Alexander's vassals are a group of characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters. They served under Alexander the Great. They consist of a young man, a middle-aged man, a young woman, and an old man. None of them are named.


2000 years before the events of the series, the vassals served Alexander the Great, staying with him even after the majority of his armies deserted him. The vassals attempted to convince Alexander to give up his search for ultimate power, but he refused to. Having no more use for them, the Millennium Ring took their lives and trapped their souls in the pyramid.


The vassals after their souls were taken.

Upon Yugi Muto's completion of the five trials, the vassals assist Yami Alexander in the final battle using their respective Capsule Monsters. Alexander eventually uses their life energy to power Reshef the Dark Being, additionally shielding himself from harm, but with the help of his friends Yugi is able to defeat Reshef and Yami Alexander. Alexander's good side departs for the afterlife peacefully with his vassals, thanking them for their loyalty.


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