5Dx113 Ancient battle

The Crimson Dragon and its servants battling Red Nova.

The Nazca battle which took place in the eight Millennium B.C. consisted of the Crimson Dragon battling the Crimson Devil, Red Nova.[1]


Red Nova

Crimson Dragon




5Dx113 Signer vs Devil

The Legendary Signer facing Red Nova.

The Crimson Dragon and its five servants all fought the Crimson Devil, Red Nova.[1]

From the fires of a volcano, a male Signer appeared. He bore the full Mark of the Dragon on the left of his chest. He performed a miracle when he faced the Crimson Devil: The Signer took the Crimson Dragon's power, through Blazing Soul and used it to fight the Devil, defeating it and sealing it.[1]

References to the battle

10,000 years later when Jack Atlas faced Red Nova's servant, the Familiar in a ritual Duel, where the Familiar attempted to resurrect Red Nova. Greiger noticed similarities between Jack and the Legendary Signer, as Jack spoke of having a Blazing Soul. Jack also used the Blazing Soul ability to absorb the Crimson Devil's power and defeat the Familiar.[1]


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