The 2012 Australian National Championship was a World Championship Qualifier for the 2012 World Championship. The tournament determined the 2012 national champion of Australia. It took place in Melbourne on June 9−10, 2012.[1]


The entry fee for the main event was $15.[1] The timetable for the main and Dragon Duel events was as follows. Several side events also took place.[1]

Time Event
Saturday, June 9
9:30 Registration
10:30 Main event
Sunday, June 10
10:00 Single elimination stage
10:30 Dragon Duel


The prizes for the main event were as follows.[1]

Position Prize
2nd 64 GB iPod touch
3rd−4th 72 Booster Packs
Top4 Trophy
5th−8th 36 Booster Packs
9th−16th 18 Booster Packs
Top32 WCQ 2012 game mat
Top64 WCQ 2012 sleeves
Top 1/6 of participants Invitation to the 2012 Oceanic Championship

Players who preregistered were entered into a draw to win a Nintendo 3DS.[1]


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