Alec Roux, known as Takeru Jumonji in the Japanese version, is a character who appears in World Duel Carnival and Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Tag Force Special.


World Duel Carnival

Annihillate! Armored Insect (殲滅せよ!武装甲虫団 (アーマードインセクト) , Senmetsu seyo! Āmādo Insekuto) ★7
Feel The Black Wings in the Wind (黒き翼を風に受けて, Kuroki Tsubasa wo Kaze ni Ukete) ★7

Tag Force Special

Fight the Enemy, Armored Beetles! (撃敵! 甲虫装機, Gekiteki! Kabutomushi sōki) ★3
Destroy, Armored Beetles! (撃滅! 甲虫装機, Gekimetsu! Kabutomushi sōki) ★6
Annihilate, Armored Beetles! (討滅! 甲虫装機, Tōmetsu! Kabutomushi sōki) ★8
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