Akiza Izinski, known as Aki Izayoi ( () () (よい) アキ, Izayoi Aki) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force video games. This is a video game depiction of Akiza Izinski.

In each game, the player can Tag Duel with her, in two different stories, one of which will feature her in her Duel Academy uniform.


Teenage Akiza Full Body

Akiza in her mid teens

Black Rose

Akiza became feared due to her Psychic Dueling powers. As such, she left Duel Academy to seek salvation from her parents. However she became distraught after seeing them living peacefully without her. In desperation, she donned a mask and ravaged the Daimon Area, earning her the nickname Black Rose, or Black Rose Witch ( (くろ) 薔薇 (ばら) 魔女 (まじょ) , Kurobara no Majo) in the Japanese version. [2]

As the Black Rose, she met Sayer, the leader of the Arcadia Movement, whom she believed to be the first person to accept her for who she was.[2]

Dark Signers

TF04 Sayer is already dead

Carly informs Akiza of Sayer's death.

Akiza got the player to take her to the Arcadia Movement building, as she was unable to find her way there without the help of Sayer. When they arrived they met the Dark Signers, Misty Tredwell and Carly Carmine. Carly claimed to have been killed Sayer and after her resurrection as a Dark Signer, returned and killed him. Akiza struggled to believe it at first, but after coming to grips with it, vowed to not let the Dark Signers get away with it. She accused them of taking away all that was dear to her. Misty said that all Carly had done was get revenge and now it was her own turn, to get revenge on the enemy of her brother, Toby. She accused Akiza, the Black Rose, of taking her brother's life. Akiza argued that she did not know Misty's brother, but Misty insisted Akiza was too ruthless to bother remembering who here victims were. She added that if it were not for Akiza, Carly would not have been killed by Sayer and she in turn would not have killed him. So she blamed Akiza's "vile power" for the deaths of her brother, Carly and Sayer. Akiza still refused to forgive the Dark Signers and challenged the two of them to a Tag Duel, with the player as her partner.[3]

Having used her "Earthbound Immortal" during her Duel with Sayer, there were no souls left in the vicinity for Carly and Misty to absorb to Summon their "Earthbound Immortal" cards during the Duel. When they lost the Duel, they told Akiza that he had only been playing at a fraction of their power, without the immortals. However, they vowed to show her true meaning of terror, the next time they Duel. Akiza wept the death of Sayer, after they departed.[3]

Akiza tried to convince herself that Sayer could not have lost to the Dark Signers and that they only said they did to anger and confuse her. She searched the area, but could not find Sayer or anyone from the Arcadia Movement. She wondered if they were sacrificed to Summon the "Earthbound Immortal" and the others scattered, never to return. Without Sayer and the others, she thought the Arcadia Movement would cease to exist, leaving her with no home or purpose.

TF04 It's all your fault

Akiza blames the player for the destruction of the Arcadia Movement.

Akiza contacted the player and brought him back to the Arcadia Movement building. She blamed him for Sayer's death, as he had not gotten her the building quick enough to save him. She then challenged him to a Duel, where she would use her Psychic Power to make him feel the pain that she had felt.[4]

Yusei Fudo arrived on the scene, having heard about the building being destroyed. He witnessed the Duel and afterwards tried to convince Akiza that she has many friends. Akiza denied this, saying she has only hurt people and driven them apart, including her parents, and the one who saved her from that existence, Sayer, was her only friend. With Sayer and the Arcadia Movement gone, she again claimed to have no friends or home. Yusei disagreed and inquired as to whether she could feel a connection between her and the player during the Duel. He stated that the player cared for her and that he and the Signers were her friends.[4]

Akiza kept thinking about why Misty accused her of killing her brother. She could not remember harming anyone like him. She decided to go to the Arcadia Movement building to look for records and enrolled the player for help. As she did so, she apologized for turning on him before. The two went to the archive room, but were stopped by Hiroshi Kumakura (Lioside) and Yasuto Suzuki (Hose) from Sector Security. Suzuki explained that there was evidence of a large scale accident, involving many missing people, so the area was to be off limits to the public, while they investigated. Kumakura advised that they leave before they got hurt, but Akiza refused, stating that she needed to get something. When Kumakura reminded her that the area was closed to the general public, she responded that she was not part of the general public, as she was a member of the Arcadia Movement. However that led them to believe she could be involved. Akiza refused to answer their questions, so they challenged her to a Duel.[5]

TF04 Akiza learns Toby's fate

Akiza learns what happened to Toby.

