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Activates upon attack declaration +, Changes battle positions +  and Flips monsters face-up +
الأمازونيّات الرّاميّات +
Must attack +
AmazonessArchers-OW.png +
AmazonessArchers-JP-Anime-GX.png +
亞馬遜弩弓隊 +
Amazonski Strijelci +
Activation requirement +  and Effect +
AmazonessArchers-EN-Anime-GX.png +
Amazoness Archers +
Amazoness Archers +
Archère Amazonesse +
Amazonische Bogenschützinnen +
Αμαζόνες Τοξότριες +
Imboscata Amazoness +
AmazonessArchers-JP-Anime-GX.png +
相手の攻撃宣言時に、自分フィールド上に「アマゾネス」という名のついたモンスターが存在する場合のみ発動可能。相手フィールド上の全てのモンスターは表側攻撃表示になり(リバース効果は発動しない)、攻撃力は600ポイントダウンする。相手は全てのモンスターで攻撃しなければならない。 +
アマゾネスの弩弓隊 +
아마조네스의 궁수대 +
Activate only when your opponent [[decActivate only when your opponent declares an attack while you control an "Amazoness" monster. All monsters your opponent controls are changed to face-up Attack Position (Flip Effects are not activated), and lose 600 ATK as long as they remain face-up on the field. Your opponent must attack with all of their monsters.nt must attack with all of their monsters. +
Anime +
Female +
Prevents activation of Flip monsters' effects +
AmazonessArchers-JP-Anime-GX-NC.png +
Amazoness Archers (anime) +
Card page +
Arqueiros Amazoness +
Normal Trap Card +
Amazonesu no Dokyūtai +
アマゾネスの弩弓隊 +
Your opponent's monsters lose ATK +
Amazoness Archery Squad +