Labyrinth of Nightmare""Labyrinthe du Cauchemar"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR109"Soul Resurrection""Résurrection de l'Ame"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-FR110"Order to Smash""Ordre de Destruction"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-FR111"Mazera DeVille""Debilmazera"Secret RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
AST-DE000"The End of Anubis""Das Ende von Anubis"Secret RareEffect Monster
AST-DE001"Gogiga Gagagigo""Gogiga Gagagigo"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-DE002"Warrior of Zera""Krieger von Zera"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-DE003"Sealmaster Meisei""Siegelmeister Meisei"RareNormal Monster
AST-DE004"Mystical Shine Ball""Kugel des mystischen Scheins"CommonNormal Monster
AST-DE005"Metal Armored Bug""Metallpanzerkäfer"CommonNormal Monster
AST-DE006"The Agent of Judgment - Saturn""Sendbote des Gerichts - Saturn"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-DE007"The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury""Sendbote der Weisheit - Merkur"RareEffect Monster
AST-DE008"The Agent of Creation - Venus""Sendbotin der Schöpfung - Venus"RareEffect Monster
AST-DE009"The Agent of Force - Mars""Sendbote der Macht - Mars"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-DE010"The Unhappy Girl""Das Unglückliche Mädchen"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-DE011"Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower""Seelen absorbierender Knochenturm"RareEffect Monster
AST-DE012"The Kick Man""Der Kick-Mann"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE013"Vampire Lady""Vampirlady"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE014"Stone Statue of the Aztecs""Steinstatue der Azteken"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-DE015"Rocket Jumper""Raketenspringer"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE016"Avatar of The Pot""Avatar des Topfes"RareEffect Monster
AST-DE017"Legendary Jujitsu Master""Legendärer Jujitsu-Meister"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE018"Gear Golem the Moving Fortress""Getriebe-Golem, die bewegliche Festung"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-DE019"KA-2 Des Scissors""KA-2 Des Schere"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-DE020"Needle Burrower""Nadelwühler"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-DE021"Sonic Jammer""Sonischer Blockierer"CommonFlip monster
AST-DE022"Blowback Dragon""Rückstoß-Drache"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-DE023"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg, Monarch des Donners"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-DE024"Atomic Firefly""Atomarer Leuchtkäfer"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-DE025"Mermaid Knight""Meerjungfrau-Ritter"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE026"Piranha Army""Piranha-Armee"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE027"Two Thousand Needles""Zweitausend Nadeln"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE028"Disc Fighter""Scheibenkämpfer"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE029"Arcane Archer of the Forest""Arkaner Bogenschütze des Waldes"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE030"Lady Ninja Yae""Ninjalady Yae"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-DE031"Goblin King""Goblinkönig"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE032"Solar Flare Dragon""Sonneneruptions-Drache"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE033"White Magician Pikeru""Weiße Magierin Pikeru"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-DE034"Archlord Zerato""Erzlord Zerato"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-DE035"Opti-Camouflage Armor""Rüstung der Optischen Tarnung"Short PrintEquip Spell Card
AST-DE036"Mystik Wok""Mystischer Wok"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-DE037"Enemy Controller""Feindkontrolle"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-DE038"Burst Stream of Destruction""Drachenodem der Zerstörung"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-DE039"Monster Gate""Monstertor"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-DE040"Amplifier""Verstärker"Super RareEquip Spell Card
AST-DE041"Weapon Change""Waffenwechsel"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-DE042"The Sanctuary in the Sky""Die Zuflucht im Himmel"Super RareField Spell Card
AST-DE043"Earthquake""Erdbeben"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-DE044"Talisman of Trap Sealing""Talisman der Fallenversiegelung"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-DE045"Goblin Thief""Goblindieb"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-DE046"Backfire""Gegenfeuer"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE047"Micro Ray""Mikrostrahl"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-DE048"Light of Judgment""Licht des Gerichts"Short PrintNormal Trap Card
