The set includes 25 cards. This is comprised of:



Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
AE04-KR001"Bottomless Trap Hole""나락의 함정 속으로"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
AE04-KR002"Bujin Yamato""무사신-야마토"Secret RareEffect Monster
AE04-KR003"Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack""환상수기 드래고사크"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
AE04-KR004"Harpie Dancer""해피 댄서"Secret RareEffect Monster
AE04-KR005"Ghostrick Jiangshi""고스트릭 강시"Super RareEffect Monster
AE04-KR006"Fire Formation - Gyokkou""염무-「옥충」"Super RareContinuous Spell Card
AE04-KR007"Madolche Messengelato""마돌체 메신젤라또"Super RareEffect Monster
AE04-KR008"Battlin' Boxer Switchitter""BK (버닝나쿠라) 스위치히터"Super RareEffect Monster
AE04-KR009"Dragged Down into the Grave""무덤으로의 동반"Super RareNormal Spell Card
AE04-KR010"Chronomaly Crystal Bones""오파츠 크리스탈 본"Super RareEffect Monster
AE04-KR011"Gladiator Beast Lanista""검투수라 니스타"Super RareEffect Monster
AE04-KR012"Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer""기믹 퍼핏-기어 체인저"Super RareEffect Monster
AE04-KR013"Gravekeeper's Spy""묘지기의 정찰자"Super RareFlip monster
AE04-KR014"Overworked""오버스펙"CommonNormal Trap Card
AE04-KR015"Stygian Street Patrol""헬웨이 패트롤"CommonEffect Monster
AE04-KR016"Inferno Reckless Summon""지옥의 폭주소환"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
AE04-KR017"Miracle Fertilizer""증초제"CommonContinuous Spell Card
AE04-KR018"Trade-In""트레이드 인"CommonNormal Spell Card
AE04-KR019"Copy Plant""카피 플랜트"CommonEffect Tuner monster
AE04-KR020"Shield Crush""실드 크러시"CommonNormal Spell Card
AE04-KR021"Flying Penguin""토비 펭귄"CommonNormal Monster
AE04-KR022"Acid Trap Hole""황산의 함정 속으로"CommonNormal Trap Card
AE04-KR023"Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord""궁극봉인신 엑조디오스"CommonEffect Monster
AE04-KR024"Trap Stun""트랩 스턴"CommonNormal Trap Card
AE04-KR025"Creator of Miracles""기적의 창조자"CommonEffect Monster
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