The backing of an Action Card

Action Cards (アクションカード Akushon Kādo) are cards used exclusively in Action Duels, which appear in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime and manga. They are not real cards, but are created with the "Solid Vision with Mass" effect as soon as the Dueling Field is created.

Action Cards being spread in the field.

An Action Duel can only take place if a Field Spell Card that allows the activation of Action Cards is active. When an Action Duel begins, Action Cards are disbursed in a fashion fitting the theme of the active Field Spell, which means the cards can be spread out immediately for the Duelists to find or can be made available at different times via the field's setting. Duelists can search for them during the Duel, and if they find an Action Card they can add it to their hand. Duelists can only hold on to one Action Card at a time.[1] Each player has a time limit during their turn in order to keep them from stalling the Duel in a continuous search for Action Cards.[2]

In the anime, the most common Action Card is "Evasion" with "Miracle" being a close second due to their simplicity, with at least one of these action cards being available on almost every action field to date and being particularly common on the Lancers' "Crossover" action field. In the manga, the same Action Card has not appeared in multiple duels.

Some duelists purposely refrain from searching for Action Cards, such as Yuya's friend Gong Strong, these duelists are called "Non-Action" or "Heavystrong" duelists. ("Steadfast" duelists in the original version.)

There are several Action Cards that appear in different fields and are usually used to help save the Duelist from an attack (such as "Evasion" and "Miracle"). However, there are some Action Cards that appear to be specific to the field they appear in, following its theme. Examples include "Twinkle Comet" correlating to "Cosmic Sanctuary" and "Extreme Sword" to "Sword's Cemetery".

While in the hand, Action Cards can be used to pay for discarding effects, so if a card effect requires multiple discards to activate, a Duelist can quickly find and discard consecutive Action Cards to preserve their hand.[1] Action Cards can be activated from the hand during either player's turn. When a player adds an Action Card to their hand, card effects that activate when a card(s) is added to a player's hand can be used, as seen when Dipper activated "Cosmic Arrow" in his Duel against Yuya.[2]

Most Action Cards seen are Spell Cards. The Action Trap Cards that have appeared all activate automatically upon being touched. Since the Action Spells can be played when found, it would seem Action Traps for the opponent would be moot and the Traps are intended for those who pick them up. Not all Action Spell Cards necessarily bring advantages to those who picked them up, as seen with Mad Hurricane, a card that shuffles all cards a player controls back into the Deck. Action Field Spell Cards can also be found and activated during the Duel as seen with "Quiz Quest - Extra Stage".[3]

All Action Cards


 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Acceleration加速Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Action Crushクラッシュ・アクションSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Attack Forceアタック・フォースSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Battle Burnerバトル・バーナーSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Battle Changeバトル・チェンジSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Battle Lockバトル・ロックSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Benkei Guardベンケイ・ガードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Big Escape大脱出Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Blinding Blizzardブラインド・ブリザードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Break ShotブレイクショットTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Broken Ruinブレイク・ルインSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Burning Barrel大火筒Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Candy Coatキャンディ・コートSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Candy Showerキャンディ・シャワーSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Charge Recklessly突撃Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Choice Choice奇跡の選択Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Cosmic Arrowコスモ・アローSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Cursed Gemカースド・クリスタルSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Curtain ClapカーテンコールSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Damage Banishダメージ・バニッシュSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Damage Drawダメージ・ドローSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Detour効果暴走Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Double AttackバイアタックSpell CardNormal Spell Card
EncoreアンコールSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Energy Biscuitsエナジー・メイトSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Evasion回避Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Evasive Evasion魔回避Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Extreme Swordエクストリーム・ソードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Fire Gemファイヤー・クリスタルSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Flame Ballフレイム・ボールSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Flame Chainフレイム・チェーンSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Flame Guardフレイム・ガードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Flame Surgeフレイム・パワーSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Freeze Freezerフリーズ・フリーザーSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Guard Coverガード・カバーSpell CardNormal Spell Card
High DiveハイダイブSpell CardNormal Spell Card
IlluminationイルミネーションSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Illusion Danceイリュージョン・ダンスSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Illusion Fireイリュージョン・ファイヤーSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Invisibility透明Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Jump ShotジャンプショットTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Lock Drawドロー・ロックSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Lousy Luck大凶Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Mad Hurricaneマッド・ハリケーンSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Miracle奇跡Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Miracle Fireミラクル・ファイヤーSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Mirror Barrierミラー・バリアSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Monster MicrowaveデキテルレンジSpell CardNormal Spell Card
NananaナナナSpell CardNormal Spell Card
No ActionノーアクションSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Over Swordオーバー・ソードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Overpass立体交差Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Power Gemパワー・クリスタルSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Quick GuardクイックガードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Quiz Action - Math for 100クイズ: 数学の100Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Quiz Action - Math for 200クイズ: 数学の200Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Quiz Action - Math for 5000クイズ: 数学の5000Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Quiz Action - Science for 100クイズ: 理科の100Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Quiz Action - Science for 300クイズ: 理科の300Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Quiz Action - Trivia for 1000クイズ: なぞなぞの1000Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Quiz Action - Trivia for 300クイズ: なぞなぞの300Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Quiz Action - Trivia for 500クイズ: なぞなぞの500Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Rejuvenation起死回生Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Restore復活Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Single Destructionシングル・ディストラクションSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Sound Reboundヒートアップ・サウンドSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Spicy Spiceエクセレント・スパイスSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Stand UpスタンドアップSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Sunshine Smileおひさまの元気Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Take Flight飛翔Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Tenacity不撓不屈Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Twinkle Cometティンクル・コメットSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Victory Toppingヴィクトリー・トッピングSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Wonder ChanceワンダーチャンスSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Zero Penaltyゼロ・ペナルティSpell CardNormal Spell Card