AST-DE049"Talisman of Spell Sealing""Talisman Der Zauberversiegelung"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE050"Wall of Revealing Light""Mauer des Enthüllenden Lichts"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE051"Solar Ray""Solarstrahl"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-DE052"Ninjitsu Art of Transformation""Ninjitsu-Kunst der Verwandlung"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE053"Beckoning Light""Lockendes Licht"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-DE054"Draining Shield""Entkräftungsschild"RareNormal Trap Card
AST-DE055"Armor Break""Rüstung durchbrechen"Short PrintCounter Trap Card
AST-DE056"Gigobyte""Gigobyte"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-DE057"Mokey Mokey""Mokey Mokey"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-DE058"Kozaky""Kozaky"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-DE059"Fiend Scorpion""Unterweltler-Skorpion"CommonNormal Monster
AST-DE060"Pharaoh's Servant""Diener des Pharao"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-DE061"Pharaonic Protector""Garde des Pharao"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-DE062"Spirit of the Pharaoh""Geist des Pharao"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-DE063"Theban Nightmare""Alptraum aus Theben"RareEffect Monster
AST-DE064"Aswan Apparition""Erscheinung aus Aswan"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE065"Protector of the Sanctuary""Beschützer der Zuflucht"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE066"Nubian Guard""Nubische Garde"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE067"Legacy Hunter""Jäger des Vermächtnisses"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-DE068"Desertapir""Wüstentapir"Short PrintFlip monster
AST-DE069"Sand Gambler""Spieler im Wüstensand"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE070"3-Hump Lacooda""3-Höcker-Lacooda"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE071"Ghost Knight of Jackal""Geister-Schakalritter"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-DE072"Absorbing Kid from the Sky""Absorbierendes Himmelskind"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE073"Elephant Statue of Blessing""Elefantenstatue des Segens"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-DE074"Elephant Statue of Disaster""Elefantenstatue des Unglücks"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-DE075"Spirit Caller""Geisterrufer"CommonFlip monster
AST-DE076"Emissary of the Afterlife""Gesandter der Nachwelt"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-DE077"Grave Protector""Grabhüter"RareEffect Monster
AST-DE078"Double Coston""Doppelter Coston"RareEffect Monster
AST-DE079"Regenerating Mummy""Regenerierende Mumie"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE080"Night Assailant""Nächtlicher Angreifer"CommonFlip monster
AST-DE081"Man-Thro' Tro'""Menschenwerfer-Troll"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-DE082"King of the Swamp""König des Sumpfes"RareEffect Monster
AST-DE083"Emissary of the Oasis""Gesandter der Oase"CommonEffect Monster
AST-DE084"Special Hurricane""Spezial-Wirbelsturm"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-DE085"Order to Charge""Befehl zum Sturmangriff"Short PrintQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-DE086"Sword of the Soul-Eater""Schwert des Seelenfressers"CommonEquip Spell Card
AST-DE087"Dust Barrier""Staubbarriere"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-DE088"Soul Reversal""Seelenrückkehr"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-DE089"Spell Economics""Zauberwirtschaftslehre"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-DE090"Blessings of the Nile""Segen des Nils"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-DE091"7""7"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-DE092"Level Limit - Area B""Stufenbeschränkung - Gebiet B"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-DE093"Enchanting Fitting Room""Verzaubernde Umkleidekabine"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-DE094"The Law of the Normal""Das Recht der Normalen"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-DE095"Dark Magic Attack""Angriff mit Dunkler Magie"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-DE096"Delta Attacker""Delta-Angreifer"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-DE097"Thousand Energy""Tausendkraft"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-DE098"Triangle Power""Macht des Dreiecks"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-DE099"The Third Sarcophagus""Der dritte Sarkophag"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-DE100"The Second Sarcophagus""Der Zweite Sarkophag"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-DE101"The First Sarcophagus""Der Erste Sarkophag"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE102"Dora of Fate""Dora des Schicksals"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-DE103"Judgment of the Desert""Abrechnung der Wüste"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE104"Human-Wave Tactics""Taktik des Massenangriffs"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE105"Curse of Anubis""Fluch des Anubis"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
