The 2012 Slovenian National Championship was a World Championship Qualifier for the 2012 World Championship. The tournament determined the 2012 national champion of Slovenia. It took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on May 26, 2012[1] and was won by Miha Flisek.[2]


The entry fee was €10 for the main event.[1]

The timetable of events was as follows:[1]

Time Event
10.30−11.30 Registration
11.45−18:00 Swiss-system rounds
18:00−21:00 Single-elimination rounds


Main event

The prizes for the main event were as follows:[1]

Position Prize
  • Travel and accommodation to WCQ: Continentals
  • Promotional card
Top 4 Trophy
Top 32
Top 64
  • 12 Booster Packs
  • WCQ 2012 sleeves
  • WCQ 2012 game mat

Dragon Duel

The prizes for the Dragon Duel were as follows:[1]

Position Prize
  • Travel and accommodation to 2012 European Dragon Duel Championships (with a parent or guardian)
  • Trophy
Top 4
Top 16 WCQ 2012 sleeves
Top 32


Thirteen participants used "Chaos Dragon" Decks, nine used "Dark World", eight used "HERO", five used "Inzektor", five used "Six Samurai", four used "Blackwing", three used Anti-Meta, three used "Machina Gadget", two used "Exodia", two used "Gladiator Beast", two used "Lightsworn", two used "Ninja", two used "Wind-Up", two used "X-Saber", one used "Infernity", one used "Karakuri", one used "Rescue Rabbit" and twelve used other or unspecified.[2]

In the top eight, Miha Flisek and Mitja Kač used "Chaos Dragon" Decks, Nace Zavrtanik used "HERO Beat", Gregor Tušek used "Lightsworn", Matej Jakob used "Karakuri", Blaž Mesesnel used "Blackwing", Vitjan Glavičič used "Inzektor" and Luka Zorko used "Infernity Randomizer".[2]


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