The player and Akiza won the Duel and Akiza said that the Securities should thank her for not hurting them any worse than she did. They then went inside the building and searched the documents. Akiza learned that Misty's brother was a member of the Arcadia Movement, who had died during an experiment conducted by Sayer.[5]

One night, Akiza met Misty, who asked her to come to the Ccarayhua tower, where they would settle things. The next day, Akiza visited the player and asked him to come with her. She was sorry to ask this of him, but did not want him to fight. She felt Misty would be more likely to believe him about what happened to Toby than to believe her.[6]

TF04 No reason to fight?

Misty learns that Akiza was not responsible for the death of Toby, which had already been avenged.

At the old Enerdy system, Akiza and the player went to the top of the Ccarayhua tower, where they found Misty. Misty was surprised that Akiza had come, but was unhappy that she brought someone with her. Carly figured that Akiza would do as such, so she came with Misty, so that they could Tag Duel. Akiza insisted that she was not there to Duel, but wanted to talk about Misty's brother. She explained that she had no memory of his death and had considered that she may have done while unconsciously. She told Misty about the research she had done; how Sayer was responsible. She took some of the blame upon herself for being a part of the Arcadia Movement. On hearing this, Misty realized that her revenge had already been fulfilled by Carly and thought that she no longer had any reason to fight. However Misty and Carly became possessed by their Earthbound Immortals, who instructed them to defeat the Signer. Akiza unsuccessfully tried reaching out to Misty's consciousness and was left with no option but to fight.[6]

After Akiza and the player won, Akiza and Carly began to vanish. Misty thanked Akiza for showing her the truth, before she left this world. She pointed out that Akiza had no time to mourn, because as a Signer, she had to protect the world. Carly pleaded with Akiza not to forget them, as they disappeared. Akiza turned to the player and said that she had finally figured it out; she would fight as a Signer to ensure the tragedy does not get any worse. Although, she admitted she did not have time to feel sad, she asked the player for a moment, so she could weep the deaths of Misty and Carly.[6]

Learning from Dueling

TF05 Sherry makes Aki mad

Sherry suggests that her bond with Yusei runs deeper than Akiza's bond with him.

Akiza heard that Yusei had been abducted, so she turned to the player for help. They went to Combat Lane, where Yusei was last seen. There they met Crow Hogan, whom Akiza got mad at for letting himself get separated from Yusei. Crow accused her of overreacting to the situation and always being extra sensitive on anything concerning Yusei. Akiza blushed and said she did not know what he was talking about. She and the player continued to search the area, while Crow looked elsewhere. Eventually, they found Yusei with Sherry LeBlanc. Yusei noticed Akiza looked worried and asked what was wrong. She told him that she had heard about him getting separated from Crow and Yusei affirmed that he had been kidnapped by a group, who wanted them to join his Duel gang. However he managed to escape and then met Sherry. Sherry introduced herself and said that she thought she and Yusei would make a perfect team. This led Akiza to believe that Sherry was part of the gang that tried to kidnap Yusei and did not believe her when she claimed that was just a coincidence. Yusei defended Sherry and Akiza tried asking how Yusei knew he could trust her. Sherry interrupted, announcing that she and Yusei shared a special connection and have an understanding that may be even deeper than his and Akiza's. Akiza was unhappy and remarked that Sherry did not know a thing about Yusei. Crow then arrived and claimed he was right that Akiza had nothing to worry about. However she became furious and demanded that Crow and Sherry Tag Duel her and the player.[7]