AST-DE106"Desert Sunlight""Sonnenlicht der Wüste"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-DE107"Des Counterblow""Des Gegenschlag"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE108"Labyrinth of Nightmare""Labyrinth des Alptraums"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE109"Soul Resurrection""Seelen-Auferstehung"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-DE110"Order to Smash""Befehl zum Zerschmettern"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-DE111"Mazera DeVille""Debilmazera"Secret RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
AST-IT000"The End of Anubis""La Fine di Anubis"Secret RareEffect Monster
AST-IT001"Gogiga Gagagigo""Gogiga Gagagigo"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-IT002"Warrior of Zera""Guerriero di Zera"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-IT003"Sealmaster Meisei""Maisei Maestro dei Sigilli"RareNormal Monster
AST-IT004"Mystical Shine Ball""Sfera Mistica Lucente"CommonNormal Monster
AST-IT005"Metal Armored Bug""Insetto-Metallo Corazzato"CommonNormal Monster
AST-IT006"The Agent of Judgment - Saturn""L'Agente del Giudizio - Saturno"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-IT007"The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury""L'Agente della Saggezza - Mercurio"RareEffect Monster
AST-IT008"The Agent of Creation - Venus""L'Agente della Creazione - Venere"RareEffect Monster
AST-IT009"The Agent of Force - Mars""L'Agente della Forza - Marte"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-IT010"The Unhappy Girl""La Ragazza Infelice"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-IT011"Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower""Torre d'Ossa Assorbi-Anima"RareEffect Monster
AST-IT012"The Kick Man""Uomo-Calcio"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT013"Vampire Lady""Lady Vampira"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT014"Stone Statue of the Aztecs""Statua di Pietra degli Aztechi"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-IT015"Rocket Jumper""Porta-Razzi"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT016"Avatar of The Pot""Avatar dell'Anfora"RareEffect Monster
AST-IT017"Legendary Jujitsu Master""Maestro Leggendario Jujitsu"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT018"Gear Golem the Moving Fortress""Golem Ingranaggio, La Fortezza Movente"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-IT019"KA-2 Des Scissors""KA-2 Forbici della Morte"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-IT020"Needle Burrower""Scavatore a Punte"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-IT021"Sonic Jammer""Jammer Sonico"CommonFlip monster
AST-IT022"Blowback Dragon""Drago Sputafuoco"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-IT023"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg il Monarca del Tuono"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-IT024"Atomic Firefly""Libellula Atomica"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-IT025"Mermaid Knight""Sirena Cavaliere"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT026"Piranha Army""Armata Piranha"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT027"Two Thousand Needles""Duemila Punte"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT028"Disc Fighter""Disco-Combattente"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT029"Arcane Archer of the Forest""Arciere Arcano della Foresta"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT030"Lady Ninja Yae""Lady Ninja Yae"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-IT031"Goblin King""Re dei Goblin"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT032"Solar Flare Dragon""Drago Ondata Solare"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT033"White Magician Pikeru""Maga Bianca Pikeru"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-IT034"Archlord Zerato""Archlord Zerato"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-IT035"Opti-Camouflage Armor""Armatura Cammuffamento-Ottico"Short PrintEquip Spell Card
AST-IT036"Mystik Wok""Wok Mistico"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-IT037"Enemy Controller""Controlla-Avversario"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-IT038"Burst Stream of Destruction""Soffio Esplosivo di Distruzione"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-IT039"Monster Gate""Mostro-Cancello"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-IT040"Amplifier""Amplificatore"Super RareEquip Spell Card
AST-IT041"Weapon Change""Cambio-Arma"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-IT042"The Sanctuary in the Sky""Il Santuario nel Cielo"Super RareField Spell Card
AST-IT043"Earthquake""Terremoto"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-IT044"Talisman of Trap Sealing""Talismano del Sigilla-Trappole"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-IT045"Goblin Thief""Goblin Furtivo"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-IT046"Backfire""Fuoco di Ritorno"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT047"Micro Ray""Micro Raggio"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-IT048"Light of Judgment""Luce del Giudizio"Short PrintNormal Trap Card
AST-IT049"Talisman of Spell Sealing""Talismano del Sigilla-Magia"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT050"Wall of Revealing Light""Muro della Luce Rivelatrice"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT051"Solar Ray""Raggio Solare"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-IT052"Ninjitsu Art of Transformation""Arte della Trasformazione Ninjitsu"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT053"Beckoning Light""Luce del Richiamo"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-IT054"Draining Shield""Scudo Prosciugante"RareNormal Trap Card
