Aged counterparts are a series of monsters who have been aged by "Time Wizard". Each aged counterpart has a card featuring their younger self. The method through which "Time Wizard" ages them varies.

"Thousand Dragon" and "Dark Sage" are the only aged counterparts in the OCG/TCG, with "Baby Dragon" and "Dark Magician" as their respective younger counterparts.



If the effect of "Time Wizard" is successful, all monsters on the field are aged. Monsters typically become visibly wrinkled, decayed, and rusted. This results in them becoming much weaker or destroyed.

"Baby Dragon" is the only monster shown to have been positively affected.

Young Old
Image Name ATK DEF Image Name ATK DEF
BabyDragon-JP-Manga-DM-CA Baby Dragon 1200 700 ThousandDragon-JP-Manga-DM-NC Thousand Dragon 2400 2500


Aged counterparts functioned in the anime, largely the same as in the manga.

An additional card is shown to benefit from the aging effect of "Time Wizard"; "Dark Magician", which becomes "Dark Sage". Like most monsters, "Dark Sage" is weakened in terms of ATK. However it also gains effects.

Young Old
Image Name ATK DEF Image Name ATK DEF
BabyDragon-OW Baby Dragon 1200 700 ThousandDragon-OW Thousand Dragon 2400 2000
DarkMagician-OW Dark Magician 2500 2100 DarkSage-OW Dark Sage 100  ???


The anime and manga aging process did not conform well to the rules of the real world card game.

"Thousand Dragon" was instead made a Fusion Monster, with "Time Wizard" and "Baby Dragon" as its material.

"Dark Sage", which was released much later, was given a Summoning method closer to its anime self. It is a Main Deck card, Summoned by Tributing "Dark Magician" after applying the positive effect of "Time Wizard". Unlike its anime self, it is stronger than "Dark Magician" in terms of ATK and DEF. It has a weaker effect than its anime self.

Young Old
Image Name Level ATK DEF Image Name Level ATK DEF
BabyDragon-TF04-JP-VG Baby Dragon 3 1200 700 ThousandDragon-TF05-JP-VG Thousand Dragon 7 2400 2000
DarkMagician-TF05-JP-VG Dark Magician 7 2500 2100 DarkSage-TF04-JP-VG Dark Sage 9 2800 3200

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, all the aged counterparts can be created through Fusion Summon, using "Time Wizard" and the younger counterpart.

If the player does not have the actual card for the aged counterpart, they can Summon the monster through Fusion Summon. If they have the actual card, they can Summon it normally, without performing a Fusion Summon.

Unlike other media, the younger counterpart, can be one of many cards.

Young Old
Image Name ATK DEF Image Name ATK DEF
EmbryonicBeast-TF04-JP-VG Embryonic Beast 500 750 SummonedSkull-TF04-JP-VG Summoned Skull 2500 1200
A "dragon" monster[note 1] with less than 2400 ATK. < 2400 ThousandDragon-TF05-JP-VG Thousand Dragon 2400 2000
A "turtle" monster. 30000YearWhiteTurtle-GX02-JP-VG 30,000-Year White Turtle 1250 2100


  1. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, a "dragon" can be anything that is Dragon-Type or has the word "dragon" in its Japanese name or lore.
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