When Akiza and the player won, Akiza tried to rub it in on Sherry. Sherry was impressed, but reminded Akiza they were not playing "winner gets Yusei" and that it was up to Yusei, who his Tag partner, would be. Akiza blushed and insisted that that was not what the Duel was about. Sherry laughed that she was just kidding and found it cute how sensitive Akiza got. Before leaving, she said that a Duel can teach a lot and that she hoped to see Akiza again. Akiza wondered what she meant and if there was stuff about herself or Yusei that she still needed to learn, but insisted that she did not need Sherry's "silly advice". She thanked the player for being there for her and said that they had a great Duel thanks to him.[7]

TF05 This is not a date

Akiza tries to convince Luna that she and the player are not on a date.

Akiza was unable to stop dwelling on what Sherry had said a Duel being able to teach her. She could not grasp how Dueling has given Sherry and Yusei a "deeper understanding". She hoped that by Dueling the player, she might be able to figure it out. Before Dueling, she took the player to the card shop, to buy a pack and also asked for his opinion on what color case and sleeves she should get. She decided to get bread for breakfast and after hearing that the player is not eating breakfast every morning, insisted that he come with her and tittered that they could both get something. Leo spotted the player and Akiza clothes shopping together and told Luna that they were on a date. Luna suggested that they keep quiet, so that they could watch them. When Akiza and the player were buying ice cream, Leo got carried away and said what he wanted when Akiza asked the player what flavor he would like. Leo told Akiza what he had been doing and Luna promised not to tell anyone else about her and the player's date. Akiza tried to maintain that it was not a date; that they were only shopping before Dueling, but the twins did not believe her and pointed out she was blushing. She tried getting the player to tell them it was not a date, but he remained silent. Akiza suggested that they Duel and if the twins won they could call it a date, but if she and the player won, they would consider it to be nothing more than shopping.[8]

The player and Akiza won and Akiza reminded the twins of their deal. Leo asked if they could Duel again, but change teams. However Luna told him that they should get going as they did not want to interrupt Akiza and the player's "special time together" and then jokingly used "shopping" as a euphemism for "dating". When the twins left, Akiza asked why he did not defend her claim earlier and expressed that the twins do not believe her because of that. Although things did not go according to plan, she thought it was a good day, since they had gotten their Duel. Before going home, she thanked the player for the Duel and shopping with her.[8]

TF05 Trudge doubts Akiza

Trudge doubts Akiza is capable of earning a Duel Runner license.

Akiza visited the player and asked if he wanted to go out with her, if he had no plans. She was still bothered by what Sherry had said and wondered what her and Yusei's Dueling had that hers lacked. As she was not in a hurry, she suggested that the player get breakfast and offered to make coffee for him. The first thing that came to her head when she thought about the difference between her Dueling and that of Yusei and Sherry's was that they used Duel Runners. So she and the player went to get Duel Runner licenses. She felt that practicing together would be more effective than alone. However Tetsu Trudge advised against it, declaring that Turbo Dueling is too dangerous for women. However Mina Simington told Trudge off for discriminating. The two of them explained that applicants needed to defeat Trudge in a Turbo Duel in order to receive their license. As Mina explained that testing was necessary to reduce accidents caused by people who people who applied for licenses out of impulse or emotion, Trudge affirmed that he felt Akiza fitted into that category of people. Akiza contended that that was not the case and said that she was determined to catch up with Yusei and wanted to see and feel what he does. Mina and Trudge explained that there would be training, followed by a final test Turbo Duel against Trudge. But before the training commenced, she suggested that they have a Standing Duel, to see if it was worth her making the effort. The logic being if she could not win a Standing Duel, she would not have a chance in a Turbo Duel. Akiza accepted that and suggested that they make it a Tag Duel, since there were four of them.[9]

When Akiza and the player won, Mina accepted that Akiza was ready to apply for a license. She also mentioned having a feeling, during the Duel, that Akiza was anxious about something. She did not think that simply getting a Duel Runner license would bring Akiza peace and as advice, from an elder, rather than a Duel Runner instructor, advised that she should not rush to find her answer. Akiza admitted that she had been anxious and thought that Dueling might help her understand. Mina said that answers can be found in the middle of Duels and that she was sure Akiza would find the answers she was looking for.[9]

TF05 Akiza and friends

Akiza's friends help her learn how to feel the bond of their friendship more during a Duel.