AST-IT055"Armor Break""Spezza-Armatura"Short PrintCounter Trap Card
AST-IT056"Gigobyte""Gigobyte"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-IT057"Mokey Mokey""Mokey Mokey"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-IT058"Kozaky""Kozaky"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-IT059"Fiend Scorpion""Demone Scorpione"CommonNormal Monster
AST-IT060"Pharaoh's Servant""Servitore del Faraone"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-IT061"Pharaonic Protector""Guardia del Faraone"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-IT062"Spirit of the Pharaoh""Spirito del Faraone"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-IT063"Theban Nightmare""Incubo Tebano"RareEffect Monster
AST-IT064"Aswan Apparition""Apparizione Aswan"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT065"Protector of the Sanctuary""Protettore del Santuario"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT066"Nubian Guard""Guardia Nubiana"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT067"Legacy Hunter""Cacciatore di Eredità"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-IT068"Desertapir""Tapiro del Deserto"Short PrintFlip monster
AST-IT069"Sand Gambler""Scommettitore della Sabbia"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT070"3-Hump Lacooda""Lacooda 3 Gobbe"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT071"Ghost Knight of Jackal""Cavaliere Fantasma dello Sciacallo"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-IT072"Absorbing Kid from the Sky""Ragazzo dal Cielo"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT073"Elephant Statue of Blessing""Statua dell'Elefante della Benedizione"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-IT074"Elephant Statue of Disaster""Statua dell'Elefante del Disastro"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-IT075"Spirit Caller""Evocatore di Spiriti"CommonFlip monster
AST-IT076"Emissary of the Afterlife""Emissario dell'Aldilà"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-IT077"Grave Protector""Protettore di Tomba"RareEffect Monster
AST-IT078"Double Coston""Doppio Coston"RareEffect Monster
AST-IT079"Regenerating Mummy""Mummia Rigenerante"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT080"Night Assailant""Assalitore Notturno"CommonFlip monster
AST-IT081"Man-Thro' Tro'""Scaglia-Uomo Tro"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-IT082"King of the Swamp""Re delle Paludi"RareEffect Monster
AST-IT083"Emissary of the Oasis""Emissario dell'Oasi"CommonEffect Monster
AST-IT084"Special Hurricane""Uragano Speciale"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-IT085"Order to Charge""Ordine di Carica"Short PrintQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-IT086"Sword of the Soul-Eater""Spada del Mangia-Anima"CommonEquip Spell Card
AST-IT087"Dust Barrier""Barriera di Polvere"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-IT088"Soul Reversal""Inverti Anima"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-IT089"Spell Economics""Economia della Magia"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-IT090"Blessings of the Nile""Benedizioni del Nilo"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-IT091"7""7"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-IT092"Level Limit - Area B""Livello Limite - Area B"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-IT093"Enchanting Fitting Room""Stanza Prova Incantesimo"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-IT094"The Law of the Normal""La Legge della Normalità"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-IT095"Dark Magic Attack""Attacco Mago Nero"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-IT096"Delta Attacker""Attaccante Delta"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-IT097"Thousand Energy""Energia Più Mille"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-IT098"Triangle Power""Potere del Triangolo"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-IT099"The Third Sarcophagus""Il Terzo Sarcofago"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-IT100"The Second Sarcophagus""Il Secondo Sarcofago"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-IT101"The First Sarcophagus""Il Primo Sarcofago"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT102"Dora of Fate""Gong del Destino"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-IT103"Judgment of the Desert""Giudizio del Deserto"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT104"Human-Wave Tactics""Tattica Ondata-Umana"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT105"Curse of Anubis""Maledizione di Anubis"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
AST-IT106"Desert Sunlight""Sole del Deserto"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-IT107"Des Counterblow""Rimbalzo Mortale"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT108"Labyrinth of Nightmare""Labirinto dell'Incubo"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT109"Soul Resurrection""Resurrezione dell'Anima"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-IT110"Order to Smash""Ordine di Schianto"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-IT111"Mazera DeVille""Mazera DeVille"Secret RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
