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Advanced Tournament Pack 2013 Vol.2 is the twenty-fifth installment of the Japanese Tournament Pack series. The advanced packs come in two styles Gold and Silver. The Gold pack is awarded to the tournament winners and is guaranteed to have a Parallel Rare inside. The Silver packs are awarded as participation packs and have a chance of having a Parallel Rare card.


There are 2 cards per pack.

The set includes 10 cards. This is comprised of:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
AT02-JP001 Colossal Fighter ギガンテック・ファイター Normal Parallel Rare Effect Synchro Monster
AT02-JP002 Genex Neutron ジェネクス・ニュートロン Normal Parallel Rare Effect Tuner Monster
AT02-JP003 Generation Shift ジェネレーション・チェンジ Normal Parallel Rare Normal Trap Card
AT02-JP004 Archfiend of Gilfer (あん) (こく) () (ぞく) ギルファー・デーモン Common Effect Monster
AT02-JP005 Frequency Magician マジカルフィシアリスト Common Effect Tuner Monster
AT02-JP006 Tune Warrior チューン・ウォリアー Common Tuner Monster
AT02-JP007 Synchro Boost シンクロ・ヒーロー Common Equip Spell Card
AT02-JP008 Treacherous Trap Hole (こう) (かつ) () とし (あな) Common Normal Trap Card
AT02-JP009 Mecha Phantom Beast Token (Harrliard) (げん) (じゅう) () トークン 「ハリアード」 Common Token Monster
AT02-JP010 Creator of Hope () (ぼう) (そう) (ぞう) (しゃ) Common Effect Monster