The high priests along with Aknadin, Shimon Muran and Pharaoh Aknamkanon.

Aknamkanon's High Priests were five of the strongest individuals chosen by the Millennium Items to serve Pharaoh Aknamkanon.


After the Millennium Items' creation and the Millennium Eye already being entrusted to Aknadin, the four high priests (three male priests and a priestess) were entrusted with four Millennium Items (the Millennium Rod, the Millennium Ring, the Millennium Scale and the Millennium Necklace), while Aknadin was already entrusted with the Millennium Eye, the adviser Shimon Muran was entrusted with the Millennium Key and Pharaoh Aknamkanon was entrusted with the Millennium Pendant (the symbol of the pyramid). Using the Millennium Items' combined power, an army of monsters were summoned which repelled the invading armies out of Egypt. Afterwards, these high priests were eventually replaced with by a successor (Seto, Mahad, Karim and Isis) that would serve as the next Pharaoh's Sacred Guardians.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga, Aknadin, the Millennium Scales' original wieldier and the Millennium Rod's original wieldier sealed Tragoedia in a tablet during a Weighing of the Heart.

Original High Priests

Character Millennium Item
Setos predecessor Millennium Rod's original wieldier Millennium Rod
Mahadpredecessor Millennium Ring's original wieldier Millennium Ring
Shimon muran Priest Shimon Millennium Key
Karim predecessor Millennium Scales' original wieldier Millennium Scale
Aknadin2 Priest Aknadin Millennium Eye
Isisspredecessor Millennium Necklace's original wieldier Millennium Necklace
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