The 2012 German National Championship was a World Championship Qualifier for the 2012 World Championship. The tournament determined the 2012 national champion of Germany. It took place in RuhrCongress Bochum in Germany on May 27−28, 2012.[1] Registration and public events took place over May 26−28.[1][5] The main event was won by Muci Izci[2] and the Dragon Duel was won by Mike.[6]



The time and cost of each event was as follows:[1][5]

Time Event Cost
Friday, May 25, 2012
12:00−14:00 Win-A-Mat (16 player flights) €4
12:00−14:00 Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed tournament (8 player flights) €10
12:00−15:00 Turbo Pack tournament €2
12:00−16:00 Duelist League €1
15:00−20:00 Main event preregistration
Saturday, May 26, 2012
08:00−10:00 Main event registration
10:30−10:45 Players meeting
11:00−22:00 Main event - day 1 €12
11:00−11:30 Dragon Duel €4
12:00−12:30 WCQ: Regional Championship €8
13:00−15:00 Win-A-Box (32 player flights) €8
13:00−15:00 Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed tournament (16 player flights) €15
13:00−16:00 Win-A-Mat (16 player flights) €8
13:00−16:00 Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed tournament (8 player flights) €10
13:00−17:00 Turbo Pack tournament (8 player flights) €2
13:00−18:00 Duelist League €1
Sunday, May 27, 2012
07:30−08:00 Main event top 256 check-in
08:00−17:00 Main event finals
09:00−09:45 Team Cup €16
11:00−13:00 Win-A-Box (32 player flights) €8
11:00−13:00 Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed tournament (16 player flights) €15
11:00−14:00 Win-A-Mat (16 player flights) €8
11:00−14:00 Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed tournament (8 player flights) €10
11:00−15:00 Turbo Pack tournament (8 player flights) €2
11:00−16:00 Duelist League €1

Main event

The first day consisted of seven rounds of Swiss-system, at the end of which six players remained undefeated on 21 points.[7][8] The second day consisted of three more rounds of Swiss, before switching to single-elimination.[4]

In the top sixteen, Sascha Fabian defeated Michel Grüner, Dominic Nivens defeated Weng Tran, Muci Izci defeated Konrad Grünwald, Ron Fiedler defeated Andreas Gerlach, Fabian Renner defeated Max Hanuschik, Oliver Lukenda defeated Andrej Zimmermann, Eric Kretschmann defeated Pierrot Mayers and Jano Manuel Schulz defeated Robert Grimm.[2]

In the quarter finals, Dominic Nivens defeated Sascha Fabian, Muci Izci defeated Ron Fiedler, Fabian Renner defeated Oliver Lukenda and Jano Manuel Schulz defeated Eric Kretschmann.[2]

In the semi finals, Muci Izci defeated Dominic Nivens and Jano Manuel Schulz defeated Fabian Renner.[2]

In the final, Muci Izci defeated Jano Manuel Schulz.[2]

Top 16[2] Quarter finals[2] Semi finals[2] Final[2]
  Michel Grüner  
  Sascha Fabian    
  Sascha Fabian  
    Dominic Nivens    
  Weng Tran  
  Dominic Nivens    
  Dominic Nivens  
    Muci Izci    
  Konrad Grünwald  
  Muci Izci    
  Muci Izci  
    Ron Fiedler    
  Ron Fiedler  
  Andreas Gerlach    
  Muci Izci  
    Jano Manuel Schulz  
  Fabian Renner  
  Max Hanuschik    
  Fabian Renner  
    Oliver Lukenda    
  Oliver Lukenda  
  Andrej Zimmermann    
  Fabian Renner  
    Jano Manuel Schulz    
  Pierrot Mayers  
  Eric Kretschmann    
  Eric Kretschmann  
    Jano Manuel Schulz    
  Robert Grimm  
  Jano Manuel Schulz    

Dragon Duel

In the Dragon Duel quarter finals, Fabio defeated Jonas, Robert defeated Patrick, Mike defeated Dominic and Tobias defeated Eteeyen.[9]

In the semi finals, Robert defeated Fabio and Mike defeated Tobias.[9]

In the final, Mike defeated Robert.[6]

Quarter finals[9][10] Semi finals[9][11] Final[6][9]
  Fabio   2
  Jonas   0  
  Robert   1
    Mike   2
  Mike   2
      Tobias   0  

Other side events

The Team Cup was won by "Team Noobskiller", which consisted of Raul, Tim, Arthur and Guiseppe.[12]

The Battle of the States was won by Soner Güngör, who used a "Dino Rabbit" Deck and defeated Kam Hew, who used a "Chaos Dragon" Deck, in the finals.[13]


The prizes for the main event were as follows:[1]

Position Prize
  • 64 GB iPod Touch
  • Promo Card
  • 24 Galactic Overlord Booster Packs
3rd−4th 96 Booster Packs
Top4 Trophy
5th-8th 48 Booster Packs
9th-16th 24 Booster Packs
17th-64th 12 Booster Packs
Top 128 WCQ 2012 game mat
Top 256 WCQ 2012 sleeves
1/6 of paticipants Invitation to WCQ: Continentals


Main event

19% of participants used "Inzektor" Decks, 12.14% used "HERO" Decks, 11.65% used "Chaos Dragon", 6.8% used "Dino Rabbit", 5.83% used "Dark World", 5.34% used "Wind-Up" and 38.35% used other or unknown Deck types.[14]

In the top 32, 25% of participants used "Dino Rabbit", 18.75% used "Chaos Dragon", 12.5% used "Inzektor", 9.38% used "HERO", 9.38% used "Wind-Up", 3.13% used "Dark World" and 21.88% used other or unknown Deck types. Among the "other" Deck types were "Blackwing", "T.G.-Anti", "Chain Burn", "Chaos Dragon Monster Mash", "Machina-Geartown", "Final Countdown" and "Gravekeeper's".[15]

The winning Decklist was as follows:[16]

Dragon Duel

The top eight of the Dragon Duel; Jonah, Fabio, Patrick, Eteeyen, Tobias, Mike, Robert and Dominic, used "Hieratic", "Wind-Up", "Chaos Dragon", "Six Samurai", "Inzektor", "Inzektor", "Inzektor" and "HERO Beat" Decks respectively.[17]

The winning Decklist was as follows.[18]

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