The 2012 United Kingdom National Championship was a World Championship Qualifier for the 2012 World Championship. The tournament determined the 2012 national champion of the United Kingdom. It took place in Bolton Arena in Horwich, England on June 9−10, 2012.[1] Preregistration and side events took place over June 8−10.[3] It was won by Jovhan Roberts.[2]

The 2012 Battle of the Kingdoms finals took place on the same date at the same venue.[3]



The timetable of events was as follows.[1][3]

Time Event Cost
Friday, June 8
12:00 Last Chance Nationals Trials £4
14:00−22:00 Preregistration for the main event
Saturday, June 9
8:00−9:00 Registration
9:00 Main event £15
13:00 Double Display Duel £8
Sunday, June 10
10:00 Main event continued
10:00 Dragon Duel £5
10:00 Pegasus Challenge £8
12:00 Double Display Duel £8

Win-A-Mat, Sealed tournaments and Duelist Open Dueling also took place throughout the three days.[3]

Main event

The main event was won by Jovhan Roberts, who defeated Joel Pearson in the finals.[2]

Side events

The Dragon Duel was won by Josh Poet-Pearce, who used a "Wind-Up" Deck. He defeated Matty, who used a "Dino Rabbit" Deck in the finals.[4]


The winner Jovhan Roberts used a "Dino Rabbit" Deck.[5]

1st - Jovhan Roberts - Dino Rabbit
Side Deck


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