Yusei invited Akiza and the player come and see him at Combat Lane. Akiza recognized it as the place where she had Dueled Sherry. Yusei confirmed that and said that he noticed Akiza had been troubled ever since she met Sherry. He apologized for not offering any help, but he thought that taking advice from someone was not the way to solve the problem. He felt that she needed to find her own answer somewhere in the middle of a Duel. He asked if Akiza had come close to finding the answer and suggested that they Duel. Akiza asked if it would be just the two of them, but then Jack Atlas showed up and reminded her that Yusei had also asked the player to come. With the bonds the four of them shared, Yusei was sure a Duel fought by such close friends would teach Akiza something. Akiza thanked them and said that she never thought she would be so happy to Duel before.[10]

Crow arrived during the Duel and after Akiza and the player won, he remarked that it was an amazing Duel. Yusei asked if Akiza found the answer and she replied that she was able to feel the bond of their friendship even more vividly during the Duel. She could see things from Yusei's perspective and feel his, the player and Jack's passion. She called Yusei and the player the best friends she could hope for. As Crow and Jack bickered about not being mentioned, Akiza asked that they not ruin her moment. She announced that she valued the four of them as her best friends and that it was great feeling a bond with friends and understanding each other through Dueling. She added that she treasured the player for sticking with her the whole time.[10]

Duel Academy

TF05 Your partner is a man?

Naomi questions Akiza's choice of partner.

Duel Academy offered a public experience education course, in which students find a partner they have good chemistry with Tag Duel against others. She asked Yusei if he would be her partner, but he said that something suddenly came up, so she then asked the player. When they arrived at Duel Academy, Naomi and Rayna were arguing over which of them would be Akiza's partner. Akiza tried to stop the argument and asked them to stop calling her "Miss Akiza". Naomi replied that she could not help it, as she admired Akiza so much. Rayna urged Akiza to choose which of them would be her partner and Naomi, tried to shoo the player away, not knowing he was Akiza's partner. Naomi was surprised to hear Akiza had chosen a man as her partner and hoped that she was joking. Akiza hoped that this would stop Naomi and Rayna fighting, but Naomi refused to accept it and Rayna asked why Akiza was doing this to them. Naomi admitted that she felt Rayna would even be a better partner for Akiza than the player and begged her to reconsider. Rayna suggested that they Duel and proposed a temporary truce with Naomi, until they managed to get rid of the player. She and Naomi paired up for a Tag Duel against Akiza and the player, with the condition that he could not be Akiza's partner if they won. Naomi also proposed that Akiza would get a restraining order against the player if they won.[11]

When Akiza and the player won, Naomi asked what they were going to do, now that Akiza was "in the filthy clutches" of the player. Akiza said that it was a great Duel and that Naomi and Rayna really seemed to click. Naomi asserted that they only did it to stop her making a mistake. Akiza admitted that she had been flattered that Naomi and Rayna both wanted her as a partner, but she could not bring it on herself to choose one over the other. She felt that choosing another student would only make the tension between the two of them worse, so she chose the player. Naomi still could not understand why Akiza choose a man. Akiza explained that she knew doing so would make Naomi and Rayna furious enough to Duel.[11]

TF05 Player, Akiza, Bright and Simon

The player and Akiza's talk over coffee is interrupted by Simon, bothering Bright.