AST-PT000"The End of Anubis""O Fim de Anubis"Secret RareEffect Monster
AST-PT001"Gogiga Gagagigo""Gogiga Gagagigo"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-PT002"Warrior of Zera""Guerreiro de Zera"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-PT003"Sealmaster Meisei""Meisei, Mestre dos Selos"RareNormal Monster
AST-PT004"Mystical Shine Ball""Bola com Brilho Místico"CommonNormal Monster
AST-PT005"Metal Armored Bug""Inseto com Armadura Metálica"CommonNormal Monster
AST-PT006"The Agent of Judgment - Saturn""O Representante do Julgamento - Saturno"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-PT007"The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury""O Representante da Sabedoria - Mercúrio"RareEffect Monster
AST-PT008"The Agent of Creation - Venus""O Representante da Criação - Vênus"RareEffect Monster
AST-PT009"The Agent of Force - Mars""O Representante da Força - Marte"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-PT010"The Unhappy Girl""A Rapariga Infeliz"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-PT011"Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower""Torre de Ossos que Absorve Almas"RareEffect Monster
AST-PT012"The Kick Man""O Homem do Pontapé"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT013"Vampire Lady""Lady Vampira"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT014"Stone Statue of the Aztecs""Estátua de Pedra dos Aztecas"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-PT015"Rocket Jumper""Saltador de Foguete"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT016"Avatar of The Pot""Avatar do Pote"RareEffect Monster
AST-PT017"Legendary Jujitsu Master""O Lendário Mestre de Jujitsu"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT018"Gear Golem the Moving Fortress""Gear Golen a Fortaleza Móvel"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-PT019"KA-2 Des Scissors""KA-2 Des Tesouras"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-PT020"Needle Burrower""Enterrador de Agulhas"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-PT021"Sonic Jammer""Aborratador Sônico"CommonFlip monster
AST-PT022"Blowback Dragon""Dragão Solta Fogo"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-PT023"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg o Trovão Monarca"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-PT024"Atomic Firefly""Vagalume Atômico"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-PT025"Mermaid Knight""Cavaleira Sereia"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT026"Piranha Army""Exército de Piranhas"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT027"Two Thousand Needles""Duas Mil Agulhas"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT028"Disc Fighter""Lutador de Discos"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT029"Arcane Archer of the Forest""Arqueiro Arcano do Bosque"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT030"Lady Ninja Yae""Dama Ninja Yae"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-PT031"Goblin King""Goblin Rei"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT032"Solar Flare Dragon""Dragão da Chama Solar"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT033"White Magician Pikeru""Mágico Branco Pikeru"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-PT034"Archlord Zerato""Archlord Zerato"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-PT035"Opti-Camouflage Armor""Armadura de Opti-Camuflagem"Short PrintEquip Spell Card
AST-PT036"Mystik Wok""Mystik Wok"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-PT037"Enemy Controller""Controlador de Inimigos"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-PT038"Burst Stream of Destruction""Raio Explosivo de Destruição"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-PT039"Monster Gate""Portão do Monstro"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-PT040"Amplifier""Amplificador"Super RareEquip Spell Card
AST-PT041"Weapon Change""Mudança de Arma"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-PT042"The Sanctuary in the Sky""O Santuário no Céu"Super RareField Spell Card
AST-PT043"Earthquake""Tremor de Terra"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-PT044"Talisman of Trap Sealing""Talismã de Selar Armadilhas"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-PT045"Goblin Thief""Ladrão Goblin"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-PT046"Backfire""Contra-explosão"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT047"Micro Ray""Micro Raio"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-PT048"Light of Judgment""Luz do Jugamento"Short PrintNormal Trap Card
AST-PT049"Talisman of Spell Sealing""Talismã de Selar Spells"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT050"Wall of Revealing Light""Muro de Luz Reveladora"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT051"Solar Ray""Raio Solar"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-PT052"Ninjitsu Art of Transformation""A Arte de Transformação Ninjitsu"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT053"Beckoning Light""Luz do Conhecimento"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-PT054"Draining Shield""Escudo Drenador"RareNormal Trap Card
