Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector
(しん) () (もり) (がみ) アルセイ
English Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector
French Alsei, le Grand Protecteur Sylvan
German Alsei, der sylvanische Oberbeschützer
Italian Alsei, l'Alto Protettore Silvano
Korean 삼라의 수신 아르세이
Portuguese Alsei, o Alto Protetor Silvestre
Spanish Alsei, el Alto Protector Silvano
Japanese (kana) しんらのもりがみ アルセイ
Japanese (base) 森羅の守神 アルセイ
Japanese (rōmaji) Shinra no Morigami Arusei
Japanese (translated) Alsei, Shinra's God of Protection
Card type Monster
Attribute LIGHT LIGHT.svg
Types Plant / Xyz / Effect
Rank 8 Rank StarRank StarRank StarRank StarRank StarRank StarRank StarRank Star
ATK / DEF 2300 / 3200
Passcode 10406322
Materials 2 Level 8 monsters
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