Akiza visited the player to take him somewhere to thank him for his help at the public experience course. However he was asleep when she arrived. She asked him not to injure himself trying to get up for her. She brought him to Cafe la Geen, to get him coffee and asked him for help with her school work. They were interrupted, by the sound of Bright and Simon. Akiza thought this was odd, as she had never seen Bright with a man before, but Bright informed her that it was not how it looked; Simon would not stop following her, much to her annoyance. However when Simon saw Akiza, he began bothering her too. He asked if he could talk with her over tea, but Akiza turned him down and explained that she already had company. This caused Bright to wonder if Akiza and the player were romantically involved. Akiza insisted that they were not, but Bright asked if she could prove that. She reminded Akiza that it was their duty, as students, to study diligently and thought that Akiza seemed to be neglecting that. Simon interrupted to say that he was in the presence of two beautiful women, but could not choose just one of them, so he suggested that the three of them get tea together. Akiza recommended that they Duel to settle things. If Bright and Simon, won Akiza would stop hanging out with the player and go on a date with Simon. If Akiza and the player won, Bright would stay out of Akiza's business and Simon would leave the two women alone. Simon was interested in the chance to get a date with Akiza and although Bright was not keen on teaming up with Simon, she accepted the offer.[12]

Akiza and the player won, so Simon agreed to leave her and Bright alone. Although, he said that Akiza could come around eventually, before he left. Bright pointed out that the deal did not particularly benefit Akiza, although it helped her out a lot, and asked why Akiza made the deal in that case. Akiza replied that she was getting sick of Simon, always giving Bright a hard time and Bright had helped her out a number of times before. Bright explained that she had tried to win and asked what Akiza would have done if she had won. Akiza replied that she would have followed through, but she was certain that she and the player would not lose to a Tag team that was formed on the spot. She realized that she could protect someone with her skill and be protected in return and believed that Tag Dueling was a mandatory subject, so that they could learn that. Bright guessed that she was the one who needed to study more. She agreed that she would stay out of Akiza's business, but would still not allow her and the player to get intimate if she saw any signs of it. When Bright left, Akiza apologized to the player for getting him involved in more drama and they returned to their coffee.[12]

TF05 I used to shun people

Akiza tells Tasha how she was once like her.

Akiza visited the player, who was still in bed. She warned him about his unhealthy living habits, saying that Bright would be watching them again, if he dresses sloppy. Akiza wanted to start studying a Deck arranged specifically for Tag Duels. For that, she wanted to have the latest cards and asked the player if he could take her to any good shops. While the two were shopping, they saw Yuma, who was trying to convince Tasha to be more sociable, but Tasha was not interested. Yuma asked Akiza if she could tell Tasha that everyone wanted to be her friend. Tasha announced that she had no desire to make friends. Akiza accepted that decision was Tasha's to make and explained that she was once like her; she used to shun people and thought she could use Dueling as a way to get rid of them, but she later learned that Dueling was a way to deeper her bond with people. She said that she was forever grateful to the person, who thought her that and asked if Tasha was close to anyone like that. Tasha replied "nobody", but Yuma liked the idea of getting close to people through Dueling and suggested that they all Duel. Tasha agreed to do it once, so she paired up with Yuma, while Akiza went with the player.[13]

Yuma thought that she failed, when Akiza and the player won. Yuma and Tasha both admitted to making mistakes that cost them the Duel and Tasha thought that she needed to know more about Yuma's strategy. Akiza mentioned the important of trust and not relying solely on oneself in Tag Duels. She said that a solid understanding of a partner's feelings will improve results and that goes for more than just Dueling. Tasha and Yuma agreed and Yuma asked if the player was the person who taught her this. Akiza remained silent for a moment and Tasha decided to leave because Yuma was being nosy. Before leaving, Yuma thanked Akiza for her help.[13]

TF05 Reclaim my title

Ida tries to reclaim the title "Queen of Queens" from Akiza.