 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Ability Yellアビリティ・エールSpell Card
Against the Windアゲインスト・ウィンドSpell Card
Attack and Defense Exchange攻守交換Spell Card
Balloon Carnivalバルーン・カーニバルSpell Card
Big DamageビッグダメージSpell Card
Big Dominoesビッグ・ドミノSpell Card
Block DrawブロックドローSpell Card
Break Actionブレイク・アクションSpell Card
Break Shotブレイク・ショットTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Bubble Bomb Memoryバブルボム・メモリーSpell Card
Bubble Downバブル・ダウンSpell Card
Bubble Wallバブル・ウォルSpell Card
Chain Bonus連鎖ボーナスSpell Card
Copy MagicコピーマジックSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Double Bankingダブル・バンキングSpell Card
Double Bull ShowerダブルブルシャワーSpell Card
Double Burstダブル・バーストSpell Card
Drag ChuteドラッグシュートSpell Card
Exhaust NoteエキゾストノートSpell Card
Extra Salvationエクストラ・サルベーションSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Follow WingフォローウィングSpell Card
Full FairingフルカウルSpell Card
Full TurnフルターンSpell Card
Gravity Turn重力ターンSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Great WingグレートウイングSpell Card
Guard ChangeガードチェンジSpell Card
Haunted Lance伏魔殿の螺暈崇Spell Card
Haunted Legend Pair Card 1伏魔殿の合わせ札ISpell Card
Haunted Legend Pair Card 2伏魔殿の合わせ札ⅡSpell Card
Haunted Missile伏魔殿の魅災硫Spell Card
High-Speed Dribble高速ドリブルSpell Card
Illusion Trickイリュージョン・トリックSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Jumping Through the Fire Ring火の輪くぐりSpell Card
Knife Throwナイフ投げSpell Card
Limit Lockリミット・ロックSpell Card
Long-Awaited Encore待望の追加公演Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Mini Bombプチ・ボムSpell Card
Nightmare Prey悪夢の道連れSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Potential Yellポテンシャル・エールSpell CardNormal Spell Card
PowerizeパワーライズSpell Card
Protective Windプロテクト・ウィンドSpell Card
Reaction Drawリアクション・ドローSpell Card
Reverse Dominosリバース・ドミノSpell Card
Reverse Lockリバース・ロックSpell Card
RevibubbleリバイバブルSpell Card
Revival FighterリバイバルファイターSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Rocket Spikeロケット・スパイクSpell Card
Second Attackセカンド・アタックSpell Card
Shot BombショットボムSpell Card
The Show Must Go Onショー・マスト・ゴー・オンSpell Card
Sky Fallスカイ・フォールSpell Card
Sky Meteorスカイ・メテオSpell Card
Space DebrisスペースデブリSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Splash Seedsスプラッシュ・シードSpell Card
Star Boostスター・ブーストSpell Card
Starlight UpスターライトアップSpell Card
StopストップSpell Card
Swingmelonスイング・スイカSpell Card
Team Performapal's BondsチームEMの絆Spell Card
Trap Eraserトラップ・イレイザーSpell Card
Twinkle CometティンクルコメットSpell Card
Wings of Dimension次元の翼Spell CardNormal Spell Card

Action Card support cards

Action Cards are primarily supported by the Field Spell Cards used for Action Duels.


