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Ability ( (のう) (りょく) Nōryoku) is a classification of Effect Monster Cards. Abilities are listed in the same line as a monster's Type, separated by a slash (but are not the only classification that can be listed this way). The Japanese rulebook lists only Toon, Spirit, Union, Gemini, and Flip as possible Abilities; other classifications, such as Normal, Effect, Pendulum, Tuner, and Special Summon, are not Abilities.

No card has been printed with multiple abilities. Although abilities are exclusive to Effect Monsters, Gemini monsters treat themselves as Normal Monsters under certain circumstances. There are no Extra Deck monsters that have abilities. However, "Comic Hand" and "Hebo, Lord of the River" can treat any monster as a Toon monster or Spirit monster respectively, regardless of its card type or if it has another ability.