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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist

Alcatraz, or Duel Tower in the English anime, was the name of an island, used by KaibaCorp initially as a military base and later became host to a massive Duel Tower.

The location is named after the real world island, Alcatraz, which was formerly used for military activity and later a maximum security prison, which has since been closed.


Military center

The tower itself is built on a small island. While Gozaburo Kaiba was in charge of KaibaCorp, the island was used for KaibaCorp's military base.

After Seto Kaiba came into power, he tore down the military base and constructed the Duel Tower on its ruins to emphasize the company's shift from military to gaming.

Battle City

The Duel Tower.

The inside of the tower was used to stage a battle royale to determine the match-ups for the semi-finals. Each finalist stood in an elevator like platform in a corner of the room. As their Life Points lowered, they were lifted higher up. The first two to the top would face each other in the first semi-final round and the remaining two would face each other in the second.

With Kaiba set on facing Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler set on facing Marik Ishtar and Yugi supporting Joey's choice, Marik and Joey's Life Points hit 0 first, pairing them up for the first semi-final and leaving Yugi and Kaiba for the second.

The destruction of the Duel Tower.

The semi-finals and finals each took place on top of the tower.

Kaiba faced Joey in a third place playoff, just outside the tower.

After the Battle City finals, Seto and Mokuba Kaiba had the building self-destruct to get rid of their memories of living with Gozaburo.