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Advanced Event Pack 2018 Vol.1 is a Booster Pack that is available as a Tournament Prize or Participation Pack released to the Korean tournament locations.


There are 2 cards per pack. The set contains 25 cards.



Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
AE12-KR001"Raviel, Lord of Phantasms""환마황제라비엘"Secret RareEffect Monster
AE12-KR002"Altergeist Meluseek""얼터가이스트 멜리시크"Secret RareEffect Monster
AE12-KR003"Lonefire Blossom""론 파이어 블로섬"Secret RareEffect Monster
AE12-KR004"Decode Talker""디코드 토커"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
AE12-KR005"Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion""환상수기 오라이온"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
AE12-KR006"Subterror Fiendess""서브테러의 요마"Super RareEffect Monster
AE12-KR007"Gale Dogra""게일 도그라"Super RareEffect Monster
AE12-KR008"Interrupt Resistor""인터럽트 레지스탕스"Super RareEffect Monster
AE12-KR009"Trickstar Lycoris""트릭스터 만쥬시카"Super RareEffect Monster
AE12-KR010"Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss""피안의 악귀 퍼파렐"Super RareEffect Monster
AE12-KR011"Destrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson""망룡의 전율-데스트루도"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
AE12-KR012"Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm""패왕권룡 다크브룸"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
AE12-KR013"Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi""그림자령수사-세피라웬디"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
AE12-KR014"Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack""환상수기 드래고사크"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
AE12-KR015"Avenging Knight Parshath""신성기사 파샤스"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
AE12-KR016"Genex Controller""제넥스 컨트롤러"CommonNormal Tuner monster
AE12-KR017"Vampire Sorcerer""뱀파이어 소서러"CommonEffect Monster
AE12-KR018"Kikinagashi Fucho""흘려듣는 풍조"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
AE12-KR019"Linkerbell""링크르벨"CommonEffect Link Monster
AE12-KR020"Martial Metal Marcher""양절의 군주"CommonEffect Tuner Synchro Monster
AE12-KR021"Number 13: Embodiment of Crime""No.13 케인즈 데블"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
AE12-KR022"Number 31: Embodiment of Punishment""No.31 아밸즈 데블"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
AE12-KR023"Six Scrolls of the Samurai""여섯 무사의 서"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AE12-KR024"Mythical Beast Cerberus""마도수 케로베로스"CommonEffect Monster
AE12-KR025"Gadget Token""가제트 토큰"CommonToken