"Dust Tornado"
English "Dust Tornado"
Type Tip Card
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"Dust Tornado" +
"Dust Tornado" +
If you are familiar with "Mystical Space TyphoonIf you are familiar with "Mystical Space Typhoon", then you are familiar with how to use "Dust Tornado".</br></br>"Dust Tornado" is basically "Mystical Space Typhoon" as a Trap Card. It destroys 1 Spell or Trap Card, just like "Mystical Space Typhoon".</br></br>The fact that "Dust Tornado" is a Trap Card has a few benefits. For one, you can use "Dust Tornado" to destroy "Imperial Order" after "Imperial Order" has resolved and is active on the field. "Mystical Space Typhoon" can destroy "Imperial Order" in a chain, but if you draw it after "Imperial Order" is working then you cannot destroy "Imperial Order" with it.u cannot destroy "Imperial Order" with it. +
"Dust Tornado" +
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