Advent of Union is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is the second Booster Pack in Series 3.

In other languages, Advent of Union is amalgamated with Champion of Black Magic into Magician's Force.

This set introduces Union Monsters, including the XYZ series.


Each pack contains 5 cards and each box contains 30 packs.

The set contains 55 cards or 60 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
302-001"People Running About"「逃げまどう民」CommonNormal Monster
302-002"Oppressed People"「弾圧される民」CommonNormal Monster
302-003"United Resistance"「団結するレジスタンス」CommonNormal Monster
302-004"X-Head Cannon"「X-ヘッド・キャノン」Super RareNormal Monster
302-005"Y-Dragon Head"「Y-ドラゴン・ヘッド」Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Union monster
302-006"Z-Metal Tank"「Z-メタル・キャタピラー」Super RareUnion monster
302-007"Dark Blade"「闇魔界の戦士 ダークソード」Super RareNormal Monster
302-008"Pitch-Dark Dragon"「漆黒の闘龍」CommonUnion monster
302-009"Kiryu"「騎竜」CommonUnion monster
302-010"Decayed Commander"「朽ち果てた武将」CommonEffect Monster
302-011"Zombie Tiger"「ゾンビタイガー」CommonUnion monster
302-012"Giant Orc"「ジャイアント・オーク」CommonEffect Monster
302-013"Second Goblin"「セコンド・ゴブリン」CommonUnion monster
302-014"Vampiric Orchis"「ブラッド・オーキス」CommonEffect Monster
302-015"Des Dendle"「デス・デンドル」CommonUnion monster
302-016"Burning Beast"「灼岩魔獣」CommonUnion monster
302-017"Freezing Beast"「氷岩魔獣」CommonUnion monster
302-018"Union Rider"「ユニオン・ライダー」CommonEffect Monster
302-019"D.D. Crazy Beast"「異次元の狂獣」CommonEffect Monster
302-020"Spell Canceller"「マジック・キャンセラー」Ultra Rare
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
302-021"Neko Mane King"「ネコマネキング」CommonEffect Monster
302-022"Helping Robo for Combat"「白兵戦型お手伝いロボ」RareEffect Monster
302-023"Dimension Jar"「ディメンション・ポッド」CommonFlip monster
302-024"Great Phantom Thief"「世紀の大泥棒」RareEffect Monster
302-025"Roulette Barrel"「ルーレットボマー」CommonEffect Monster
302-026"Paladin of White Dragon"「白竜の聖騎士」Ultra Rare
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
302-027"White Dragon Ritual"「白竜降臨」CommonRitual Spell Card
302-028"Frontline Base"「前線基地」CommonContinuous Spell Card
302-029"Demotion"「降格処分」CommonEquip Spell Card
302-030"Combination Attack"「コンビネーション・アタック」RareQuick-Play Spell Card
302-031"Kaiser Colosseum"「カイザーコロシアム」CommonContinuous Spell Card
302-032"Autonomous Action Unit"「自律行動ユニット」CommonEquip Spell Card
302-033"Poison of the Old Man"「ご隠居の猛毒薬」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
302-034"Ante"「アンティ勝負」RareNormal Spell Card
302-035"Dark Core"「ブラック・コア」RareNormal Spell Card
302-036"Raregold Armor"「レアゴールド・アーマー」CommonEquip Spell Card
302-037"Metalsilver Armor"「メタルシルバー・アーマー」CommonEquip Spell Card
302-038"Kishido Spirit"「騎士道精神」CommonContinuous Spell Card
302-039"Tribute Doll"「生け贄人形」RareNormal Spell Card
302-040"Wave-Motion Cannon"「波動キャノン」CommonContinuous Spell Card
302-041"Huge Revolution"「大革命」CommonNormal Trap Card
302-042"Thunder of Ruler"「覇者の一括」CommonNormal Trap Card
302-043"Spell Shield Type-8"「八式対魔法多重結界」Super RareCounter Trap Card
302-044"Meteorain"「メテオ・レイン」CommonNormal Trap Card
302-045"Pineapple Blast"「パイナップル爆彈」CommonNormal Trap Card
302-046"Secret Barrel"「仕込みマシンガン」CommonNormal Trap Card
302-047"Physical Double"「物理分身」CommonNormal Trap Card
302-048"Rivalry of Warlords"「群雄割拠」CommonContinuous Trap Card
302-049"Formation Union"「フォーメーション・ユニオン」CommonNormal Trap Card
302-050"Adhesion Trap Hole"「粘着落とし穴」CommonNormal Trap Card
302-051"XY-Dragon Cannon"「XY-ドラゴン・キャノン」Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
302-052"XYZ-Dragon Cannon"「XYZ-ドラゴン・キャノン」Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
302-053"XZ-Tank Cannon"「XZ-キャタピラー・キャノン」Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
302-054"YZ-Tank Dragon"「YZ-キャタピラー・ドラゴン」Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
302-055"Barrel Dragon"「リボルバー・ドラゴン」Ultimate RareEffect Monster
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