The set includes 25 cards. This is comprised of:



Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
AE01-KR001"Spellbook of Judgment""마도서의 신판"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AE01-KR002"Crimson Blader""크림즌 블레이더"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
AE01-KR003"Number 39: Utopia""No.39 유토피아"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
AE01-KR004"Solemn Judgment""신의 심판"Secret RareCounter Trap Card
AE01-KR005"Mecha Phantom Beast Token" (Megaraptor)"환상수기 토큰"Super RareToken
AE01-KR006"Droll & Lock Bird""드롤 & 로크 버드"Super RareEffect Monster
AE01-KR007"Hysteric Party""히스테릭 파티"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AE01-KR008"Super Rejuvenation""초재생능력"Super RareQuick-Play Spell Card
AE01-KR009"Mermail Abysspike""머메일 - 어비스파이크"Super RareEffect Monster
AE01-KR010"Eradicator Epidemic Virus""어둠의 덱 파괴 바이러스"Super RareNormal Trap Card
AE01-KR011"Safe Zone""안전지대"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
AE01-KR012"Exploder Dragon""폭탄 드래곤"Super RareEffect Monster
AE01-KR013"Fire Formation - Tenki""염무-「천기」"Super RareContinuous Spell Card
AE01-KR014"Harpie's Pet Dragon""해피의 애완 드래곤"CommonEffect Monster
AE01-KR015"Creator of Hope""희망의 창조자"CommonEffect Monster
AE01-KR016"Vanity's Fiend""배너티 데블"CommonEffect Monster
AE01-KR017"Toon Table of Contents""툰 목차"CommonNormal Spell Card
AE01-KR018"Toon Gemini Elf""툰쌍둥이자매엘프"CommonToon monster
AE01-KR019"Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo""파슬 다이너 파키세팔로"CommonEffect Monster
AE01-KR020"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing""환상수 크로스윙"CommonEffect Monster
AE01-KR021"Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus""환상수 썬더페가수"CommonEffect Monster
AE01-KR022"Archfiend of Gilfer""암흑 마족 길퍼 데몬"CommonEffect Monster
AE01-KR023"Treacherous Trap Hole""교활한 함정 속으로"CommonNormal Trap Card
AE01-KR024"Imperial Iron Wall""왕궁의 철벽"CommonContinuous Trap Card
AE01-KR025"Mecha Phantom Beast Token" (Harrliard)"환상수기 토큰"CommonToken
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