AST-PT055"Armor Break""Armadura Rompida"Short PrintCounter Trap Card
AST-PT056"Gigobyte""Gigobyte"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-PT057"Mokey Mokey""Mokey Mokey"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-PT058"Kozaky""Kozaky"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-PT059"Fiend Scorpion""Demônio Escorpião"CommonNormal Monster
AST-PT060"Pharaoh's Servant""Servo do Faraó"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-PT061"Pharaonic Protector""Guardião Faraônico"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-PT062"Spirit of the Pharaoh""Espírito do Faraó"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-PT063"Theban Nightmare""Pesadelo de Theban"RareEffect Monster
AST-PT064"Aswan Apparition""Aparição de Aswan"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT065"Protector of the Sanctuary""Protetor Do Santuário"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT066"Nubian Guard""Guarda Nubian"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT067"Legacy Hunter""Caçador de Legado"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-PT068"Desertapir""Tapir do Deserto"Short PrintFlip monster
AST-PT069"Sand Gambler""Jogador de Areia"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT070"3-Hump Lacooda""Lacooda de 3 Corcovas"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT071"Ghost Knight of Jackal""Cavaleiro Fantasma de Jackal"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-PT072"Absorbing Kid from the Sky""Criança Absorvedora do Céu"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT073"Elephant Statue of Blessing""Estátua Elefante de Benção"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-PT074"Elephant Statue of Disaster""Estátua Elefante de Desastre"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-PT075"Spirit Caller""Convocador de Espitritos"CommonFlip monster
AST-PT076"Emissary of the Afterlife""Emissario de Outra Vida"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-PT077"Grave Protector""Guardião do Cemitério"RareEffect Monster
AST-PT078"Double Coston""Coston em Dobro"RareEffect Monster
AST-PT079"Regenerating Mummy""Múmia Regenerativa"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT080"Night Assailant""Assaltante Noturno"CommonFlip monster
AST-PT081"Man-Thro' Tro'""Man-Thro' Tro'"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-PT082"King of the Swamp""Rei do Pântano"RareEffect Monster
AST-PT083"Emissary of the Oasis""Emissário do Oasis"CommonEffect Monster
AST-PT084"Special Hurricane""Furacão Especial"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-PT085"Order to Charge""Ordem de Carga"Short PrintQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-PT086"Sword of the Soul-Eater""Espada do Come Alma"CommonEquip Spell Card
AST-PT087"Dust Barrier""Barreira de Poeira"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-PT088"Soul Reversal""Reverso da Alma"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-PT089"Spell Economics""Magia Econômica"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-PT090"Blessings of the Nile""Bençãos do Nilo"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-PT091"7""7"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-PT092"Level Limit - Area B""Limite de Nível - Área B"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-PT093"Enchanting Fitting Room""Habitação Encantadora"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-PT094"The Law of the Normal""A Lei do Normal"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-PT095"Dark Magic Attack""Ataque da Magia Negra"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-PT096"Delta Attacker""Atacante Delta"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-PT097"Thousand Energy""Mil Energias"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-PT098"Triangle Power""Triangulo do Poder"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-PT099"The Third Sarcophagus""O Terceiro Sarcófago"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-PT100"The Second Sarcophagus""O Segundo Sarcófago"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-PT101"The First Sarcophagus""O Primeiro Sarcófago"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT102"Dora of Fate""Dora do Destino"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-PT103"Judgment of the Desert""Julgamento do Deserto"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT104"Human-Wave Tactics""Táticas da Onda-Humana"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT105"Curse of Anubis""Maldição de Anúbis"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
AST-PT106"Desert Sunlight""Sol do Deserto"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-PT107"Des Counterblow""Contra-ataque de Des"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT108"Labyrinth of Nightmare""Labirinto do Pesadelo"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT109"Soul Resurrection""Resurreição de Almas"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-PT110"Order to Smash""Ordem para Esmagar"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-PT111"Mazera DeVille""Debilmazera"Secret RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
