"Ai" (Ai (アイ) ) is an archetype of Spell and Trap Cards that supports the "@Ignister" archetype, and is used by Ai in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.



True to its name, all the card artworks in this archetype feature Ai (in his original form), mainly in various comical positions.


To go along with the comical nature of the artwork, some of the names of the cards are puns that involve replacing the syllables with the English writing, "Ai." The puns are more noticeable in Japanese compared to being translated into English.


Card Origin
Ai Ai Wall Peaceful
Ai Mine Cloud mining
Ai Shadow Eye shadow
Ai's Hymn Hymn to Love
Ai's Ritual Ritual
AiLove Yousion "I love you"
Aidle Reborn Idle
HAi "Hi"/Greeting/"I, Kill"
Ignister AiLand Island
TAi Strike Tie/Double Knockout (JP meaning)
TAimed Technique Maai/"Timed"

Playing style


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