The set includes 25 cards. This is comprised of:



Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
AE05-KR001 Artifact Beagalltach 아티팩트-베갈타 Secret Rare Effect Monster
AE05-KR002 Madolche Anjelly 마돌체 엔젤리 Secret Rare Effect Monster
AE05-KR003 Heavy Storm 태풍 Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
AE05-KR004 Polymerization 융합 Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
AE05-KR005 Madolche Mewfeuille 마돌체 밀피야 Super Rare Effect Monster
AE05-KR006 T.G. Warwolf TG (테크지너스) 워울프 Super Rare Effect Monster
AE05-KR007 Debris Dragon 데브리 드래곤 Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
AE05-KR008 Armageddon Knight 종말의 기사 Super Rare Effect Monster
AE05-KR009 Dark Grepher 다크 그레퍼 Super Rare Effect Monster
AE05-KR010 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Leopard 속염성-타이효 Super Rare Effect Monster
AE05-KR011 Light-Imprisoning Mirror 섬광을흡수하는마법거울 Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
AE05-KR012 Stardust Spark Dragon 섬광룡 스타더스트 Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
AE05-KR013 Santa Claws 사탄클로스 Super Rare Effect Monster
AE05-KR014 Raiza the Storm Monarch 바람 제왕 라이저 Common Effect Monster
AE05-KR015 Djinn Releaser of Rituals 의식마인 릴리서 Common Effect Monster
AE05-KR016 Lava Battleguard 바바리안 1호 Common Effect Monster
AE05-KR017 Swamp Battleguard 바바리안 2호 Common Effect Monster
AE05-KR018 King of the Swamp 늪지의 마신왕 Common Effect Monster
AE05-KR019 Nutrient Z 체력 증강제 슈퍼 Z Common Normal Trap Card
AE05-KR020 Fishborg Doctor 피시보그 닥터 Common Effect Monster
AE05-KR021 Cloudcastle 부야성 Common Effect Synchro Monster
AE05-KR022 Pilgrim Reaper 필그림리퍼 Common Effect Xyz Monster
AE05-KR023 Cyber Stein 데블 프랑켄 Common Effect Monster
AE05-KR024 Panzer Dragon 중장기갑팬저 드래곤 Common Effect Fusion Monster
AE05-KR025 Hippo Token 히포 토큰 Common Token
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