AST-SP000"The End of Anubis""El Fin de Anubis"Secret RareEffect Monster
AST-SP001"Gogiga Gagagigo""Gogiga Gagagigo"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-SP002"Warrior of Zera""Guerrero de Zera"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-SP003"Sealmaster Meisei""Amo de los Sellos Meisei"RareNormal Monster
AST-SP004"Mystical Shine Ball""Bola Reluciente Mística"CommonNormal Monster
AST-SP005"Metal Armored Bug""Insecto Acorazado de Metal"CommonNormal Monster
AST-SP006"The Agent of Judgment - Saturn""El Agente del Juicio - Saturno"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-SP007"The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury""El Agente de la Sabiduria - Mercurio"RareEffect Monster
AST-SP008"The Agent of Creation - Venus""El Agente de la Creación - Venus"RareEffect Monster
AST-SP009"The Agent of Force - Mars""El Agente de la Fuerza - Marte"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-SP010"The Unhappy Girl""La Chica Infeliz"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-SP011"Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower""Torre de Hueso Absorbe-almas"RareEffect Monster
AST-SP012"The Kick Man""El Hombre de la Patada"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP013"Vampire Lady""Dama Vampiro"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP014"Stone Statue of the Aztecs""Estatua de piedra de los Aztecas"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-SP015"Rocket Jumper""Saltador de Cohete"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP016"Avatar of The Pot""Avatar de La Jarra"RareEffect Monster
AST-SP017"Legendary Jujitsu Master""Amo Legendario del Jujitsu"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP018"Gear Golem the Moving Fortress""Golem de Ruedas la Fortaleza Móvil"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-SP019"KA-2 Des Scissors""KA-2 Des Tijeras"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-SP020"Needle Burrower""Enterrador de Agujas"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-SP021"Sonic Jammer""Disruptor Sónico"CommonFlip monster
AST-SP022"Blowback Dragon""Dragón Escupefuego"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-SP023"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg el Monarca del Trueno"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-SP024"Atomic Firefly""Luciérnaga Atómica"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-SP025"Mermaid Knight""Caballero Sirena"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP026"Piranha Army""Ejército de Pirañas"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP027"Two Thousand Needles""Dos Mil Agujas"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP028"Disc Fighter""Luchador del Disco"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP029"Arcane Archer of the Forest""Arquero Arcano del Bosque"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP030"Lady Ninja Yae""Dama Ninja Yae"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-SP031"Goblin King""Rey Goblin"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP032"Solar Flare Dragon""Dragón de la Llamarada Solar"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP033"White Magician Pikeru""Mago Blanco Pikeru"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-SP034"Archlord Zerato""Archlord Zerato"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-SP035"Opti-Camouflage Armor""Armadura de Opti-camuflaje"Short PrintEquip Spell Card
AST-SP036"Mystik Wok""Wok Mystik"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-SP037"Enemy Controller""Controlador de Enemigos"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-SP038"Burst Stream of Destruction""Rayo Explosivo de Destrucción"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-SP039"Monster Gate""Puerta de Monstruo"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-SP040"Amplifier""Amplificador"Super RareEquip Spell Card
AST-SP041"Weapon Change""Cambio de Arma"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-SP042"The Sanctuary in the Sky""El Santuario en el Cielo"Super RareField Spell Card
AST-SP043"Earthquake""Terremoto"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-SP044"Talisman of Trap Sealing""Talismán de Sellar Trampas"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-SP045"Goblin Thief""Goblin Ladrón"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-SP046"Backfire""Backfire"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP047"Micro Ray""Micro Rayo"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-SP048"Light of Judgment""Luz del Juicio"Short PrintNormal Trap Card
AST-SP049"Talisman of Spell Sealing""Talismán de Sellar Hechizos"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP050"Wall of Revealing Light""Muro de Luz Reveladora"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP051"Solar Ray""Rayo Solar"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-SP052"Ninjitsu Art of Transformation""Ninjitsu Arte de la Transformación"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP053"Beckoning Light""Luz del Conocimiento"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-SP054"Draining Shield""Escudo Drenador"RareNormal Trap Card
