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Advanced Event Pack 2019 Vol.1 is a Booster Pack that is available as a Tournament Prize or Participation Pack released to the Korean tournament locations.


There are 2 cards per pack. The set contains 25 cards.



Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
AE13-KR001"Jet Synchron""제트 싱크론"Secret RareEffect Tuner monster
AE13-KR002"Knightmare Phoenix""트로이메어 피닉스"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
AE13-KR003"Called by the Grave""무덤의 지명자"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AE13-KR004"Sky Striker Ace Token""섬도희 토큰"Secret RareToken
AE13-KR005"Shiranui Spiritmaster""시라누이의 궁사"Super RareEffect Monster
AE13-KR006"Blackwing - Steam the Cloak""BF (블랙페더) -은신의 스팀"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
AE13-KR007"Altergeist Kunquery""얼터가이스트 쿤티에리"Super RareEffect Monster
AE13-KR008"T.G. Rush Rhino""TG (테크지너스) 러시 라이노"Super RareEffect Monster
AE13-KR009"Magician's Rod""매지션즈 로드"Super RareEffect Monster
AE13-KR010"Pre-Preparation of Rites""의식의 밑준비"Super RareNormal Spell Card
AE13-KR011"Madolche Ticket""마돌체 티켓"Super RareContinuous Spell Card
AE13-KR012"Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones""섬도기-호넷비트"Super RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AE13-KR013"Trickstar Reincarnation""트릭스터 리인카네이션"Super RareNormal Trap Card
AE13-KR014"T.G. Cyber Magician""TG (테크지너스) 사이버 매지션"CommonEffect Tuner monster
AE13-KR015"Rain Bozu""레인 보즈"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
AE13-KR016"Link Party""링크 파티"CommonNormal Spell Card
AE13-KR017"Destiny HERO - Disk Commander""데스티니 히어로 디스크 가이"CommonEffect Monster
AE13-KR018"Neo Space""네오스페이스"CommonField Spell Card
AE13-KR019"Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin""네오 스페이시언 마린 돌핀"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
AE13-KR020"Neo Space Pathfinder""네오 스페이스 컨덕터"CommonEffect Monster
AE13-KR021"Rainbow Neos""레인보우 네오스"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
AE13-KR022"Mudragon of the Swamp""늪지의 도로곤"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
AE13-KR023"Hierophant of Prophecy""마도법황 하이론"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
AE13-KR024"Starliege Lord Galaxion""휘광제 갤럭시온"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
AE13-KR025"Koa'ki Meiru Initialize!""강철핵 초기화"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card