"A Legendary Ocean"
English "A Legendary Ocean"
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"A Legendary Ocean" +
"A Legendary Ocean"A Legendary Ocean" is a Field Spell Card with a unique effect: it downgrades all WATER monsters on the field and in players' hands by 1 Level. This has many advantages.</br></br>The biggest one is that Level 5 WATER monsters in your hand are now Level 4, so they can be Normal Summoned or Set without Tribute! WATER monsters that were Level 7 are now Level 6 and can be Tribute Summoned with only 1 Tribute, instead of 2. "A Legendary Ocean" is also treated as if its card name were "Umi".</br></br>This means that other monsters that gain a benefit from "Umi" will gain their benefits from "A Legendary Ocean" as well. (This also means you can only have 3 copies of "A Legendary Ocean" or "Umi" in your Deck, you cannot have 3 copies of each).Deck, you cannot have 3 copies of each). +
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