AST-SP055"Armor Break""Rompe Armadura"Short PrintCounter Trap Card
AST-SP056"Gigobyte""Gigobyte"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-SP057"Mokey Mokey""Mokey Mokey"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-SP058"Kozaky""Kozaky"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-SP059"Fiend Scorpion""Escorpión Demonio"CommonNormal Monster
AST-SP060"Pharaoh's Servant""El Servidor del Faraón"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-SP061"Pharaonic Protector""Guardia Faraónico"Short PrintNormal Monster
AST-SP062"Spirit of the Pharaoh""Espíritu del Faraón"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-SP063"Theban Nightmare""Pesadilla de Tebas"RareEffect Monster
AST-SP064"Aswan Apparition""Aparición de Aswan"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP065"Protector of the Sanctuary""Protector del Santuario"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP066"Nubian Guard""Guardia Nubian"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP067"Legacy Hunter""Cazador de Legados"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-SP068"Desertapir""Tapir del Desierto"Short PrintFlip monster
AST-SP069"Sand Gambler""Jugador de la Arena"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP070"3-Hump Lacooda""Lacooda de 3 Jorobas"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP071"Ghost Knight of Jackal""Caballero Fantasma de Chacal"Ultra RareEffect Monster
AST-SP072"Absorbing Kid from the Sky""Niño Absorbente del Cielo"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP073"Elephant Statue of Blessing""Estatua de Elefante de la Bendición"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-SP074"Elephant Statue of Disaster""Estatua Elefante del Desastre"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-SP075"Spirit Caller""Llama Espíritus"CommonFlip monster
AST-SP076"Emissary of the Afterlife""Emisario de la Otra Vida"Super RareEffect Monster
AST-SP077"Grave Protector""Guardia del Cementerio"RareEffect Monster
AST-SP078"Double Coston""Coston Doble"RareEffect Monster
AST-SP079"Regenerating Mummy""Momia Regeneradora"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP080"Night Assailant""Asaltante Nocturno"CommonFlip monster
AST-SP081"Man-Thro' Tro'""Man-Thro' Tro'"Short PrintEffect Monster
AST-SP082"King of the Swamp""Rey del Pantano"RareEffect Monster
AST-SP083"Emissary of the Oasis""Emisario del Oasis"CommonEffect Monster
AST-SP084"Special Hurricane""Huracán Especial"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-SP085"Order to Charge""Orden de Carga"Short PrintQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-SP086"Sword of the Soul-Eater""Espada del Come-Almas"CommonEquip Spell Card
AST-SP087"Dust Barrier""Barrera de Polvo"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-SP088"Soul Reversal""Revertir Alma"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AST-SP089"Spell Economics""Economía de Hechizos"RareContinuous Spell Card
AST-SP090"Blessings of the Nile""Bendiciones del Nilo"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AST-SP091"7""7"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-SP092"Level Limit - Area B""Límite de Nivel - Área B"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-SP093"Enchanting Fitting Room""Habitación de Encantar"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-SP094"The Law of the Normal""La Ley de lo Normal"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-SP095"Dark Magic Attack""Ataque Mágico Oscuro"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
AST-SP096"Delta Attacker""Atacante Delta"CommonNormal Spell Card
AST-SP097"Thousand Energy""Energia Milenaria"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-SP098"Triangle Power""Poder del Triángulo"RareNormal Spell Card
AST-SP099"The Third Sarcophagus""El Tercer Sarcófago"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-SP100"The Second Sarcophagus""El Segundo Sarcófago"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
AST-SP101"The First Sarcophagus""El Primer Sarcófago"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP102"Dora of Fate""Gong del Destino"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-SP103"Judgment of the Desert""Juicio del Desierto"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP104"Human-Wave Tactics""Tácticas de Oleadas Humanas"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP105"Curse of Anubis""Maldición de Anubis"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
AST-SP106"Desert Sunlight""Luz Solar del Desierto"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-SP107"Des Counterblow""Contraataque Des"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP108"Labyrinth of Nightmare""Laberinto de la Pesadilla"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP109"Soul Resurrection""Resurección del Alma"RareContinuous Trap Card
AST-SP110"Order to Smash""Orden de Aplastar"CommonNormal Trap Card
AST-SP111"Mazera DeVille""Mazera DeVille"Secret RareEffect Monster

The time allocated for running scripts has expired.

The time allocated for running scripts has expired.

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