 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Acidic DownpourアシッドレインSpell CardField Spell Card
Acrobatic Circusアスレチック・サーカスSpell CardField Spell Card
Amazoness Villageアマゾネスの里Spell CardField Spell Card
Bamboo Battleground仙界竹林Spell CardField Spell Card
Brain Research Lab脳開発研究所Spell CardField Spell Card
Calamity Cove絶海の孤島Spell CardField Spell Card
Canyon断層地帯Spell CardField Spell Card
Castle of Chaos辺境の牙王城Spell CardField Spell Card
Chaos Kitchenアクション・キッチンSpell CardField Spell Card
Closed Forestクローザー・フォレストSpell CardField Spell Card
Cosmic Sanctuary星の聖域Spell CardField Spell Card
Crossoverクロス・オーバーSpell CardField Spell Card
Crossover Accelerationクロス・オーバー・アクセルSpell CardField Spell Card
Crystal Corridorクリスタル・コリドーSpell CardField Spell Card
Dragon Ravine竜の渓谷Spell CardField Spell Card
Earthbound Tundra地縛原Spell CardField Spell Card
EncoreアンコールSpell CardNormal Spell Card
ForestSpell CardField Spell Card
FortuneterrorフォーチュンテラーSpell CardField Spell Card
Gaia PowerガイアパワーSpell CardField Spell Card
The Gates of Dark World暗黒界の門Spell CardField Spell Card
Geartown歯車街Spell CardField Spell Card
Ghostrick Museumゴーストリック・ミュージアムSpell CardField Spell Card
Harpies' Hunting Groundハーピィの狩場Spell CardField Spell Card
Infinite Bridges無限架橋Spell CardField Spell Card
Jurassic WorldジュラシックワールドSpell CardField Spell Card
Karakuri Showdown Castle風雲カラクリ城Spell CardField Spell Card
A Legendary Ocean伝説の都 アトランティスSpell CardField Spell Card
Madolche Chateauマドルチェ・シャトーSpell CardField Spell Card
Mausoleum of the Emperor死皇帝の陵墓Spell CardField Spell Card
Miracle Fireミラクル・ファイヤーSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Morphtronic MapD・フィールドSpell CardField Spell Card
MountainSpell CardField Spell Card
Mystic Plasma ZoneダークゾーンSpell CardField Spell Card
Neo Heartland City未来都市 ハートランドSpell CardField Spell Card
Pandemonium万魔殿-悪魔の巣窟-Spell CardField Spell Card
Performance Colosseumエンタメ・コロッセオSpell CardField Spell Card
Pier of Peril仏恥義理埠頭Spell CardField Spell Card
Plain Plainプレイン・プレーンSpell CardField Spell Card
Prison Tower of Darkvilleダークタウンの幽閉塔Spell CardField Spell Card
Quartet of Quandryワンダー・カルテットSpell CardField Spell Card
Quiz Questクイズ・フロンティアSpell CardField Spell Card
Quiz Quest - Extra Stageクイズ・フロンティア-エクストラ・ステージSpell CardField Spell Card
Rising Air CurrentデザートストームSpell CardField Spell Card
Savage Colosseumサベージ・コロシアムSpell CardField Spell Card
Showtime Streetマジカル・ブロードウェイSpell CardField Spell Card
Shrine of Mist Valley霞の谷の祭壇Spell CardField Spell Card
Sogen草原Spell CardField Spell Card
Sun Valleyおひさまの谷Spell CardField Spell Card
Sunset Stronghold夕日の荒城Spell CardField Spell Card
Sweets Islandスウィーツ・アイランドSpell CardField Spell Card
Sword's Cemetery剣の墓場Spell CardField Spell Card
UmiSpell CardField Spell Card
UmiirukaウォーターワールドSpell CardField Spell Card
Vampire Kingdomヴァンパイア帝国Spell CardField Spell Card
Venom Swampヴェノム・スワンプSpell CardField Spell Card
Wasteland荒野Spell CardField Spell Card
Wetlands湿地草原Spell CardField Spell Card
The Wildest West荒野の決闘タウンSpell CardField Spell Card
Xyz Territoryエクシーズ・テリトリーSpell CardField Spell Card
YamiSpell CardField Spell Card
Zombie WorldアンデットワールドSpell CardField Spell Card


 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Amuse WorldアミューズワールドSpell CardField Spell Card
Candy Parkキャンディー・パークSpell CardField Spell Card
Circus Tentサーカス・テントSpell CardField Spell Card
Duel Theater決闘劇場Spell CardField Spell Card
FortuneterrorフォーチュンテラーSpell CardField Spell Card
Haunted Demon Den悪魔の巣窟 伏魔殿Spell CardField Spell Card
Judgment Tower審判の塔Spell CardField Spell Card
Maiami Stadiumマイアミ競技場Spell CardField Spell Card
Sky Tree Bird Cage天空樹の鳥籠Spell CardField Spell Card
Solid CapsuleソリッドカプセルSpell CardField Spell Card
Spell Power Absorbing Mirror魔力吸収鏡Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Sweet Candy WorldスイートキャンディワールドSpell CardField Spell Card
Underworld Shrine冥界神殿Spell CardField Spell Card
Weightless Outer Space無重力の宇宙空間Spell CardField Spell Card

Action Card anti-support cards

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Action Crushクラッシュ・アクションSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Break Actionブレイク・アクションSpell Card
Earthbound Tundra地縛原Spell CardField Spell Card
Lock Drawドロー・ロックSpell CardNormal Spell Card
No ActionノーアクションSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Sky Fallスカイ・フォールSpell Card


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