The 2012 Portuguese National Championship was a World Championship Qualifier for the 2012 World Championship. The tournament determined the 2012 national champion of Portugal. It took place in the Hotel Vila Galé Coimbra in Coimbra, Portugal on May 26, 2012[1] and was won by Hélio Babo.[2]

The entry fee was €20 for the main event and €5 for the Dragon Duel.[1]


Twenty eight participants used "Chaos Dragon" Decks, twenty four used "HERO", twenty two used "Inzektor", fourteen used "Six Samurai", seven used "Dark World", six used "Dino Rabbit", six used "Wind-Up", one used "Final Countdown" and thirty one used unknown or unspecified.[3]

The winner Hélio Babo used a "Final Countdown" Deck.[2]


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