Ida marked Akiza as a sworn enemy and called her out for a Duel. Since Yusei was busy, she asked the player if he could come with her. Ida vowed that she would reclaim her Duel Academy Queen of Queens title from Akiza. Akiza responded that the title was all in Ida's head and that she had no interest in such a thing. She said that there was no need to fight, as Ida could just take back her title and leave. However Ida refused to leave without a fight; she claimed her pride was taken from her through a Duel, so that was how she planned on winning it back. She mocked Akiza for bringing a man with her for help, calling her predictable. She asked No Money Yayoi (Rei) to help her. Although Yayoi felt that Ida was being annoying, she did not want to let her partner down. Akiza affirmed Yayoi's suspicion that she also had someone in her life she could never betray. Akiza and the player then Tag Dueled against Ida and Yayoi.[1]

Akiza and the player won the Duel, but Ida swore it was not over. She proclaimed that Akiza is her lifelong rival and that she would beat her next time. When Ida left, Yayoi disclosed that she felt that she crossed paths with Akiza for a reason and asked if she could give Ida attention if she sees her at school. Akiza was surprised, as she thought Ida hated her with a passion, but Yayoi assured her that she was the one Ida admired. Akiza thought that she admired Yayoi and Yayoi admitted that she does look up to her, but she did not want Ida to end up like her; involved in crime.[1]

When Yayoi left, Akiza spoke to the player about how a lot can be learned about people through Dueling and while Yusei was the one who changed her through Dueling, the player was the one who taught her how to enjoy Dueling.[1]


The player is able to give Akiza gifts. The following tables detail how much she likes or dislikes the gifts.

Tag Force 4

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
Card accessories

Tag Force 4 (Duel Academy)

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
Card accessories

Tag Force 5

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
Card accessories

Tag Force 5 (Duel Academy)

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
Card accessories

Tag Force 6

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
Card accessories

Tag Force 6 (Duel Academy)

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
Card accessories


Tag Force 4

Tag Force 5

Ending scenes


Akiza uses Plant Decks in every game. In Tag Force 5 and 6, she switches to Psychic Decks as a Duel Academy student,

Tag Force 4

Normal Akiza

Black Rose Messenger (黒薔薇の使徒) ★4
Black Rose Witch (黒薔薇の魔女) ★2
Black Rose Queen (黒薔薇の女王) ★7
Black Rose Goddess (黒薔薇の女神) ★8

Duel Academy Akiza

Akiza's Decks as a Duel Academy student in Tag Force 4 are named after her negative states of mind.

Loneliness (孤独) ★7
Pain (苦痛) ★6
Scream (悲鳴) ★8
Volupté (愉悦) ★9

Tag Force 5

Normal Akiza

Black Rose's Practice (黒薔薇のプラクティス) ★6
Black Rose's Training (黒薔薇のトレーニング) ★1
Black Rose's Graduation (黒薔薇のグラデュエーション) ★8
Black Rose's License (黒薔薇のライセンス) ★9

Duel Academy Akiza

A Happy School Life (愉快な学園生活) ★4
A Fun School Life (楽しい学園生活) ★2
A Serious School Life (本気の学園生活) ★6
A School Life about to Die (必死の学園生活) ★2

Tag Force 6

Normal Akiza

Black Rose Residency (黒薔薇のレジデンシー) ★6
Black Rose Internship (黒薔薇のインターンシップ) ★3
Fellowship of the Black Rose (黒薔薇のフェローシップ) ★7
Black Rose Specialists (黒薔薇のスペシャリスト) ★8

Duel Academy Akiza

Melancholy of Student Council (生徒会会計の憂鬱) ★3
Early Sigh of Student Council (生徒会書記の溜息) ★1
Vice-Chairman of the Bored Student Council (生徒会副会長の退屈) ★8
President of the Runaway Student Council (生徒会長の暴走) ★4

Tag Force Special

Black Rose Pruning (黒薔薇の剪定, Kurobara no sentei) ★7
Rose Gardening (ローズ・ガーデニング) ★3
Amaryllis Clusters (大輪の彼岸花, Dairin no higanbana) ★5
Botanity and Roses (ボタニティとバラ, Botaniti to bara) ★7


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