"Destiny Board"
English "Destiny Board"
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"Destiny Board"Destiny Board" is an interesting way to win a Duel. You can win without ever making an attack. Getting all four "Spirit Messages" on the field can be difficult, and you may need to start over once if your opponent manages to destroy your "Destiny Board".</br></br>For this reason, when you build a Deck that tries to win by "Destiny Board", you should include 3 copies of it, as well as "Spirit Message "I"" and "Spirit Message "N"". 2 copies of "Spirit Message "A"" and "Spirit Message "L"" should be sufficient. The rest of your Deck should be defensive, but you do not want to fill up your Spell and Trap Card Zones. Cards like "Kuriboh" are a good choice for this Deck, because you can discard it from your hand to reduce the damage from one attack to 0. With it you can prevent damage, but still keep your Spell and Trap Card Zone open for your Spirit Message cards.Spirit Message cards. +
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